Engage the Metalhead Within


20141116_225604Well, I had plans for a new tattoo, and I had plans for a new zine, and I had plans to not have another surgery at least until this year is over. But plans are made to be changed. So here it is.

I am set to have another surgery on November 30. It will be my fourth one this year but it will be relatively minor… I hope. It has nothing to do with my elbow injury or my cataract but I won’t detail this procedure beyond that, considering its sensitive nature.

Onto more happy plans, I plan on getting married! My boyfriend and I got engaged last week. We went and picked out a ring together and we’re starting to look at wedding halls this evening. I hope to set a date for early March, but my boyfriend is leaning towards the end of June, so we’re still undecided on that.

Last night, we went to our weekly ritual at Blaze Bar – Sunday Metal Night. A night of good company, drinks, face-melting metal tunes and intensive neck breaking. What we didn’t expect was the surprise the Jerusalemite metalheads had in store for us. They ordered cake, balloons and champagne to celebrate our engagement, and their plans on that night was no doubt to get us completely wasted. They managed to do that with me, but seeing as I went a little overboard a few weeks ago and spent the rest of the night being tortured by stomach acid wreaking havoc on my throat and nasal passages, I took it easy this time around and stopped when I felt I had enough – two glasses of champagne, one very very light cocktail and two very very light chasers.

As for my boyfriend (I hate the term fiance), he got the old stomach utterly upset. Mr. Stomach then decided to pull a Jim Breuer and kicked all the ingested guests right the fuck out. So said plastered boyfriend spent his night as I did a few weeks ago, then he had to be carried out of the bar and back home by cab who had to be paid twice the amount of cash we usually pay, because the driver was reluctant to take in a guy who might very well vomit up and down the car.

So the night ended in disaster (I was pretty upset too seeing my boyfriend in that condition) but the night itself was fucking awesome! They played the best metal tunes, I got my headbang going at full throttle the moment all the “congrats” had passed around, we had about two or three dozen l’Chaim’s throughout the night, chasers and hugs on the house… it was quite possibly one of the best metal nights Jerusalem has to offer.

After the wedding, we plan to go to North America for a couple of weeks. And later on we also plan on having children, but that’s still a bit far off. And if the metalheads throw us a baby shower, the bar ought to be smoke free and alcohol free… not much of a party, eh?

Zines and tattoos will eventually be done, but with all the wedding arrangements, they’ll be on hold for now.

Peace, love and SLAYERRR! \m/


Chewing Paper


I’ve been overloading on InDesign use for certain purpose I’d rather not detail at the moment. But I will say that although it’s exciting and I love every minute of it, especially when whatever I try to do actually works out and I cheer “I rule!”, it’s making me a little umm… I don’t know, restless, I guess?

I miss using free hand. So once I finish that InDesign project that I’m simply drowning in (yesterday I put in a straight 6 hours on it!), I need to make a zine. I planned to write one when I get a Dark Tower tattoo. Thing is that the plans on said tat are put on hold for now for various health reasons, so a zine on a new tat will also have to wait. This doesn’t mean that I won’t make a zine anyway on another topic. I already have a bunch of material for another issue so once I’m done with this computerized shit, I’ll get my hands dirty and stock up on paper cuts.

Speaking of zines, I recently joined a Facebook page called Funzins in Hebrew. Then I dreamed that some chick posted on it that there will be a zine fair in Jerusalem and if anyone wants to join, they should contact her, and I was all over the moon about it. And then I woke up and realized the dream was just a fucking tease. (As a side note, I’ve been having too many nightmares lately, so that dream, tease or not, was a really pleasant one for a change)

That’s all I’ve been wanting to vent about for now.

Peace, love and suffocating on zines is how I wish to die.

Jerusalem and Zine


I started my search for Jerusalemite zinesters again. Every once in a while, I go through a wave of hope and inspiration and start searching again. This is a period of telling myself “Well, it’s been a while since I last looked for zinesters in my area and failed to find any. Perhaps since then, things have changed.”

The first thing I do is Google “zine” and “Jerusalem” and all that comes up is my own website, some interviews people had with me, and a link to my defunct zine Fallopian Falafel (and nothing about my current zine Purple Myrtle Squeegy, which is pretty frustrating. Goddamn site is getting no traffic).

The second thing I do is look up for the search terms in Hebrew (changing the word “zine” to the full version “fanzine” because zine written in Hebrew letters can point me to some unwanted porn sites). But then, all that comes up are forums about fanzines in Tel Aviv and some zine fairs that took place several years ago, also in Tel Aviv. Nothing to do with Jerusalem zines, indie art or DIY culture at all.

Then I look up for related groups or pages around in Facebook, write messages, post posts on Jerusalem community sites, try to reach out to organizations who may be interested. Still nothing.

So anyway, I decided to give all this another shot. Somehow I simply refuse to believe I am the ONLY zinester living in Jerusalem. I know for a fact, I am not the only American living in Jerusalem. Far from it. So from all this mass of American Jerusalemites, I am bound to find someone who is as enthusiastic about zines, or at least about some indie DIY art, as I am. Right?

So here’s another one of my attempts to build a DIY community in Israel’s Capital, and post a call for fellow artists/zinesters:

In case the reader of this post happens to be an artist, writer, zinester, comics writer, or simply interested in talking about and learning more about DIY culture and zines, please get in touch with me! You can do so by commenting on this post or write me an email at fallopian.falafel@gmail.com.

I want to have a chance to get together with like-minded folk for regular nights of zine-production or art-production. Anyone is welcome – men, women, religious or not, Anglos or Hebrews, right- or left-wingers… talent is optional, inspiration is mandatory!

Peace, love and DIYers Unite!

Life Is Good. Death Is Better!


20141001_194934Yesterday was my 32nd goyishe birthday. For the occasion, my boyfriend’s parents and family ordered pizza and a chocolate cake, and I got a few new shirts, a pair of pants and some birthday songs. My boyfriend already got me a Stephen King book from my Amazon wishlist, which I should get only towards the end of this month, plus a nice night of romance which I got last night.

Also, I got a free salad from my favorite salad place in downtown Jerusalem. I must say that I don’t recall ever getting a birthday wish or free stuff from any company or shop in Montreal whenever my birthday rolled around. But in Israel, I got a text and an e-card from my medical insurance company, a text from Hasalatia informing me of a free salad, and even my salary slip at work has a little note wishing me a happy birthday. My coworker says it’s probably the companies’ way of reminding me that they exist, as some kind of publicity, but I still thought it’s sweet, and made me smile.

Aside from all that, I also got a letter from my new penpal from Salem, Massachusetts, and the zine I ordered from Sweet Candy Distro!

So I was sitting at the post office branch in downtown Jerusalem, waiting to take care of some errands for my work, while reading my penpal letter and leafing through the awesome zine. A girl sitting next to me was sifting through a whole stack of bills she has to pay. This made me think of how much happier I am to find colorful envelopes in my mailbox and how snail mail can be so much more awesome when the packages you get are not just boring old bills and stupid flyers for shit you don’t need.

I can’t wait to write my Salem penpal back and maybe even send my recent Purple Myrtle Squeegy zine issue to Sweet Candy Distro for consideration!

Also, tonight there is a tribute for the awesome band Death in Tel Aviv. A couple of years ago we went to another Death tribute they had at Sublime, also in Tel Aviv. I recall it was fucking rad! Death is not an easy band to cover. Their musicians are as good as they come and their vocals are second to none. But that tribute was surprisingly good, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don’t know how good this year’s tribute will be. My boyfriend says that the place where they will play (Barbi Bar) has terrible acoustics. However, this year they got musicians from several bands, including Magor who we saw at Wacken in August and at Festikassach last week, plus a drummer from Cradle of Filth. So that should be interesting.

I like birthday season. When the Zodiac turns to Libra, the stars tend to line up and all is well in the universe. I am really looking forward to fasting this Sabbath (Yom Kippur) and also to the full moon on my Jewish birthday (Succot).

Peace, love and health to all

Giddy Town


Today is a good day and here’s why.

Jerusalem PrideJerusalem Pride March

When I came back from Germany, I was a little upset that I missed the Pride March in Jerusalem that took place on August 7. But as it turns out, they probably postponed it because of the security situation, what with all the rocket showers and stuff. So today is the new date for the march and I’m pretty excited for it. I don’t much dig the left-wing (read: anti-Zionist) environment in such events. However, the pride and the colors and the promotion of love, tolerance, diversity, health, respect, human rights and freedom is definitely where I want to be today, and definitely something I strongly stand for and support. It’s such an imperative movement in Israel’s society, which purports to be democratic, but still has so much discrimination against such minority groups. Hooray for pride!

Retro Vibes

For the Pride march, I decided to bring both my digital camera and my film camera. I haven’t used my film camera in a while because it is quite heavy and also because film and film development is quite pricey nowadays. But yes, I brought it anyway because the pictures it shoots are just so sharp and crisp and professional. And I have much more control over the depth of field and the focus and the amount of light and the shutter speed needed for an awesome pic. I shot a few pictures earlier this morning at Retroshalayim. This is a vintage and antique market that takes place every Thursday in downtown Jerusalem. As I walked by there, I saw some booths selling faded turquoise typewriters and got all excited. One of the merchants was selling them for 350 NIS and the other offered it for 200 NIS. The prices are of course up for bargain. But even if I could afford it, I have no way to drag around a heavy typewriter, especially during the Pride march. So I settled for shooting some photos of the typewriters and the market as a whole. That was pretty damn awesome too.

New Art Project

I want to start making postcards of Jerusalem. Some of my pen pals have asked me for Jerusalem postcards and I sent them a few I found around souvenir shops. Most of them show the usual landscapes of the Old City, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, camels, the David Citadel at night, etc. But now I’m looking for something a bit more unconventional. So I am planning to use the pictures I will shoot at the Pride march, as well as those I took of the retro market for postcard-making. I also hope to take some photos of the metal nights I will be attending this upcoming week – Metal Night on Sunday, and Festikassach on Tuesday. This will be a great way for me to show to my non-Israeli friends a side of Jerusalem that they will most likely never see on the 6 o’clock news – the way I see Jerusalem and the way I experience it. I would gladly accept tips and suggestions from artists who make or have made postcards in the past on how to go about it. If any of my dear Constant Readers fall into that category, please comment! Speaking of Constant Readers, see next paragraph.

Stephen Fucking King

Today was post office day, so when I checked my PO Box, I found a letter from one of my old friends who is now my new pen pal (yay!) and a notice for a package, being the Stephen King book I ordered (double-yay!). I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get the book on time because the post office was on strike (or so I thought) and the holidays are coming up. That’s besides the fact that I’ve been jonesing for a Stephen King book for several months now. If I get stuck without a book to read on the holidays, I go crazy. I will be with my big, loud Moroccan family most of the time, whom I love to death, but sometimes the noise and the crowd gets too intense and I need to retreat into a dark secluded room and listen to music, or into the dark foreign worlds of Stephen King and revel in his impeccable prose. So I’m relieved and super thrilled that I got my book! It’s another one of his short story collections called Four Past Midnight. Muahaha!

Aside from that, after the Pride march this evening, I will be going out for hummus with my boyfriend. Yummy hummus + yummy boyfriend = one bitchin end to one bitchin day!

So yes, definitely a good day.

Peace, love and give me some good dreams to match my good reality.



I’m so happy with my new blog design that I was inspired to go all out with some of the other sites I run.

Banner for Etsy

My We Make Zines Profile

Last time I updated my WMZ profile was sometime around the International Zine Month of 2013. But since then I still kept visiting it from time to time and I loved the way I customized it. Unfortunately, some time ago, something happened to the website and my profile magically reverted back to whatever default template it had, and it looked ugly as hell. So a couple of days ago, I tried different templates, played around with the options, got upset because I couldn’t find just the right one, but then I finally nailed it and I’m super happy with the result! Check it out for yourselves here!

My Hadass420 Etsy Shop

I am trying really hard to get more people to buy some of my zines. Of course, I always prefer trades, but sometimes I feel like I am spending more money reposting expired items than actually selling them. And so, I thought a revamping of the shop might attract a bit more traffic. I mostly updated the shop details, the name, the description, etc. But I also designed a new banner (more or less the same one I used for the header on We Make Zines). So far, there hasn’t been any more traffic, but I still try to post it wherever I can – Facebook, We Make Zines, the PMS official blog (more on that below), and of course here. Go check it out!

Purple Myrtle Squeegy Official Blog

I started this blog ages ago and I used to update it pretty often with any kind of art project I attempted, but then I stopped updating it. I think it was because I found WordPress to be much more interesting and way more user-friendly than Blogger. But recently I visited the blog yet again and checked out how much they improved the customize options. So just like with this website, I tried out different templates, designed various headers and completely changed the entire layout to make it more organized and more reader-friendly. And of course, I posted links to all my other sites in another attempt to increase traffic.
I am super pleased with the final product. And you may check it out as well, here!

New PMS Facebook Page

As yet another effort on my part to publicise this zine, I opened a Facebook page for Purple Myrtle Squeegy Perzine. I have one for Fallopian Falafel, which I don’t update anymore because the zine is RIP. And I never opened one for PMS before because… well, I don’t know why. I just didn’t. But now that I went all out, I decided to open it after all. So far I have only 11 likes, but I hope that sooner or later, it will get a bit more visibility. That’s a hint for you to check it out, here, and “like” it while you’re at it!

Aside from the above pages, I also run the Crafts for a Cause Etsy shop and the Fallopian Falafel official blog, but I haven’t updated these two because I really don’t know if it’s worth it. Fallopian Falafel is no longer being produced and I’m thinking of moving all the FF material to this blog, and just let the readers download whatever PDF’s they want. I already did most of it on the respective page (here). So maybe I’ll just delete the FF blog…

The Crafts for a Cause shop doesn’t have as many items for sale as it used to in the beginning. And nobody seems to be interested in the little items that are for sale. I’m thinking of closing this shop as well and donate whatever I have left to the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center. I’m sure they would have preferred the profits that these items may have yielded but since there are no profits to speak of, this is the only alternative I can come up with.

Constructive comments and suggestions on all of the above from professional web designers and stuff would be very welcome.

Peace, love and all comp and no books makes Badass a sad panda.

So Wacken Awesome!


Purple Myrtle Squeegy – A PMS Perzine issue 8 is now published. This issue is all about my Germany trip, the Wacken festival and my tour of Berlin. It is 50 pages long, size A6, printed in full color, featuring lots of pictures, and the regular Twigs comics section. Made by hand, paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, typewritten texts, and some funky backgrounds.

The zine is available for trade and also for sale on Etsy.

Here are a few excerpts:

DSC03041 DSC03042 DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03045