Holiday of Huts


I’ve seen all these memes on Facebook about how to explain the Jewish holidays to non Jews. Succot, which in goyish terms is translated into Feast of the Tabernacles, is explained in this meme as “Huts Appreciation Week”. I was born on the eve of Succot, 39 glorious years ago and it’s been a tradition of mine to celebrate it in the succa with my family, while contemplating my life in the light of the full moon of Tishrei – known as the Moon of the Robust.

This year was the second year in a row that I did not celebrate my birthday with my parents because Corona still holds its crown. I decided to make my own birthday cake. I was thinking about the Alfajores biscuit cake I made earlier (because it’s officially my favorite cake ever!) but my daughter insisted on the regular mekupelet one we already made a bunch of times before which always comes out spectacular. So we made that one on the morning of Succot eve. I added my name on it with fondant, but then it melted so I got rid of it before serving it for dessert that evening.

In my family, I don’t ever remember us building our own succa. I know my grandfather used to build one but he stopped when I turned five because that was the year my uncle – his son – was killed. Since then, we celebrated Succot and my birthday while commemorating my uncle all at the same time. After that, in Canada, we used to go to the succa of the nearest synagogue just for the holiday kiddush, and then we went back home for the meal because it was way too cold to eat in the succa. When we moved back to Israel, we went to my aunt’s succa in Meitar with the whole family every year. But then Corona struck and that was the end of that. My husband’s family stopped building their succa after my father-in-law got sick and got disabled as a result. So last year was the first year I spent Succot without a succa. I built a tiny one for my daughter out of a large cardboard box that I painted and decorated. She loved the hell out of it and played in it for months until it was in tatters.

“Next year, we’ll build a REAL succa!” I promised her.

And so, the most exciting thing about this year’s holiday is that I managed to keep my promise to my daughter. This is the first year in our lives that we built our very own succa! We ordered the metal rods and the canvas from Home Center. We put it together on the weekend before chag, before realizing we didn’t have a schach (branches for the roof). My husband got the bamboo support rods and the schach that same day and completed the job with his brother-in-law. My daughter made some succa decorations at kindergarten and my mother-in-law bought a few more. We decorated it on morning eve after we finished making my birthday cake. My daughter was so happy about it, she wanted to stay and play in the succa the entire time.

Now, since it’s getting pretty chilly in the evenings of our little mountain neighborhood of Gilo, we decided to do the same as my family and I did in Canada – do the holiday Kiddush as well as the motzi (blessing on the bread) in the succa, then go back inside for the meal. It was pretty nice, and we had a dairy dinner that evening which made it even better.

The next day, we were invited to my sister-in-law’s house for a BBQ (they were planning fish instead of meat). I wasn’t very excited about that. I don’t know what it is about my sister-in-law’s place that doesn’t agree with me. Last Yom Haatzmaut, I felt the same. The place is huge and despite that, I couldn’t find a single corner where I felt comfortable. I kept moving from room to room, floor to floor, indoors to outdoors, switching between chairs, couches and sofas and couldn’t find my groove anywhere. The moment I sat anywhere, I’d start fidgeting.

And then there’s the bees. On Yom Haatzmaut, there was a gigantic one inside the house. For some reason, I was the only one who actually noticed it. And anywhere I went, it followed me around. This time, we were in the succa, and a small bee came in and decided to settle on my plate. I went back inside to eat.

And also, I get so exhausted, I’m near-comatose. This doesn’t happen to me anywhere else, only at my SIL’s house. I started thinking maybe it’s the altitude. She practically lives on a mountain. Maybe I’m not getting enough oxygen. But our neighborhood, Gilo, is also at a high altitude. Whatever the case, the moment we get to her house, I want to leave. I don’t say anything of course, so I try to stand it in silence and keep checking my watch.

Succot is a week-long holiday, but except for the first day and the last day that are high holidays and everything is closed, the rest of the time is chol hamoed. We still don’t go to work and kids don’t have school, but everything is open, especially vacation spots. So we had to try and find things for my kid to keep her busy. On the first day of chol hamoed, I had to go to work for a few hours, so my husband took my daughter to get tested for Corona (more on that below) and then took her to what he calls a “ninja” playground. My kid is slowly improving with her climbing skills so that playground came in handy for her practice.

On the second day, I set a playdate with one of my daughter’s friends but unfortunately, she was in a mood and the playdate ended in tears on both sides.

My in-laws decided to book a hotel for the weekend of chol hamoed. They settled on Netanya which is a nice little beach-side city. We went there with my parents on Shavuot in 2019 and had a blast.

As per the Tav Yarok instructions of the hotel, we got my daughter tested for Covid before going there. She tested negative. Both me and my husband are already vaccinated three times over so that was fine. But I was still worried for a whole slew of reasons:

  1. I don’t trust people. There is no telling if anyone there is vaccinated/tested negative. These are easy things to forge/fake.
  2. I don’t trust non-homemade food. There have been endless reports on TV about restaurants and hotel food either using expired ingredients or being infested with fecal bacteria. And the businesses they were investigating are considered high-scale places, not just fast-food crap.
  3. Hotel = Not my home.
  4. Beach = Sand getting fucking everywhere.
  5. Pool = Way too many kids, way too fucking loud.
  6. We needed to find a suitable arrangement for my dog. I was worried that the caretaker would neglect giving her her meds at the right times and we would suffer the consequences of a sick dog.
  7. I know myself. I will want to go back home every fucking second I’m away.

However, the weekend away proved to be the best part of chol hamoed! The hotel was Leonardo Plaza, a top-rate hotel. The staff was more strict than I had anticipated regarding Covid instructions. People kept their masks on when they were not in their room. Tav Yarok was checked and people got bracelets to show they were cleared for entrance. The hotel food was outstanding, and I didn’t get sick from it. The room itself was wonderful and my daughter got a large bed just for herself and she loved it. And of course, the hotel was within walking distance of the beach and the boardwalk. The weather was perfect and there were no jellyfish in the sea. The water temp was perfect too and I loved watching my kid enjoying herself, playing in the shallow waves, playing in the sand, running around on the boardwalk, and having the best time ever.

[A fun little anecdote: At some point, my husband’s nephews came to our room to play with my daughter. One of them (a 6-year-old) decided to play with the hotel landline. When he picked up the receiver, it probably automatically dialed the reception because he said “Someone answered!” We told him to hang up the phone, but for a moment, he just stood there looking at it.
“Hang it up!” We told him again, and he looked at the keypad and said “How?!”
“Just place the receiver back in the cradle!” We said and then realized what happened. The kid is 6. He never encountered a landline. As far as he’s concerned, hanging up the phone means pressing a button, but he couldn’t find it. As it hit, I laughed my ass off. My husband joined in, and the kids had no idea what we found so fucking hilarious.]

And when we got back home, my dog was just fine. We just had one more day of chol hamoed to fill before going to my parents’ house for Simchat Torah (a.k.a. the second holiday of Succot).

So that last day was Sunday. We tried taking my daughter to the Gazelle Valley but there were so many people, we got nervous, so we left. An all-around useless day and I couldn’t wait to get back to our routine.

So at the end of the holiday, as I expected, I just wanted the motherfucker to end. I was glad we went to Netanya though. After two years of not doing anything because of Covid, going to a hotel was definitely necessary and worth it. But the rest of the holiday was boring and way too fucking long. I was tired of going places, of freaking out because of Covid, of spending too much time with people… I think that’s the issue. I don’t “people” very well. I like silence and solitude.

At the office, I’m at the reception desk by myself. Most of our clients either don’t show up at all, or come in and lock themselves in their office. So it’s always quiet.

At home, the only other people are my husband (a rather quiet guy and almost as much of a hermit as I am) and my daughter (although still young, can entertain herself and play by herself nicely and without making too much noise if at all). And my dog (who sleeps all day).

At my parents’ place, still quiet. I’m an only child so there are no siblings with kids of their own.

So I’m so used to being quiet and being around quiet individuals, that once I get someplace that is heavily populated and noisy, I get nervous and exhausted. The holidays make for the worst time of the year for me to get antisocial, but that’s exactly what they do to me.

I’m so glad it’s over… until Hanukkah, yet another week-long holiday.

Peace, love, and once an only child, always an only child.

ZineWriMo 2019 – Day 8 to 14


Day 8-9: Weekend
Last weekend I had time to myself so I could read some zines. This weekend provided no time for myself for anything so no activity was done. My brain was busy with too many thoughts – some excellent, some terrible – so even if I had time for myself, once again, there were far too many distractions to be able to focus on artistic endeavors. Here’s to a more productive week.

Day 10: Have Supplies, Will TravelTravel kit

Last year, I said I have no need for a zine-making travel kit as I don’t do much travelling anyway. And this year is no different. HOWEVER! I still wanted to make some sort of mini travel kit as I found a neat little package for such a kit at work. It doesn’t fit much, but just enough – a pen, a sharpie, a small gluestick, a roll or two of my favorite washi tapes, maybe a color marker or two, a tiny stapler with a tiny box of stapler pins, a tiny roll of scotch tape, a tiny notepad, a couple of mini-zine blanks… I was thinking of buying a pair of kiddie scissors. You know those that are safe for kids to use. Because I still think that carrying around a real pair of scissors (i.e. potential weapon) in a country like Israel could get me in trouble. Besides, if the destination is overseas, getting a pair of scissors on the plane would certainly not fly, so to speak. But while walking around the beautiful picturesque landscapes of Jerusalem, a pair of cute and safe scissors that fit in this box could work. I will of course decorate this kit with washi tapes and stickers once it’s packed. Destination in mind? Not yet, but really, how awesome would it be if I make it back to a European metal festival and have my zine kit with me? Instant travel zine! Woohoo!

Mini ZineDay 11: Double-Sided Mini Zine
I’m using the other side of the color mini-zine I made last week. I flipped it over to design the other side and decided on a stream of consciousness piece for it, so that covers tomorrow’s prompt as well. Presenting “Under the Pillow Influence, A Stream of Consciousness minizine, brought to you by Badass, Washi Tapes and an industrial lack of sleep…” The piece I wrote was not planned, as a good stream of consciousness should be, so it’s mostly about sleep and about being tired which is all I’m thinking about now. The inner design is pretty “tired” too. Lacks quite a bit of color. So I’m thinking of adding a bit more washi tapes here and there. Maybe when I get home… if I don’t fall asleep by then.

Day 12-13: Work in Progress
Since I already covered Day 12’s prompt yesterday, I decided to use both Day 12 and 13 to focus on my WIP zine. I finished the writing part, so I started transferring it from computer to manual script (handwriting and typewriting). The tips of my fingers are nice and sore from pounding the holy hell out of my typewriter keys. The ink is quite faded so some force is required. I think I need to change the ribbon soon. Once I’m done with the typing, I can get started on the layout, which I’m very excited about. I am also getting my backgrounds in order to be ready for the layout. Day 14’s organization of all my zine supplies will definitely help me in getting ready to do some serious heavy-duty DIY zinestering.


Day 14: Organize Zine Supplies
Thursdays are my afternoon-shift days, so I get the morning off. The prompt for today was to organize zines or zine supplies. I already organized my zines during IZM and I quite like the system I used. So this morning I decide to attack my zine supplies.
It needs to be pointed out that I don’t have a zine room or a zine station, which is sad but that’s that. So because I don’t have a set place for my zine supplies, they’re pretty much scattered all over, mixed in with some of my other art stuff, mixed in with some of my daughter’s art stuff, stuffed into places that don’t even make any goddamn sense. So today, I took EVERYTHING out and set it into piles:
– Zine supplies (in the top right side of the picture)
– Zine backgrounds (in the top left and bottom)
– Not zine stuff (not pictured)
– E’s stuff (E is my daughter, not pictured)
I managed to organize it into shoeboxes. The flyers and magazines I use for zine backgrounds didn’t all fit into the box I had set aside, so they had to be set separately. But I’m very happy with the end result. I even found some things I forgot I had!
I finished organizing everything by 10 a.m. so I had a little over an hour to continue my work in progress.
I also had enough time to drop by the office supplies store to get some liquid paper. I can never seem to find a decent one. All the ones I have either turned to cement or soak through the paper and don’t white anything out! I hope the new one I got gets the job done.

Next week, my kid turns three, so I hope to be able to work the prompts and not be too bogged down by the many birthday things I have to do.

Peace, love and blistered fingers

PMS issue 1408


I’m taking a short break from my Fun-a-Day CD reviews to inform you of something you absolutely must have.

Like chocolate and Advil, no PMS spree can go by awesomely without this latest issue of my zine. This is a full color issue featuring photos and stories about my phenomenal trip to Salem and my experience of my first time tabling at a real zine fest in Boston.

If you like zines and spooks, this is the zine for you!

It is now up for sale and for trade.

Check out these awesome pics and tell me you don’t crave this as much as you crave Ben & Jerry’s Cookies n’ Cream ice cream!

Peace, love and can you guess why it’s 1408?

Ecstazine in Messy Mass


October started with my birthday and a trip to Massachusetts for my very first zine fest!

I just came back a couple of days ago and while I’m still struggling with jet lag, I thought I’ll write an entry about this awesome experience.

First, the flight there was much better than expected. My friend and her husband waited for me at the airport and it was so awesome to finally meet them in person! So you see, not everyone you meet online are total scammers and trolls and criminals. Every once in a while, you fall on someone who really is a kickass zinester.DSC03394

I spent my nine-day vacation at her place with her crazy dog and her big fuzzy cat, mostly making art, buttons and patches and getting ready for the zine fest.

We also toured Salem a bit, checking out some of the Haunted Happenings that Salem is known for around the month of October.

We went to check out Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables. We checked out the Salem Witch Museum. We also went to this enormous art shop where we bought some things for the zine fest. That store was so big and so cool, I almost got lost there.

We also went to see a movie/documentary about the Salem witch hunt of 1692. That movie turned out to be a flop, which is odd, because I think it takes real talent to make a BORING movie about witches. Seriously.

The highlight of the Haunted Happenings was undoubtedly the Texas Chainsaw Musical. Yes, you read it right, Musical! My friend managed to score tickets in the front row known as the “splatter zone”. So the musical, which was funny as hell, and far more entertaining than that movie mentioned above, also left us with a bit of bloody stains here and there. We were wearing plastic ponchos, but this didn’t help people who were in the center of the front row because they really got drenched. If you’re currently around Lynn, this show is running until October 31, so you should totally score tickets to that! Highly recommended!

DSC03391Another Salem highlight was getting my new tattoo, based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, which I have been planning for about two or three years. My friend’s husband works at Salem Ink and he tortured me for two consecutive days, for five hours every day, and I came out of there in pain but still a happy camper because I now have a totally kickass half sleeve on my right arm. I don’t have a photo of it yet because it’s still peeling and I want to shoot it only once it’s completely healed. But trust me, it’s gorgeous, worth every penny out of the $1000 it cost!

The Boston Zine Fest took place on the last two days of my trip. The first day consisted of a marble-paper-making workshop, a panel about zines as a means of resistance, and a zine-reading. The day started out ok, but slowly, I started feeling a headache coming on, followed by what felt like fever. I had been on a sneezing-and-runny-nose fit for the previous couple of days, but I didn’t think it was anything more than allergies. Turned out I was wrong, and ended up suffering for what felt like an eternity on the first day of the fest. And I was totally bummed out because I was really looking forward to it.

Before heading back to Salem, I bought a pack of cold and flu medication so I could at least have it with me on the second day when I would be tabling and needed to keep somewhat of a healthy demeanor.

The second day was a blast! It was so refreshing to be in a place with a bunch of people who love the same things you do and create the same things you create and who don’t look at you with a questioning expression every time you say the word “zine”.

12095300_855130887916017_9189003167126566748_oThe zine fest was also pretty elaborate. Aside from the tabling, there was also a screen printing workshop. I got to print the BZF logo on a canvas tote bag and on one of my new tank tops. There was also a photobooth set up for zinesters to take pictures. I sold more stuff than I expected, and traded a shitload more. I now have a huge stack of zines to read and be inspired by all over again.

I will definitely write a zine about this experience which was by far the best zine-related experience I ever had!

I really hope that at some point, the zine scene in Israel will take shape and sizable proportions and perhaps, there will be an awesome zine fest in Israel too! That will so rule.

For now, as hazardous as Jerusalem is these days, I am so happy to be back home. I missed my husband, my dog, my family, my daily routine… And the entire time I was in Salem, I was itching to play guitar, but didn’t have one. So I also missed Melissa, my new Fender Strat, which I love to little pieces!

Peace, love and more shredding coming up!

Boston Zine Fest, Here I Come!


Remember this post? So Boston Zine Fest is now official and so is my participation in it! Well, I haven’t bought the plane tickets yet, but I’m definitely getting there!

The Boston Zine Fest will be taking place in October 10 and 11. I’ll be in Boston and Salem for about a week, tour the Salem streets and sites which will be in full prep gear for Halloween, go to a feminist tattoo shop and get on with my Dark Tower tattoo, hang out with my zinester friend and of course table with her at the fest.

So in preparation for all that, here is a list of things that I still need to do:

1) Make some patches for the zine fest

2) Complete unfinished zines and photocopy the recent 24-Hour Zine one

3) Make some more fliers

4) Pack all that shit and mail a final box to Boston so I won’t need to carry it in my luggage

5) Design Dark Tower tattoo and set up appointment with tattoo shop

6) Order plane tickets, duh

7) Notify family, coworkers and my Salem friend of final dates

8) Check whatever financial stuff for the trip (have enough spending money, etc.)

9) Plan with my friend places to visit in Salem during pre-Halloween festivities

10) Check up on weather conditions in New England in October. I think I’ll need to pack some layers and some winter gear.

11) Last but not least, I should not forget to freak out over all the awesomeness!!!!! So exciting!

Peace, love and hey all you Bostoniers, come say hello!

Split Ends and Split Zines


As my husband was looking into concerts in the various cities we are planning to go to this summer, I was doing the same only with zine events and spots. I found a few zine events in Montreal, but not in the time that I’ll be there. I also found some zine libraries in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, but I don’t know if I should really go. I mean, I don’t know how inclusive these small local places are, and I feel like unless I go with someone who lives there and knows the scene and the people involved, I won’t feel confident enough and will actually feel like an outcast. So I dropped the idea.

Meanwhile, I’m focusing more on the new split-zine I’m working on with my friend (same one with whom I made the Stephen King split zine). A zine about journal entries is something I never considered until she brought it up, although I’ve always thought of a perzine as a sort of a diary. But I totally underestimated the amount of entries I wanted to include in it, so if the split-zine will have an even number of pages from either side, we are looking at a zine of no less than 96 pages!

Ninety-fucking-six, dude! And my husband will have the arduous task of printing it. I wonder if the binding could work out with staples or maybe we’ll have to design a spine and make it into a book. A paperback split-book written and laid out by hand, all about two zinesters’ adventures with journal writing… Goddamn.

But as my friend so eloquently said “We should never limit ourselves.” So if this zine is destined to turn into a book, I guess that this is what will happen.

Peace, love and make like a banana and split

Zine Slut


BZFWhile I’m getting ready to travel to the other side of the planet in June, I’m also getting ready to travel there again in October.

I thought that I might catch the Philly Zine Fest in June but it doesn’t look promising, but the Boston Zine Fest in October does! In fact, I think my friend already signed us up as tabling there together, which should be nothing short of goddamn fucking incredibly and wonderfully and amazingly EVERYTHING!

As part of my efforts in gearing up for my very first zine fest (I’ll be so happy to pop that cherry) I’m going over all my completed zines of yesteryear. That includes 16 issues of Fallopian Falafel, 10 issues of PMS Perzine (and perhaps one or two more to come before October rolls around), three issues of End of Words, and a few other random one-off publications like my fiction story insert, Diamond’s photobook and the one of my trip to Barcelona, and maybe a couple more I’m forgetting. That’s a lot of zines. And aside from all that, I also want to make some patches for sale, print a few more copies of my Alternative Jerusalem postcards, maybe make a few buttons with my friend’s help, and also throw in some copies of Mistress Distress‘s CD, not to mention about a million fliers and shit.

Clearly, if I print 10 copies of everything, you can imagine I’ll have a heavy load to carry halfway across the world, which is why my friend suggested that I send at least some of it by mail and she can keep it until the fest.

However, I’ll also have to see whether or not all this load will even fit on the table I will be assigned. You can tell I’ve never done this before.

Also, whether I manage to sell any of my stuff is yet to be seen. But that’s not even the point. The mere experience of being in a zine fest, which has been a dream of mine since I started making zines, is the end in itself. Making new zinester friends and contacts, trading art work and publications, giving and getting fliers and maybe even music – this is the experience I want. Selling a few items here and there will only be a nice little extra, but not the main reason for my participation in the fest.

I’m super-doodly-duper excited for it!

So I’m going over the PDFs of the 16 issues of Fallopian Falafel making sure they’re of good print quality and include the bleed. I’ll print 15 copies of each, send 10 copies to my friend (in batches of course because I doubt I can fit 160 zines in a single envelope), and save five copies of each to post on my Etsy shop – Fallopian Falafel fans rejoice!  Any leftover material from the fest will stay in Boston. My friend said she’ll sell it or give it out or leave it in the library where she works and people can check it out. Whatever she decides.

I get feverish just thinking about all the money I will be spending on printing and mailing out all that shit, not to mention the flight fare, but it’ll be totally worth it, as zine and DIY production usually is.

Peace, love and PMS – Power Mensies Sisters: Out for Blood!

All that Glitters Is Gore


My head is on the verge of explosion. And if it does explode, what will come bursting out will not be blood and brains and gore, but rather glitters and confetti and sprinkles. Because I am so goddamn fucking happy right now. And while I was thinking I might just be PMS’ing (because the timing is right) I have some pretty good reasons to be going mad with joy.

Split Zine Coming Together

My friend from the Land of the Witch (a.k.a. Salem, MA) just sent me her part of the split zine we are writing together. My boyfriend is at his office and should be scanning my part of it any minute now. And when I get home today, I will be working my ass off (quite literally because my ass tends to go numb when I sit at the computer for too long) to put it together and hopefully have it printed by some time next week. I can’t wait to finally hold it in my hands and read it and absolutely enjoy every tiny bit of it!


Same friend sent me a package saturated with zines and a sweet letter. So once I figure out how to manage my time, or once I feel like my ass is really screaming bloody murder, whichever one comes first, I’ll write back a nice long letter, soaking with exclamation marks and happy faces.

Zine Plans

I think I’ll write the metaphor issue of the PMS zine sometime between my wedding day and my honeymoon. Said events are separated by a little over two months so that should give me plenty of time. Waiting to continue working on this issue only serves to build up my excitement for it even more. So add more sparkles to the glittery fire!

Zine Fest Plans

Yes, you read that right. Zine FEST plans. Israel is seriously lacking in those. And so, since most zine fests take place abroad, and while my boyfriend and I are planning to honeymoon in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Montreal, should there be zine fests in those cities around that time, then I should be there too! And my Salem friend said there’s a good chance of that happening, and if it does, we’ll table together. And if that’s not reason enough to stretch my smile all the way to the back of my head, I don’t know what is! I’m already thinking about making some extra copies of my zines and what to wear on that day, if that day does in fact come.

Video Camera Fun

I recently bought a little digital video camera. And I also got this free video editing program online. Maybe if I figure it all out, I could even make a short film about something. Making short films is the only kind of art I’ve never really experimented with. I’m very excited to try it out, and if it works out, I’ll be singing the Ren & Stimpy Happy Joy song and bounce around to the beat.

It must be noted that, as I wrote some time ago, we plan and God laughs. So I’ll try real hard to keep my glitters contained until all the pieces fall together and I’m actually in the process of experiencing all these extreme-excitement-inducing events. And I hope that if the Goddess is laughing right now, then it’s because She is happy for me and is also planning on making all this stuff happen, and the sparkly confetti can go bursting right out.

Peace, love and twinkle twinkle black star (metal is always exciting)

So Wacken Awesome!


Purple Myrtle Squeegy – A PMS Perzine issue 8 is now published. This issue is all about my Germany trip, the Wacken festival and my tour of Berlin. It is 50 pages long, size A6, printed in full color, featuring lots of pictures, and the regular Twigz comics section. Made by hand, paper, construction paper, scissors, glue, typewritten texts, and some funky backgrounds.

The zine is available for trade and also for sale on Etsy.

Here are a few excerpts:

DSC03041 DSC03042 DSC03043 DSC03044 DSC03045

How to Say Zine in German


I came back from Germany last week and I thought I would write a longass blog about it. But then, I wrote a longass journal entry about it instead, and now I’m also thinking of writing a zine about it.

So no, I won’t write a long blog about it. But I will say this: Wacken is the best festival in the world and Berlin is awesome!

And I will also say this:

Wacken featured my top three favorite bands of all time (Arch Enemy, King Diamond, and Amon Amarth, in that order) and the best show was definitely Amon Amarth. For me, it’s right up there with the Arch Enemy show I saw in Montreal in 2008. I screamed so loud, I lost my voice for the rest of the trip, and I headbanged myself into almighty Valhalla until my neck went stiff.

Our stay in Berlin was great and we did everything that you would expect a metal couple to do (more about that in my zine). I especially loved how organized and how easy the public transportation is. My boyfriend and I kept comparing it to the transport system in France and in Italy, and marveled at how much better and how much more tourist-friendly the Berlin system is. Even with all the long and complicated names of the stations, we still made our way around as easily as we do when in Jerusalem, and as easily as we would if we were in Montreal.

Now back to the order of my life:

I put off zine-production mainly because of all my health issues and my back-and-forth between hospitals, clinics and operation rooms. I said that once this is all over, I will write a zine about these health issues. But now that it’s all over and it’s done and it’s behind me, thank the benevolent Goddess, the last thing I want to do is revisit it. And so, as you may have already guessed, my next zine issue will be about the Germany trip and will include a bunch of great photos and will be printed in full color!

Excerpts from this zine will be posted here and will be available for sale on Etsy once it’s all nice and done.

I’m also planning a new tattoo. And the issue of my zine which will come after the Germany trip one will feature a picture of the new tattoo, as well as some unrelated pieces about Washi tapes and snail mail art.

I miss making zines, I really do. I haven’t made one since last year and it’s not just because of the health issues. I am still struggling with heavy Stephen King addiction. I have a whole list of SK books just waiting to be purchased and injected into my blood stream and I’m trying really hard to not give up and let myself splurge whatever money I have left (after spending a whole chunk of it in Germany) on a new stash, because I know that if I do, these planned zines will never see the light of day. My head will be buried in my ultimate drug of choice, and my SK binge will resume, and any zine-making potential will eventually be tossed over my shoulder and onto the back-burner of my mind. Worst of all, I will totally not even give a shit. King tends to do that to me.

So wish me luck in my zine-making endeavor since the end result will be one that you may enjoy as well.

Peace, love and here’s a lovely metal couple!