Drop the Shop


Every once in a while something happens that makes me consider shutting down my Etsy account. First, it was the fact that I had to sign up to Etsy payments, and they take a whole chunk of whatever money I make. Then, there was the tax code and IOSS bullshit that I still do not understand. Now, there’s that LUCID thing with shipping to Germany. And I hear that other countries may be catching on as well which will make shipping to other countries even harder. I won’t get into details because a. it’s boring, b. I hardly understand it myself and c. you seriously don’t care.

But the bottom line is, the reasons for closing my Etsy shop are piling up, and the reasons for keeping it active are dropping steadily. I don’t even make that many sales anyway. That is, I hardly make any at all. I’m lucky if I get one order every 10 months.

On the other hand, I spent years trying to keep it updated, revamped the appearance of it with pictures, colorful descriptions, adding more details on my profile about my life and my zines, and I also made flyers, business cards, catalogs, and all my zines have a link to this shop on them. So do I just throw all of it away, just like that?

But if I’m not making any sales, isn’t that also throwing it away? I don’t spend any money on making copies of my zines, because my husband works at a print shop and does it all for free. So it’s not like I need to cover my expenses or anything. But I still pay a monthly fee to keep my listings active, and Etsy still takes a chunk of my money if I ever do sell anything. So I still spend money.

It’s not just about the money either. I feel like my zines get more exposure if I have an Etsy shop. People express more interest, even if they don’t buy anything.

But now with all the shipping shit piling up, I’m thinking seriously about shutting down my shop and finding a suitable alternative for sharing my zines with the world. I’ll wait until the end of July (International Zine Month) and close my shop for good.

That said, if you still want to buy something from my shop, you can do so until the end of July. And if you’re in Germany, I’m sorry, but you only have until the end of May, just to be on the safe side.

Direct yourself here to check out the shop that is soon to be defunct.

Peace, love and I’m still keeping the name PMS Mess, that’s for sure.

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MoZiPro 2022 – April Prompt


Today, I finally managed to get my ass in gear and finish the Monthly Zine Project zine for April. The zine is about pets, which I love, so why the fuck did it take me so long to finish it? I kept getting sidetracked by a variety of things, and once I had a chance to get back on track, I used that chance to do anything but work on the zine. But I finally did it! Here’s the cover.

I’m determined to have a monthly zine collection by the end of the year – 10 minis and 2 full-length ones. So I need to stay on track.

After I was done with the April zine, I was a bit stuck. The prompt for May is “Protection” and I got nothing to write about that. Back when the prompts were published, I said I’ll change it to “painting/drawing” and include some of the paintings I made in my drawing class. But I don’t have enough material for it, so I needed to come up with another topic.

I’m thinking lists… I love lists. I make them all the time. It makes me feel organized and it helps me to remember things – things to do, things to buy, things to make, things to bake, things to think about, etc.

I wonder if I can fill a whole zine with a bunch of lists. Check in with me at the end of this month to see if I made it work.

Peace, love and Bermese Python FOREVER!

Analog Blog


I recently ordered a zine about cassettes. So far, I read only half of it, but most of the time, I was smiling with nostalgia since so many of the contributors recalled the same memories that I have of audio cassettes. I decided it’s time I write a nostalgic blog post about the same topic.

Audio Cassettes

My first memory of cassettes was back in my very early childhood. It was in the 80’s. My dad had a record player and records of his favorite artists – Elvis, Beatles, Charles Aznavour, some other stuff… But he also had a cassette of classical music. I remember listening to it every night to fall asleep. I lost track of it eventually, but I still remember the tunes that were on it. When my daughter was born, she had a swing that played some of these tunes and I loved it that it had the same calming effect on her as it did on me back then. Even as a metalhead, today I still love and appreciate classical music thanks in no small part to my dad’s cassette.

I also had a few tapes of children songs. Most of them were the opening songs of some children’s shows on TV. I don’t know much about American shows, but in Israel, these shows in the 80’s had some pretty elaborate opening tunes. These are songs that parents today still sing to their kids because they’re so beautiful and timeless.

After moving to Canada, I bought no cassettes because I had yet to find an artist that warranted it. I still listened to my dad’s preferred music and found a Montreal radio station that played all of our favorite songs – Oldies 990.

But then, it happened. My dad bought me a video cassette (more on those below) of Michael Jackson’s History album. I knew none of his songs (he wasn’t one of the oldies artists that we listened to) so when I first saw his classic videos – Thriller, Beat It, Billie Jean, Bad, Black or White, Remember the Time, etc. – I was transfixed. Virtually hypnotized. By the end of the tape, I was head-over-heels train wreck of a fanatic for the guy.

Since I still didn’t have any of his records – either on cassette or CD – I used my tape deck and a microphone to record his songs from the video. I put the deck next to the speakers of the TV, made sure my mom wasn’t in the kitchen making a bunch of noise, and pressed play on the VCR and Play+Rec on the deck.

So for a while, I listened to that cassette (fucking endlessly) on my Walkman, and I learned the video version of his songs by heart. When I finally managed to score the actual History CD, it was the second CD I bought in my life (the first one was TLC’s Crazy Sexy Cool). I heard the studio version of his songs and had to relearn them because they were so different than the songs on the videos. Take for example, the “Thriller” video – all the verses are sung one after the other without the chorus in between. The chorus comes later. Also, there’s no C-part in the video (“night creatures crawl and the dead start to walk in their masquerade” etc.)

Then there’s “Black or White”. I wonder if kids today would understand what it is they’re hearing on the intro to that song when the kid says “Too late? Sure. Eat this!” Us old farts do recognize it as the sounds of someone pressing stop, then eject, then pulls out the tape, feeds another one into the cradle, and slams the cover back into place before pressing play again.

Another memory I have of cassettes is how me and my friends recorded ourselves telling jokes, making prank calls, pretending to be celebrities on an interview asking the most ridiculous questions and answering with even more ridiculous answers:

Me, as an interviewer: “You had another girlfriend before Lisa Marie, right?”
My friend, as Michael Jackson: “Yes”
Me: “And her name was Billie Jean?”
My friend: “No.”
Me: “Well then, how come did you sing a song about Billie Jean?”
My friend: *pause* “How come you ask such bad questions?”

I still have that tape and the sound on it is so fucking bad, I have to turn the volume all the way up to be able to hear anything. But it still makes me laugh hysterically.

Memories I share with other cassette tape lovers – having the tape deck eat the ribbon out of the tape (same fucking thing happens with VHS), taking a tape apart and putting it back together, rewinding the tape with a pencil, sticking a piece of scotch tape on the hole on top of a tape to be able to record over it, making mixtapes and designing the insert by myself with collages of pictures of the artists on the tape… good times.

Today, I still have some cassettes, but I never listen to any of them. They’re stored in a drawer, under lock and key, so that my daughter doesn’t mess them up. Still, I love cassettes so much, I got one as part of a half-sleeve tattoo I have.

Also, a side-note about record players, and I’m sure to make some mortal enemies with this one – they suck. I know people who swear by them, “the sound quality is epic” they say, and bla-dee-bla. Dude, no, it’s not. First, records need to be handled with plastic gloves and fucking tweezers because one tiny scratch and the fucking thing is ruined. Second, all this snap-crackle-pop that the needle makes as it sails its way around the record is worse than listening to a radio with bad reception. So yeah, fuck record players. If you’re gonna go retro, cassettes is definitely the way to go.

Unfortunately, cassettes are obsolete for my musical preferences. Even CDs don’t work for me anymore. I find them too limiting. On a cassette, skipping from one song to the other is impossible and you keep pressing fast-forward and play back and forth until you reach the song you want. CDs fixed that problem, but there is only so many songs you can fit on a cassette or a CD, and carrying around a discman/Walkman and a whole stack of cassettes/CDs is such a schlep. But now, with mobile streaming services on a tiny device like a smartphone, you have an unlimited repertoire condensed enough to fit your palm. And you can find just the right song for your current mood. The way I listen to the hundreds of tunes I have on my Spotify playlist is playing them by alphabetical order, so every time another song comes on, it’s a surprise.


Another one of the ancient devices that became obsolete is the VCR and VHS tapes. When DVDs first came out, I was pissed off. I didn’t understand what was so fucking great about them. I didn’t find the sound to be any different than the sound on VHS, and the image was cut from the top and the bottom of the screen. What’s so fucking great about that? Even today, I still bemoan our now-defunct multi-system VCR that worked so perfectly for DECADES! And I can’t find any other multi-system VCR at any store. There’s simply no demand for them anymore. As a result, I had to transfer all my home videos to DVDs, and it’s not perfect. On some of them, there’s a delay between the audio and the video. It just makes the viewing experience painful. Also, there isn’t much demand for DVD players anymore. Most people watch their DVDs on computer, or just stream videos on YouTube.

We still have a stack of VHS tapes, CDs and DVDs at home, but they just sit there collecting dust. We can’t bring ourselves to toss them out though. The sentimental value is too high, and I think that deep down, we sometimes wish they would make a comeback like cassette tapes did and like vinyl did. One can hope…

Film Cameras

Film cameras definitely have a charm to them that digital cameras do not have. But the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to digital. Since film is so expensive to develop, once you take a picture, that’s it. This is the picture you got, for better or for worse. Obviously, with digital, you can take a whole fuckload of pictures and then choose the one you want to keep. So I was kind of happy when digital cameras came out. It definitely saved me a lot of money. I still have my 35mm, semi-automatic film camera (that cost me 500 fucking Loonies at the time!) because like I said, they have their charm.

The downside of a digital camera, or even pictures you shoot on a smartphone, you don’t really see them anymore. They become little icons on your screen and flipping through them is nothing like flipping through an actual photo album. So when my daughter was born, I decided to design annual photo albums so that we can actually enjoy the pictures we took of my daughter. I make a new one on every birthday. I also made one documenting mine and my husband’s four years of courtship, plus our honeymoon. We travelled endlessly, and it was a shame to have all these amazing photos and memories just sit on our hard-disc, completely forgotten.

The excitement of picking up your developed photos from the photo shop and finally seeing what they look like is something you don’t get on digital because the gratification is instantaneous. You can see the picture you took on the screen a second after you shot it. If you ask someone to take a picture of you, you always ask to see what it looks like afterwards. This never happens with film. If you ask a person to take a picture of you with film, there’s no do-over. You got a shitty picture, that’s the price you pay with film.

And don’t even get me started on camcorders. Back then, I had a little video camera and a stack of blank 8mm cassettes. Aside from trips and videos of the family, I had hours of silly videos with my friends. Basically similar to our jokes on audio cassettes, only this time, we could also imitate people’s appearance, movements, dance moves and not just voices.

But now, all camcorders are fucking digital. Every time you press stop, it creates a new file, a separate icon on your computer screen. Scanning through those digital videos is such a pain in the ass, and it takes so fucking long, especially if your computer is slow. On video, you just watch the whole thing. Press play once and that’s it. And if there’s a part you want to skip, just press fast-forward. Easy, simple, to-the-point. We have so many digital videos of our daughter and a long-ass series of videos from our honeymoon. But we never watch it. And it’s sad.


This is undoubtedly a zinester thing but I LOVE typewriters! I use mine for my zines and I wish I had more than just one typewriter. Maybe I can score a purple one, in English this time instead of German, and maybe even a Hebrew one! But alas, I have yet to find a store that sells them. Luckily, I have no problem finding ink spools on eBay (office supplies stores don’t have them).

As you can tell, I write a lot on computer. To be honest, this is the only way I can write without hurting my fingers. My muscular dystrophy makes it harder and harder on me to write by pen or manual typewriter for extended periods of time. When I got my first computer, it was exciting to write essays for school in a neat font on Word. It was also exciting to go on chat rooms and write and receive emails. I never thought that later on, I would actually miss getting letters by mail.

And yes, typewriters also have a charm to them that a computer or a laptop does not have. Even if the print comes out a little crooked, smudged, faded, this is all part of the typewriter’s signature style. You don’t get the same effect with computer. That’s why I still risk injuring my fingers and use my typewriter for my zines. It’s so worth it!

So that’s that. I’m sure there will still be more things in the future that will become obsolete, and our kids will laugh at us for using such dinosaur devices as a “smartphone”. But maybe not. Maybe they will think it’s retro and cool. And maybe they’ll come to love analog too.

Peace, love and alte zachen

MoZiPro 2022 – March Prompt


The prompt for this month was “Mirror”. I watched the movie Mirrors this month and it served as a good source of inspiration for the zine.

I meant to write about the mystical aspect of mirrors and I did mention it a bit, but I expanded it to other elements related to mirrors as well, such as how mirrors appear in pop culture, movies and songs (mostly scary ones). I also discussed how we perceive ourselves versus how others perceive us and the issue of body image.

I really like how the cover came out. Although it’s not perfect – I think I could have done a better job with the font – the picture I used is flawless. It’s a picture I posted here and there several times over the years because it’s such a perfect photo – creepy, dark, mysterious, just the way I like it. It’s a photo I shot with my semi-automatic film camera back when I was 18. It’s my reflection in the double-pane window in my basement room, after nightfall. It still amazes me how I managed to capture this with no flash, when everything around me was dark, and yet my face is clearly visible. Creepy ghostly image indeed.

The April prompt is “Pets” and I’ll have no problem writing about this! Yay!

Peace, love and still up for trades

MoZiPro 2022 – February Prompt


That Monthly Zine Project’s February zine almost didn’t happen. I knew it would be a difficult zine to write because the theme I chose – Triangle Family – is a sensitive one for me. But I managed to get it done.

I was off by a couple of pages so I had to fill the extra ones with drawings I really didn’t feel like doing. So instead, I got my daughter to draw them for me. It turned out great! She drew three family portraits in the I’m-5-years-old-and-I-don’t-give-a-rat’s-ass-about-lines style she mastered. I absolutely love it.

The cover is also not as “happy” as the January zine cover is, and it really shows that I didn’t invest much effort in it as I did for the January one. But that’s ok. I think the content is powerful and was cathartic enough for my purposes.

Moving forward with MoZiPro 2022, the prompt for March is “Mirror”. I said I want to write about the mystical aspect that we attribute to mirrors, but I still don’t know how to approach that theme… I need some heavy-ass brainstorming and figure it out.

How is your MoZiPro going?

Peace, love and fucking ran out of glue again

MoZiPro February 2022 – Triangle Family


Moving forward with That Monthly Zine Project.

This month’s prompt is No-One Is Illegal. But as I said in my MoZiPro planning post, I have nothing to say about that. I changed the prompt to Triangle Family, and that was before I even realized that February 1st was in fact Family Day in Israel! It just occurred to me that the Triangle Family prompt fits February just as perfectly as the Trees prompt fit January.

I’m super excited about it even though it’s a difficult subject for me to talk about. I think it needs to be discussed especially because it’s such a misunderstood issue. People who are not only children or people who have more than one child especially do not seem to understand that and sometimes say the most stupid, ignorant and insensitive things about it.

Parents who did not plan on having an only-child (like my parents, as well as me and my husband) are often on the receiving end of these insensitive comments, and are always made to feel guilty for their inability to give their only-child a sibling. I am quick to react with anger to such people and never think twice about insulting them and cutting them out of my life. But I think that channeling this anger and frustration into something as productive as a zine can serve as a good, healthy and necessary form of catharsis for me.

And maybe educating these ignorant people is better than cussing them out. And what better way to educate people than through a zine?

And obviously, this zine can also serve as encouragement and support for other triangle families who can relate to my experience as an only-child who also has an only-child.

So now I’m off to brainstorm and start working on my MoZiPro February zine. Wish me luck!

Peace, love and happy Yom Hamishpacha!

MoZiPro 2022 – January Prompt


Seeing as I was going to write a short zine about Tu Bishvat for That Monthly Zine Project’s January prompt – Trees – this year I actually did a bit more for the holiday than I usually do. I wanted to celebrate the holiday properly so that I could have enough interesting things to write about.

First, I baked a cake made with dry fruits. Dry apricots, dates, raisins, dry figs, dry pieces of banana, dry plums and others is the customary food for this holiday, so it was only fitting to make a cake packed with some of those. It came out fucking awesome and I added a picture of this cake in the zine.

Second, we decorated our small lemon tree. A couple of months back, when we just planted the tree, my dad told me that it’s a tradition to decorate new trees on Tu Bishvat, and I LOVED that idea. So my kid and I did it on Tu Bishvat morning, January 17, before we left to gan/work. We didn’t add too many decorations because I didn’t want to burden our tree which is still young and fragile, but it was good enough for our purposes. We took some photos and I added one of them to the zine.

I also wanted to take my daughter out to some field to plant a tree, and I saw a few organized events for that. Unfortunately, there were a few reasons that this didn’t pan out. The week that these events took place was a cold and rainy one. Also, Covid cases are on the rise and although I’m sure we’re eventually gonna get it, I still didn’t want to push it by going to events with lots of people. Another reason is a religious one. This year is Shnat Shmita – the year where according to Jewish Law, you’re not supposed to plant anything, and let Mother Earth take a breather. There was an event flyer that mentioned it and said that the planting of trees will take place in an area that is permitted in accordance with Halacha, or something like that. But in any case, I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Maybe next year will be better.

I decided that the zines I will make for MoZiPro will be in the size of a standard mini-zine (i.e. A7) but not in the same style of folding a single sheet of paper. Just small-sized regular booklets bound with a couple of staples. So it still looks like a zine, but simple to make and easy to read.

So the zine for January is an A7-size, 16-pages, full color, little beauty. Hand-written in cursive, which I hope people can read because my penmanship is mediocre to put it mildly. Includes a couple of tiny drawings and a bunch of Washi tape.

I’m happy with the way the zine came out. What do you think?

I hope that by the end of this year, I can have a collection of 12 MoZiPro 2022 zines, and post it on Etsy as a special MoziPro grab-bag. Yay!

Peace, love and tiny zines

A Zine for Every Period


I’ve heard of That Monthly Zine Project a while ago, but I never took part in it for various reasons. I actually wrote a post about it back in January 2020. Back then, it was called MoZiPro and the only source I found about it was on Instagram. Their Facebook page was close to empty.

A few days ago, I came upon their Facebook page again and was stunned to see how much better it was. I think Facebook groups and pages are far more user-friendly and also more interactive than Instagram. The new MoZiPro FB page now has a lot of pictures, posts, new members, including myself. The fact that members can post about their own projects on it is already a huge plus. Finally, I found the community and the zinesters who are interested in this project and participate in it. It attracts me more than it did before.

I still think that making 12 zines a year (one for every month) is far too intensive for me. And the fact that the prompts may not always speak to me is also still a bit of an issue. But in truth, I really want to make more zines and not just on International Zine Month or on ZineWriMo.

Also, the zines I make on this project don’t even have to be full-length ones. They can be mini-zines, micro-zines, as short and as simple as I want them to be.

The prompts are indeed very open-ended, so I think the trick is thinking outside the box and write about something that is maybe indirectly related to the prompt. Anyway, it’s not like I follow all the IZM and ZWM prompts down to the last detail. And what is a zine if not absolute freedom? Not following all the rules is acceptable and even encouraged in the zine community. The prompts only serve as a suggestion or a guide which you can choose to take or not.

So now, I’m actually very excited for next year’s MoZiPro! They’re already compiling a list of prompts. Maybe I can make some decent mini-zines to trade or share with the other MoZiPro participants on Facebook.

Who else wants to join?

Peace, love and more zines, no trouble

ZineWriMo 2021 – Day 29 to 30 – Wrap-Up


Day 29 – Mini Zine Kit:
I finally put in the order for my kid’s Picabook photo album. I got a really nice discount for the Black Friday special they had, so fuck yes for that!
The ZineWriMo prompt for today is super cute, but with all the excitement of the past week, I forgot to bring my zine material to work. It’s ok. I still have my zine-making travel kit from two years ago, (and a mini-zine kit will not be that much different) so all I need to do is make a mini zine about it. Maybe at some point later on. I want to get through this holiday first and then see if I can find a day with the right time, right level of energy, and right frame of mind.

Day 30 – ZineWriMo 2021 Wrap-Up:
Today, I’m giving my completed zine to my husband to print tomorrow and then I can post more photos of it on here for your viewing pleasure. I also posted a request for trades on Facebook. I hope people respond because I actually miss trading zines.
So ZineWriMo 2021 is officially over. I must say I didn’t accomplish as many things as I had hoped, but the most important thing is that I got a zine done! And that was great! Going over the prompts, here is what I did manage to do:

  • One mini zine – Stream of Consciousness call An Ant’s Footprints
  • Got a Zine/Bake Ideas notebook – Fucking love it!
  • Posted pictures of my notebook, my creative space, my tools and my zine cover.
  • I made a bunch of cute drawings for my zine.
  • I typed on my typewriter as much as I intended to.
  • I tried a bunch of new recipes: Minestrone soup, soufflé, corn muffins, Amsterdam chocolate cheesecake, rainbow unicorn cake. Plus a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse that is not a new recipe.
  • Completed my daughter’s photo album and sent it to print.
  • One full-length zine – Issue 18 of PMS Perzine

On top of all that, I did a bunch of other things and meetings and courses and appointments not related to ZineWriMo. This made for one fuck of a stressful November, but a very productive one indeed.
There is still December to look forward to and I don’t see the level of stress dropping anytime soon.

Peace, love and happy Hanukkah!

ZineWriMo 2021 – Days 15 to 21


Day 15 – Halfway Mark, Your Day Your Way:
Today, at the office, I started the preliminary preps for the layout of my zine – counted the pages, calculated the exact number I would need for full double-sided pages (you know, multiplied by 4 and all that stuff), printed out a few backgrounds, started correcting and touching up typos and spelling mistakes in my written material (this comes with the territory of using a manual typewriter), and set up the outer and inner cover pages. I’m waiting for my husband to print a few color pictures I want to use in the zine before I officially start pasting the pages. It’s gonna be silly if I find I run out of space after everything is firmly stuck. I hope I’ll start proper layout tomorrow.
So far, I especially love the way I planned my table of contents. I set it up like a recipe! Now I can’t complete it until all the pages are in place, but it looks great!

Day 16 – The Halfway Update:
So my update for half of ZineWriMo is that I made one mini zine, got a new notebook and made it into my awesome Zine & Bake Ideas Book, and finished laying out half the pages in my work-in-progress zine! And you should have seen what my work space looked like – all sprinkled up and down with paper clippings and Washi tape snippings and all the fun stuff. I think it’s a pretty awesome achievement considering all the other non-ZineWriMo things I keep busy with. But in truth, this by no means indicates that I’m halfway done with my zine. After all the pages are laid out, I still have to go over the entire thing and correct the text wherever needed, number the pages and write up the final table of contents. But I am very happy with the way it looks so far, and I am pleased with my achievements so far. I hope to have much more to brag about on the second half of the month. What have you lovely zinesters been busy with?

Day 17 – Work-in-Progress Wednesday
I continued my layout today but I didn’t finish the second half. I’m a bit distracted today by a bunch of motherhood-related things, mostly extra-curricular courses I want to sign my daughter up for. I’m trying to work all of these into my schedule which is packed enough as it is and I wonder if I really need all this extra stress in my life. And then I think, of course I do! My daughter spends half of her free time begging me to take her to a course her friends are going to, and then spends the other half pouting when I refuse simply because I’m still scared of Covid. But yesterday, I cracked, and took her to a Zumba class with her friends and she was so excited, I couldn’t stand it. So now, I’m trying to fit into my schedule as many courses as I can, without missing out on too much baking or too much writing or too much sleeping, and it’s driving me nuts. So with all this confusion, it’s no wonder I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I strongly doubt I’ll have any time at all for blackout poetry tomorrow as I’m planning a major baking challenge for the weekend and I’ll have to start it tomorrow after work.
However, with all this stress, it should be noted I’m having a total blast! So much excitement and so many activities that I enjoy and that my daughter enjoys, with a bunch of new things to experience – new recipes to try, new courses and talents to explore, new zine coming up (distractions notwithstanding) – and the imminent holiday which is always a thrill for all of us – all of that is like coming back to life after two long years of doing jackshit. So worth it!

Day 18 – Blackout Poetry
Original prompt: Stream of Consciousness
No blackout poetry and no stream of consciousness. I spent the day at the office working on my zine layout. It’s nearing completion and I’m very happy about that. What’s left to do is:
* Inner and outer back cover
* Numbering the pages
* Writing out the table of contents
* Going over the whole thing, checking for typos and spelling mistakes
I’ll probably do most of these on Sunday, Day 21, where the prompt fits. Playing with my art supplies to design the inner and back cover and finish the table of contents especially.
At home, I have a specific time-managed schedule for the cake I’m planning, and as I see it, there isn’t a single minute of free time. Thank the goddess there are no courses today or I would just lose it!

Day 19 – Friday Baking:
Original prompt: ZineWiki Day (moved to Day 25)
This morning was a busy one but I managed to finish all the things I had planned. First, my husband and I went to my daughter’s gan and helped her plant some tulip bulbs in the entrance. It’ll take another two months for them to grow but it was still fun. Then we went to the grocery store and I stocked up on some more baking stuff because next week is my kid’s birth-week and many cakes are in order. Case in point, the one I made today is the first one – the Amsterdam cake! I finally unlocked Pro-Level on Hashef Halavan website and I couldn’t be prouder of myself! This is a chocolate-cheesecake that took me two days to make and it came out delicious. I collected praises from my family left and right.

Day 20 – The Seventh Day at the Seven Wells
Original prompt: Blackout poetry (planned for Day 18 but not done)
Shabbat in Be’er Sheva was nice and quiet just as it should be and my kid was super happy playing with the new gifts she got for her birthday. I went on reading my Dean Koontz and I’m thinking maybe I should use one of the sections there for a Blackout Poetry zine. Remains to be seen when I have time.

Day 21 – Play with Art Supplies:
Today at the office, I played with my markers, stickers and Washi tape while numbering the pages of my zine, finally completing the table of contents, designing the inner-back cover and the contact page on the outer-back cover. It was fun and I think it looks quite nice. I still need to find the right time to go over the whole thing and correct typos but that’s something I can only do at home because I use my typewriter for that. But this upcoming week is my daughter’s birth-week and the baking plans abound. I hope I still manage to find the time to complete my zine, print it, and reveal it to you lovely folks before the end of the month. I hope you’re drooling because this will be one delicious zine!

Peace, love and chocolate smudges and vanilla extract stains on the pages