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IB cover

Ima Badass – A perzine on pregnancy and motherhood
If making a zine was as difficult as giving birth, this is what such a zine would look like.
Being a mother and a full-time zinester is not easy. This special issue about pregnancy, motherhood, and feminism features my personal experiences, my feelings, thoughts, fears, maternal instinct and worry, how to be a badass feminist, artist, zinester and activist while being a mother. It also includes excerpts from my pregnancy journal. The cover shows my hand trying to hold my baby’s hand in a way that forms metal horns.
It is a touching issue, with a sensitive and intimate look into the mind of a new mother, but it can appeal to any reader, mother or not.
Layout incorporates computer with DIY cut-and-paste style.
Written on computer
Cover in color, inside in b&w
32 pages
Size A6 (quarter page)
Published in October 2017


International Zine Month 2018 Zine – A perzine
If there is one month out of the year during which you should make a zine, July is it.
July is International Zine Month and in 2018, I decided to make a full-length zine by writing one page every day of the month.
In this zine, I attempt to go back to my roots as a zinester, before I became a mother and attempt to rediscover my love of my pre-motherhood hobbies such as writing, drawing, going to metal concerts, doing my Tai Chi exercises, listening to death metal, reminiscing by looking through my old high school agendas, and of course talking about why I love zine-production above all else.
But no mother zinester’s zine would be complete without pieces about the light of her life, so this zine includes a couple of words about my daughter as well.
Written on typewriter and longhand.
Printed in black and white.
32 pages
Size A6 (quarter page)
Published in July 2018


Raise Your Horns – A perzine about the metalhead life
I love metal and I love zines, so writing a perzine about metal was necessary. And if you also love zines and metal, this issue is for you.
It includes stories about the metalhead life in Jerusalem, how I got into metal, why I love metal so much, my views on growls versus clean vocals, what my favorite bands are, the metal fests and concerts I’ve been to, a poem about the sights, sounds, and experiences of a metal show, a segment of my comics “Twigz”, and more!
2018 was the first year I participated in the ZineWriMo challenge in November and this zine was written as a part of it.
Written on typewriter and longhand.
Printed in black and white.
56 pages
Size A6 (quarter page)
Published in November 2018


More than Default-Male – A perzine / Comprehensive Zine about Multi-Gender Hebrew
The Hebrew language is ancient and so is its grammar. Being such a gender-specific language, Hebrew needs to modernize if it is to keep with the ever-changing social landscape. Michal Shomer set out to create a new set of Hebrew letters to transform some of these gender-specific words into multi-gender ones. Thus Multi-Gender Hebrew was born! “More than Default-Male” is all about this revolutionary new language and the effect it can have on our society, our country and our People. It includes an interview with Michal Shomer, a piece that describes how Multi-Gender Hebrew works, an article about multi-gender versus gender neutral, and more! The zine is written in English. Hebrew words used as examples are transliterated and translated.
Written on typewriter and computer.
Printed in color and black and white
72 pages
Size A6 (quarter page)
Published in July 2021


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