Mistress Distress

Mistress Distress is a punk riot grrl band that my friend Nelly and I started in August 2012. We each wrote a couple of songs, recruited my boyfriend on bass and my cousin on drums, and recorded them for an album we called “Pinkwashing.”

Mistress Distress is:
Dolly: Lead vocals
Hadass Ben-Ari: Guitars, backing vocals
Elad Barlev: Bass
Eli Dadon: Drums

Eli also worked on the full production of the songs, recording and mixing.

Influences include Hole, Bikini Kill, and Distillers among others.

The CD is available now for trade!

Contact us: fallopian.falafel@gmail.com

Band Photos

Now available for free download, the Riot Grrrl Compilation by Riot Grrrl Berlin, featuring the song Shut Up & Die by Mistress Distress. Click here to check it out!

10 thoughts on “Mistress Distress

  1. I meet Eli travelling around Cambodia and he told me about the band and your zine. I am obsessed with Mistress Distress! The world needs more feminist punk music.

    • Hi Zanetta! Thank you so much for your comment. And it’s great that you saw Eli in Cambodia, I hear he’s having a blast. I would be happy to send you a copy of the Mistress Distress CD. The quality of the tunes on Soundcloud aren’t optimal and the CD has art and lyrics. Let me know if you’re interested. I can also recommend some other feminist punk bands for you to listen to. I love feminist punk too 🙂

      • Wow that would be amazing I would love a copy of the Mistress Distress CD and yes any recommendations of feminist punk bands would be amazing.

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