Summer is finally here, thank the good Goddess, and summer events in Jerusalem are right around the corner. The ones that I love most are Slutwalk, LGBT Pride, and the annual Artists’ Fair at the Sultan’s Pool. I don’t always attend them, but I still try my best because having a life outside of my mother-of-a-toddler one is necessary for my sanity and emotional wellbeing.

Before they announced the final dates for Slutwalk and Pride, I knew that most of the time, Slutwalk takes place around the end of May, and Pride sometime around early August. As it turns out this year, Slutwalk is happening on May 24, but Pride will be a couple of weeks later on June 6. This gave me an idea for a zine that I could write in July during International Zine Month.

I already have a postcard collection I call Alternative Jerusalem, so why not have a zine to go along with that? If I can, in fact, make it to these two events and take a few pictures and write some stuff about my experience, it would be nice to add it to a new issue of my zine.

The Artists’ Fair is always around August, so adding it to said zine will not work if I plan to write it in July. And I’m not even sure I’ll want to go. I almost never do if neither Aviv Geffen nor Hayehudim are on the bill. I made the mistake of going once to see Barry Sacharof and wanted to kill myself the whole night, as his entire musical set was made so disgustingly Middle Eastern that it made my ears bleed. But if I find out that Aviv Geffen or Hayehudim are planning to make an appearance at the Fair, I will definitely consider going, and maybe I’ll put off the release of the zine in order to add a segment about the show too.

And if Ka wills it and my husband and I make it to Sunday Metal Night at Blaze Bar between now and then, a segment about that is also in order.

Yes, that will be one awesome Alternative Jerusalemite Summer and one awesome kickass zine to go along with it!

Peace, love and fuck yeah summer!!!

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As the Pages Burn


I’m kind of craving zine-production again. I say “kind of” because I’m not sure I’m entirely there yet. I haven’t made one since January and decided to take a few months off to avoid burning out. That’s because last year, I made a few zines and mini zines and set my productivity mode to “crazy high”. I felt I needed to do that after not having produced anything for the couple of years before that when I was pregnant then taking care of my baby.

So this is how it went:
1) Me in 2007 to 2014: producing zines.
2) Me in 2015: getting married, going on honeymoon, producing lots of zines and attending the Boston Zine Fest.
3) Me in 2016: getting pregnant and losing all inspiration whatsoever. Not producing zines.
4) Me in 2017: taking care of baby girl, desperately trying to produce zines, and finally publishing one (with extreme difficulty) in October.
5) Me in 2018: taking care of a toddler, but free enough to go all out – went to Slutwalk, went to Pride, participated in International Zine Month and ZineWriMo, organized art mornings and crafternoons, produced three full-length zines and several minis.

When I released the latest zine I made, January 2019, I felt the initial signs of impending burnout. My head hurt every time I picked up my pen, and anything I put down on paper was stupid and devoid of any value. I complained in this blog that this is due to me being tired as fuck. But it was more than that. I was pushing my zinestering abilities to the edge and I don’t think I had it in me to admit it to myself. Until now. I pushed it and almost fell headlong into the abyss of zine-burnout.

So I decided to put the pen back down and put all my zine ammo in storage until I feel ok again. Meanwhile, I engaged in other creative things.

First, I made myself a bullet journal. I had it printed in March and I love the hell out of it! It’s so convenient and well-designed! I love having space to plan my day/week/month ahead of time, and keep track of all the achievements and positive points as I go along. It gives me a chance to get shit done and also an incentive to keep going. I also use it as a sort of diary. If I suddenly feel the urge to write longhand, I have a whole page to do it on.

Then, I went on a crazy creative spree planning out my daughter’s potty training party. Even if it didn’t work out at the end, I enjoyed all the creative stuff I managed to do. I painted, and drew, and cut, and pasted, and wrapped, and folded for a whole month.

I didn’t participate in the Mini-Zine March challenge because I didn’t feel ready yet. But I think I’m slowly getting there. By International Zine Month in July, I hope to be back in full-fledged zinestering frenzy mode and revel in zine magic. I ought to start stocking up on magazine clippings and flyers.

Peace, love and let the motherfucker burn



Still not making any zines, but I’m still being pretty creative. The potty-training party I’m planning for my kid is making me spend all my money on stuff I need for the endeavor, and spend all my creativity as well.

The party theme I chose is teddy-bear picnic, so I’m trying to set up the living room to look like a park. I bought a grass-looking rug, bought some green paint and construction paper to make some bushes and trees to hang around the house, bought a new shower curtain and a paper-doll chain of teddy bears to hang in the bathroom, a bunch of other toys and stickers and temp tattoo games, an industrial amount of new underwear ages 2 to 4, and so much other stuff, enough to land me in the poor house.

And of course, I spent a hearty 180 NIS on a potty-training doll. Anatomically correct, coming with a bottle and a potty, which means you can actually get her to drink and make her pee on the potty. The party plan also involves getting the doll to have accidents. For that purpose, my mom sewed some doll-sized panties (that the doll will wet), and I spent the last couple of hours decorating them with fabric paint.


They’re not exactly mind-blowing by any means, but I did try to draw shapes and objects that I know my daughter likes – stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies, a smiley face, a teddy bear and a snail. Having to squeeze the fabric-paint bottles with my myotonized fingers proved to be harder than expected, so now I’m in a bit of pain, but pretty damn happy with myself. If it won’t get my daughter potty-trained, at least I know my daughter will like it.

Further creativity to be drained includes wrapping a bunch of toys as little gifts, re-writing popular kids’ songs with potty-training-related lyrics (in Hebrew no less!), painting bristol boards and construction paper to look like sky with clouds, a sun and birds, as well as trees, bushes, flowers and maybe some bees, molding poop-shaped pebbles out of brown fimo, decorating tiny plastic cups with stickers, decorating a potty with stickers, decorating the fuck out of the toilet with stickers, baking cookies and other treats (goddamn Passover is only going to make it that much harder on me), and loads of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

When I started this whole business, my husband said “I think you’re enjoying organizing this party more than our kid will enjoy the party itself.” I told him he’s wrong, and that I’m going out of my way so that she will enjoy it, and that for me it’s actually a headache… but yeah, I admit it. I do enjoy being creative. If making zines is not happening, making art for my kid is the next best thing.

Peace, love and smell the magic

Brutal Bullets


I’m a little off the grid at the moment due to my lack of zine production, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been active.

In fact, today I will be unveiling my new attempt at designing a daily planner! The last time I took on such a momentous project was around 2015 when I designed a daily planner for my friend from the States. It was her birthday and I wanted to do something special for her so I designed her a personalized daily planner with pictures of her and her dog all over the place. It took me forever but it was worth it and came out really nice and she obviously loved it.

As I’m rather scatterbrained right now and I’m always trying to find new ways to set up my day/week/month so I can incorporate all the important things like cooking, exercising, engaging in various forms of art, and other such stuff in the midst of my mother-of-a-toddler duties, I thought a daily planner would be just the thing I need to have all these activities laid out neatly in front of me.

I set out online to find a daily planner that tickled my fancy. I found bullet journals to be absolutely exquisite, but none of them fit my style. I decided to go the DIY way and create my own daily planner/bullet journal using Adobe InDesign and Photoshop.

All the designs and drawings in this journal are not my own. I found them all on Google images. But as a way to personalize it, I did put some photos of me, my husband, my daughter and my dog here and there.

Here are the results:

Cover 1

Cover including two zombies because freaky stuff is totally up my alley. I also downloaded a badass creepy font called Spiderfingers and used it all over the place


The inner cover features a big and adorable photo of my daughter. The opposite page is about me, featuring a picture of me drawn by the amazing Nicole from Pleasure Pie!

Before the journal actually begins, I put a spread of two pages for my New Year’s Resolutions. At the end of the journal, I included a spread for my accomplishments of the year.

day 10.03

Every month starts with a spread of the monthly days, followed by the days of the week.


At the end of every week, I put this page called the “Positive Corner” where I would list the positive things that happened that week, no matter how big or small. It is my attempt to keep a positive frame of mind. Writing out the positive things sometimes helps put things in perspective and be grateful for what I have.

next week

The following page lists my plans for the upcoming week, including meal ideas, grocery list, exercise plans, and random notes.

Next month

At the end of every month, I add this page as an incentive for productivity for the following month. It doesn’t have to be long and elaborate which is why I only have this circle to fill, and it gives me the option of flexibility.

I obviously filled in the important days of the year – anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and added to the month of July the subheading “International Zine Month”.

My hope is to fill this journal with a bunch of awesome kickass things and follow through with productivity, fulfillment and positivity.

Peace, love and all the good stuff to come

Headbanger’s Bag


Taking time off from zinestering gave me the chance to focus on other projects.

For the past two days, I’ve been working on sewing patches on my new bag. At first, I wanted my mom to sew them for me with her sewing machine because my fingers may refuse to function. But it didn’t work out. And as my activity of the previous two days proved my finger-disfunction assumption to be almost right, I still managed to prove to myself that I can sew. Even if my fingers got all red, and the patches came out a little crooked, it worked out pretty well. I also added some cool pins on the part of the bag that is under the top flap. That part that is too small for patches ut perfect for pins.

I love the hell out of it and it looks totally DIY and totally badass.



A bag worthy of a metalhead!

Peace, love and off to put my fingers in ice

Moonless Night


To end January on a brilliant note, the new PMS Perzine is now out! Purple Moon Spawn is the new name of my zine, but it’s still the same zine, so the issue numbers continue where they left off. This is issue 15.


It’s 32 pages of a bunch of different things. It includes a stream of consciousness piece, a short fiction story, a look back at 2018 and plans for 2019, discussions about the moon and the stars and all the wonderful celestial unfathomables that be, and more.

Writing this zine came with a degree of difficulty. I think the most difficult zine I wrote to date is Ima Badass. But this difficulty was different.

Ima Badass was emotionally difficult because of the sensitive subject matter – being a mother while being an artivist and a zinester and finding a healthy and manageable balance between the two.

Issue 15 of PMS Perzine was physically difficult. Working the morning shifts, followed by a bunch of appointments and errands during the afternoons, house chores and childcare in the evenings, and short nights cut even shorter by the time it takes me to fall asleep – all these elements made for a very tired badass. This past Tuesday, I complained to my husband about how “this day just doesn’t want to end!”

Being tired out of my wits is not a good state to be zinestering. Inspiration is impossible to come by, ideas about what kind of elements to include in the zine quickly run dry, and many things I tried to write or create ended up in the wastebasket because they sucked. The 32 pages I did manage to add were the ones that I found to be the best ones out of the many others I tried.

I fell into the trap that people keep talking about – how we measure our worth by our productivity. I never measured myself according to what I create, but I think this past month proved otherwise. I pushed myself to near-exhaustion, trying to cram a bunch of activities, plans, chores and errands into a short amount of time, so much so that the very activity that I’m supposed to enjoy (making a zine) became a chore in itself!

I hate this feeling.

And so, as a method of self-care, I decided to space it out a little. One thing per month. Next month, I’ll be focussing on my Canadian passport application. This contributes to the amount of stress in my life to a point where I’m losing all my hair. I ought to charge the Canadian government for my hair extensions, for real!

The month after that… I don’t know. I’ll see when I get there.

But I am not making any (full-length) zines until the right time comes, most likely International Zine Month, when I can thoroughly enjoy it as I did with my other zines.

I consider this “Purple Moon” spawned. Off to the dark side I move.

Peace, love and set the snooze for 14 hours


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To Hell with Procrastination


I’m very happy with my progress with my new year’s resolutions. I already got the new bag that I’ve been meaning to get. I also got a cool patch to sew on it (I’ll ask my mom to do it though because she has a sewing machine whereas I have two myotonized hands).

Today, I made a new patch for my Etsy shop. And here it is!


And, miracle of miracles, I’m actually done with my Canadian passport application. I have an appointment at the embassy in a couple of weeks and I hope to get this out of the way as fast and as swiftly as I can (provided they don’t send me back to Jerusalem empty-handed because of documents I may be missing, which will probably happen because Murphy’s Law is my mortal enemy). I don’t want to spend one more minute with this headache than I have to. Ugh!

For the past week, I’ve also spent most of my time covering my dining room table and my work station with tiny confetti-size pieces of paper while working on the new issue of my zine. A nice little pattern of black, purple and white, as well as star stickers and washi tape stuck all over the place became my new tablecloth/desk, and all is right in my universe.

I also wrote a final piece for the zine and drew my mascot, Twigz, for the last page. I’ll uncover the cover in due time, but for now, I can honestly say it’s definitely in my top three favorite zine covers.

Once the layout is done, I hope to have it printed and ready before the end of the month. That means hauling ass, which I shall do now.

Peace, love and praise the zine mess


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