Bleeder of the Pack


Happy International Women’s Day! Here’s to being a proud female, a fierce feminist, and a crafty creator! To all my fellow sisters of the revolution, you’re fucking beautiful!|

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Messy and magical items in the shop include:

Purple Myrtle Squeegy – my PMS Perzine

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Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel

Alternative Jerusalem – a series of awesome postcards I designed

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All items come with freebies such as feminist zines or minizines or stickers or patches or my band’s CD!

Peace, love and feminist forever!

Lovin’ Oven


NotebookI love my idea of trying out a new recipe once every two weeks. It keeps my baking inspiration going and every time I bake something awesome, the satisfaction I feel and my sense of accomplishment is almost as great as what I feel when I complete a zine!

And so I decided to start keeping my recipes in zine format in a DIY cookbook notebook that I created a while back. All the pages of that notebook were blank since I made it, but decided that every time I try a new recipe and it works out, I’ll reward myself by adding it to the notebook.

I made a section for regular salty meals, for lunch or dinner, and another section reserved solely for desserts. This Friday, after I owned Betty Crocker’s ass making the best chocolate cake in the world, I added the recipe to the desserts section and felt all giddy.

“Soon enough,” I thought “this notebook will be filled with goodies and be all dirty with flour smudges, oil drops and vanilla extract stains. Just like my mom’s cookbooks are.”

So far, in the salty recipes I have my famous cheesy Penne with broccoli recipe and my lentil-rice cakes with salsa recipe. And my desserts section features recipes for my chocolate cake and my chocolate chocolate chip muffins. Other recipes I already tried but have yet to add include my sweet potato soup, my sweet potato pie, my blueberry muffins and my carrot cake muffins with the cream cheese frosting.

I also glued a measurements and temperatures conversion chart on the inner back cover of the notebook which is super handy since most of the recipes I find are from the States, but I live in a country which uses grams instead of ounces and Celsius instead of Fahrenheit. In the “belongs to” section on the front cover I wrote “Cuisine a la Badass” and “strictly kosher”. I’m truly making this shit my own!

The following is a list of other recipes I plan to try out, unlock total ownage, and eventually add to the notebook.

  1. Vegetable stew recipe I found in a French cookbook
  2. Chocolate chip cookies – my mom’s recipe
  3. Blueberry crumb cake
  4. Blueberry cookies
  5. Oatmeal cookies – a recipe I’m supposed to get from my coworker soon
  6. Oreo cake

The Oreo cake will be my ultimate challenge to prove to myself if I’m really Moroccan Mama material. The recipe says total time is 4 hours. That’s 4 hours worth of headbanging during preparation and baking. I’m ready.

Peace, love and wake and bake.

Get Messy on V-Day!


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Messy and magical items in the shop include:

Purple Myrtle Squeegy – my PMS perzine

PMS cover 1 PMS issue 4 DSC02449 DSC03041

Fallopian Falafel – my compilation zine

Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel Fallopian Falafel

Alternative Jerusalem – a series of awesome postcards I designed

Draining1 Metal Proud1 Slut

Kickass care packages

PMS collection Care Package FF

All items come with freebies such as feminist zines or minizines or stickers or patches or my band’s CD!

Peace, love and mess up!



You already know what I’m gonna say, right? I wanna make so many zines that there will not be any space for more paper cuts on my hands. I wanna produce lots of collages that my tiny apartment cannot contain. I wanna play guitar until the tips of my fingers get all bloody and peel-y.

Alas, this inspiration will most likely fade away the minute I get home. I seriously need to finally admit to myself that I am not a night person and that I produce my best work in the morning hours before going to work. So maybe next week, I’ll start my day bright and early to get some shit done. Damn you, pillow!

Also, I recently started reorganizing all the music on my iPod (damn you, iTunes!). I came across songs that are titled wrong, artists that are named “Best of Jimi Hendrix” (instead of Jimi Hendrix) and “Ronzi Wykonawcy” (who the fuck??), and albums that are titled “[14]the_ramones_now_i_wanna_sniff_some_glue_live_1986_(remastered)_FLAC_mp3” and so on until my player explodes.

Also, a player that fails to include songs like “Judas Rising” (Judas Priest), “Holy Diver” (Dio) and “Guilt Within Your Head” (The Gits) does not deserve to exist. So organizing all this shit for all eternity, it is!

Aside from that, thanks to the Zine Santa event and to all my wonderful regular zine traders, I am now the proud owner of 41664654617667 zines. I am not complaining, really, I love reading zines almost as much as I love making them. What I AM complaining about is the lack of space in my apartment to store my collection. I was supposed to move to a bigger place at the end of January, but the move got postponed to the end of February. So here I am, trying to make do with the 40 meters I call home, and trying to remember if this apartment ever had an actual floor. Seriously, the other day I fell flat on my face trying to work my way around the amps, heaters, guitar cables and wires sprawled all over the floor in our living room. With a floor that would best be described as storage space, my house became a fucking minefield.


Peace, love and Wollt ihr das Haus in Flammen sehen? Jaaa!

The Grrrl with the Most Cake


EDSC03428very once in a while I get these bouts of inspiration to try out a new recipe. I know that I’m pretty good at cooking, but baking is something I’ve never mastered. My mom says it takes practice. But for me it also takes patience, inspiration, time, lack of sleepiness, lack of laziness and sheer boredom. It also takes ingredients that I most likely don’t have and will probably never use again after trying to make the baked good in question (and failing miserably, succeeding only in making a terrific mess in the kitchen).

I like having a cake or cookies in the house. This is what I usually have for breakfast. So I either get the leftovers from the cake my mom made for Shabbat, or just buy one from the grocery store. But I’m inspired to bake! So here’s an idea. I will not buy any cake, and instead practice my half-baked skills on every other Friday. On the other Fridays, I go to Be’er Sheva and get leftover cake from my mom. There is no turning that down. No way. Seriously, my mom can bake a brick and it’ll taste amazing.

We usually go grocery shopping on Fridays, so I can get all the ingredients in the morning (or leave a list for my husband, so that I can sleep in). Then I’ll make the cake/muffins/cookies/rolls/whatever. And then do Tai Chi while it’s baking.

The inspiration of this past month came from two trials of blueberry muffins – the first batch came out blue because I made the stupid mistake of stirring the frozen blueberries into the batter. For the second trial, I used a different recipe and instead of mixing in the berries, I just dropped them into the pre-filled cups. This batch was much better and proved to me that practice is really what it takes.

Today (it’s Friday) I got a recipe for chocolate chocolate-chip muffins to try out. I figured I love chocolate! How can I possibly mess this up, right?


You’re danm right, bitch! I fucking rule!! My mom’s tips do really help, but if you want my tip, the secret to making the best and badassest muffins in the world is listening to death metal while making the batter and headbanging while it’s baking! Fueling a metal spirit in the house gives that extra special magical touch to the muffins. There’s nothing quite like it.

Peace, love and two muffins are sitting in an over. One muffin says “Boy, it’s hot in here!” The other muffin says “Whoa! A talking muffin!”

PMS issue 1408


I’m taking a short break from my Fun-a-Day CD reviews to inform you of something you absolutely must have.

Like chocolate and Advil, no PMS spree can go by awesomely without this latest issue of my zine. This is a full color issue featuring photos and stories about my phenomenal trip to Salem and my experience of my first time tabling at a real zine fest in Boston.

If you like zines and spooks, this is the zine for you!

It is now up for sale and for trade.

Check out these awesome pics and tell me you don’t crave this as much as you crave Ben & Jerry’s Cookies n’ Cream ice cream!

Peace, love and can you guess why it’s 1408?

Rock On 2016!


In a few of my past end-of-the-year posts, I wrote about the utter nonchalance or outright hate I have for the Gregorian new year’s and respective celebrations. This year I am also planning on not celebrating per say because in Israel, you just don’t feel it too much, except when you write a check or an invoice and need to date it correctly.

But as opposed to previous years, I plan on actually enjoying December 31-January 1st. After the dark, deep and cold abyss I fell into during the past month (for reasons I will not detail) I deserve a good start to the new year.

So for the occasion, I’ll start by working on a new issue of my zine, and write a bunch of longass letters to my penpals. Then, I’ll have a New Year’s breakfast with my good friend, Rachel, who is planning on making waffles (hell yes!).

After that, I have a whole list of awesome plans scheduled for January. I laid out an extensive and well-detailed itinerary and plans to follow through.

The schedule includes: sleeping in, writing letters, working on a zine, playing guitar, reading, baking muffins, go to the mikveh, go to the post office, go to metal night, doing Tai Chi, and the usual yet exciting daily activities such as taking out my dog, showering and eating.

Aside from that, I also included specific dates for organizing all my belongings in preparation for my move to the new apartment. We are set to move sometime around the end of January and both my husband and I are so super excited for the prospect of having a bigger space for all our stuff – our seven guitars and respective cases, our three amps, our sound system, our four laptops and one desktop, our enormous yet awesome collection of CDs, DVDs, records, plus our record player and tape deck, my enormous yet awesome collection of zines, books (that is at least 50 books of Stephen King among others), art materials, snail mail stuff, our mounds of clothes which our closet can barely contain, and more.

The best thing about January 2016 is my plans for the Fun-A-Day event I recently joined on Facebook! That event involves picking one activity to do every day in the month of January. So I picked listening to an album I’ve never listen to before in order to discover new music and add it to my iPod.

I made a list of 31 albums I’m interested in checking out on every day in January. Though most of these are bands I’m already familiar with and like quite a bit, the albums listed are those I’ve never really listened to in depth or at all. And here the list in its daily order:

  • Kataklysm: Shadows & Dust
  • Lloth: Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil
  • Slash: World on Fire
  • Disturbed: Indestructible
  • Marilyn Manson: The High End of Low
  • Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da
  • Sleater-Kinney: (self-titled)
  • Iwrestledabearonce: Ruining it for Everybody
  • Winds of Plague: Against the World
  • Earth Crisis: Neutralize the Threat
  • Warbringer: Worlds Torn Asunder
  • Krisiun: The Great Execution
  • Vallenfyre: A Fragile King
  • Arafel: Second Strike: Through the Flames of the Ages
  • Vogelfrey: Zwolf Schritte zum Strick
  • Bratmobile: Pottymouth
  • Le Tigre: This Island
  • The Julie Ruin: Run Fast
  • Kataklysm: Epic: The Poetry of War
  • Astarte: Rise from Within
  • Hatesphere: New Hell
  • Omnium Gatherum: Years in Waste
  • Gates of Ishtar: The Dawn of Flames
  • King Diamond: Fatal Portrait
  • Mercyful Fate: 9
  • Screaming Mechanical Brain: The Policy of Unilateral Hate
  • Einherjer: Odin Owns Ye All
  • Dypsomaniaxe: One Too Many
  • Winter of Sin: Violence Reigns Supreme
  • Be’lakor: Stone’s Reach
  • Pantera: Cowboys from Hell

So once January rolls around, that is this Friday, I’ll start listening to these records and writing a short review of them here. In case you care, and even if you don’t 😛

Oh man, I can’t wait to check out Kataklysm! I heard one or two of their songs once and loved them so much, they actually appear twice in my list!

Peace, love and music forever!