Taste the Metal!


And now, as promised, here are some sample scans from my latest zine, Raise Your Horns, all about my life as a metalhead, written on ZineWriMo 2018. Fucking A!

Now, now don’t be shy! Send me requests for trades! You know you want to 🙂


Page 3

Page 15

Page 21

Page 50


Peace, love and raise ’em up to the sky!


ZineWriMo Lite 2018 Recap


This recap post came a little late, but no biggie.

I liked ZineWriMo. It’s the first time I do it. And like International Zine Month, I take any opportunity I can get and any excuse I can come up with just to make a zine. Of course, I can make a zine without making up any excuses, but months like International Zine Month and ZineWriMo also give me things that I don’t get during any other month of the year – incentive and inspiration. Seeing posts and accomplishments by other zinesters inspires me to take part in the challenge, however minimal that part is, and no matter how “lite” I make the challenge. Like I said in one of the posts of my pre-motherhood years, I create for the sake of creating.

So here is what I did manage to create this month:

  1. I made mini-zine blanks. I didn’t fill them all, but between now and July, if I feel like making a mini zine, I have blanks already ready.
  2. I connected with a couple of zine makers. Nyx of Sea Green Zines is a zinester I heard lots about but never got a chance to connect with. Nyx wrote the list of ZineWriMo’s prompts I tried to follow, so there was my chance. And like IZM, I connected with of Nina of Echo. It’s always a treat to connect and trade with her.
  3. Mini zines I made: Stream of Consciousness writing, a color zine and a zine-tools zine. I had plans for many others but it didn’t pan out. I still have the zine blanks, so maybe at a later date.
  4. I taught my daughter about zines, more specifically mini zines. I showed her how to make a blank (she’s two years old so she might need a few more lessons to get it right), and I let her scribble with her markers all over the pages. It’s wonderful! A true zinester in the making!
  5. I tried blogging about everything as I went along in my month. And I wrote this wrap-up post, too.
  6. Last but not least – I made a full length zine! The theme is my metalhead life, what I love about metal, my favorite bands, my favorite genres, shows and metal fests I’ve been to, and a bunch of other stuff. I didn’t even write about everything included in my brainstorming of the first day and it still came out a mammoth-size zine, 56 pages, including a comics, a poem, a collage spread over two pages, nice, bulky and text-heavy just the way I like it. Hoping, of course, that you will like it too! It is now in the print shop (sorry I don’t have any scans for you yet, but it’s coming, I promise!) and will be ready for trading starting tomorrow. So hit me up if you’d like to trade some zine awesomeness.

There are some prompts that I found to be so super awesome, but alas, didn’t get a chance to do them during this month. So I’m saving them for later if I manage to find some free time. These are:

  1. A mini zine of snacks of choice
  2. Double-sided mini zine
  3. Read zines: I hope to do that once I get my traded zines
  4. Make a zine about someone awesome in your life: I want to make one about my daughter. Maybe not a mini zine but a second issue of Ima Badass? We’ll see.
  5. Make a zinemaker’s travel kit: I thought this is a wonderful idea, but not relevant to me right now as I never traveled anywhere once I got pregnant, and may never travel anywhere until my daughter is old enough to sit still on the plane. Still a marvelous idea and an excuse to buy myself a new bag or purse, and decorate it with a bunch of pins and patches!

I had a great time with ZineWriMo! Creating for the sake of creating makes life worth living.

Hope to see you all again in July for International Zine Month!

Peace, love and ich schwimme im benZINE!

Almost There, Dudes


I’m writing this post via my phone because my internet connection at home is busted. So I’ll make this short.

I didn’t finish my zine yet but I don’t have much left. I managed to number the pages on Friday (the final number is 56 pages of wholesome metal badassery). All I have left to do is the Table of Contents which I hope to do today, and send it off to the printer tomorrow!!

Any requests for trades may commence now. I’d love to see how your zines turned out too!

I also hope to write my ZineWriMo recap post at some point tomorrow when our internet will be up and running again. I fucking hate writing on my phone.

Peace, love and happy sufgies

ZineWriMo: A Little Free


This morning, I decided to digress from my zine-making ritual a little. But that wasn’t sacrilegious as I did it to make more time for actual zine-production. Instead of taking care of things like laundry, cooking and dishes, and start working at 9:15 a.m., I said “fuck laundry, fuck cooking and fuck the dishes,” and started working at 8:30 a.m.

Also, I said “fuck it if I’m late to the office,” and added another 15 minutes to my work on my zine.

However, I still didn’t manage to finish it. So far, I laid out only half of it (and it looks bitchin!). I hope to continue working on it now, while I’m at the office, but I might run into a bunch of interruptions because we have a new client and I need to close a month, and bla bla bla…

I’m thinking, if tomorrow, Friday, my daughter decides to play by herself with the huge pile of new toys she got for her birthday, I might be able to squeeze in a bit of zine-production in between all of my maternal duties (it should be noted that saying “fuck my maternal duties” is not an option, and might actually be sacrilegious), and before Sabbath starts. Ah, the joys of being a zinester mother of a two-year-old.

If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok. I have a few days off work next week for Channukah, while my daughter still has daycare. So I basically have a few full days all to myself (full, that is, until 3:45 p.m. when I need to go pick up my daughter from daycare). Even though it won’t be within the borders of November proper and thus, not a part of ZineWriMo anymore, zine-production has no time limits and no deadlines. So fuck November too. I’ll be zinestering into December and that’s ok.

Besides, zine-production on Channukah should rule! I’ll get powdered sugar and jelly smears all over the pages, and maybe even some colorful candlewax. And my fingers will get all sticky and I’ll try to figure out if it’s from all the jelly or all the glue. Awesome!

Peace, love and since I can’t set my zine free today, I’ll give you a taste. Here’s the cover!


Zine Rites


Twigz 3Every zinester has their own little ritual while preparing for zine-production. Some light candles for inspiration, some set up a few snacks at arm’s reach to avoid interruptions by an empty stomach, while others, like me, build a playlist and crank up the volume of the speakers to overpower the tap-snap-ding sounds of the typewriter.

On days I work the evening shift, I get the mornings off so my ritual is set to start at 8:30 a.m. but I always remember yet another thing I need to do before I get down to zinestering (i.e. put in a load of laundry, cook something to have it ready for lunch or dinner, do the dishes, check my email…). So it actually starts around 9:15 or so.

I take out all of my zine ammo – the typewriter from the computer room, the stack of papers and construction paper from the desk drawer, the scissors and glue from the pencil holder on the front desk, my pen and zine pages from my backpack – and set it all on the dining room table.

Then, I get a glass of water or tea, depending on my mood.

I turn on the heater because fucking winter sucks, and take off one of my top layers because typing on an oldass manual typewriter definitely burns calories.

Then I plug my phone to the sound system in the living room, and set my playlist to shuffle.

I work to the sounds of death metal, black metal, folk metal, viking metal, gore metal, industrial metal, and the occasional softer sounds of punk, riot grrrl, grunge, old school pop, rock, blues, folk, and Israeli tunes.

I’m well into my zine groove when the clock strikes 11 a.m. and I cringe.

“No, not yet, I’m not ready!” I whine.

But alas, the office awaits. So I reluctantly pick my ass up along with all the pieces of paper spread out on the table like confetti. I lift the typewriter with a grunt and place it back into its case.

Once in the office, I take my zine papers right back out and keep right on working on my zine, only this time without my typewriter or my music, and with occasional interruptions from the clients.

I swear, today, I had to start counting my zine pages again like five times, due to the constant interruptions at the office, before I made it all the way through.

I hate working the evening shift, so my zine ritual morning is absolutely necessary on such days. It has to be perfect in order to maximize pleasure and minimize bullshit. When all items are in place and paper clippings are all over the place, it’s like the stars align and everything is right in my zinester universe.

Entering the Zone, inflaming temperament, and raising spirits, including my own. It wouldn’t surprise me for a second if one day, Rabbis write a bracha especially for making art. I mean, Jim Morrisson already wrote something similar: “Oh great Creator of being, grant us one more hour to perform our art and perfect our lives.” This is what I say when the clock strikes 11. Just one more hour. Please!

Peace, love and I should wear a headscarf for this.

ZineWriMo: Index and Pinky


I can smell the end of the work in progress zine. A more than full-length beauty, all about my death metal life and my love of this deliciously brutal genre of music.

After I finish typing up the last piece, I am estimating a 60-page zine, size A6 (1/4 page), very text-heavy, but containing a lot of badass stories, photos, backgrounds, and a cute little segment of Twigz.

A couple of spoilers:

  1. I called the zine “Raise Your Horns”. So now, every time I come across the cover, Amon Amarth’s song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I find myself silently growling “we will drink to glory tonight” even while in the office, and I wonder if the clients think I’m about to vomit. Ha!
  2. Here’s a sneak peak of the headlines to be found in the zine:20181126_153642_1

There’s a few more, but that’s all you’re getting for now.

After the final piece, I will put the pages together and off to the printer it goes. I hope to do that on Thursday morning.


Peace, love and Channukah doughnuts!

All Work and No Zine


So last week was pretty wild. Forget my daughter’s birthday. It was more like a birthweek. Lots of ridiculous presents, far too much cake and sugar for a two-year-old, lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses, and one trip to a playplace, which we realized was probably not entirely fitting for her age. Gymborees are better, cheaper, and definitely easier on the feet. God, how my feet ached after the playplace! I was glad to put my boots back on and get the hell out. Maybe in a few years, when she’s five or six or something, we might go back… and take a few pairs of slippers with us.

So yeah, working on the ZineWriMo prompts is not happening. I was planning on writing a mini zine about my daughter for the prompt “Make a zine: celebrate an awesome person in your life”. But no, that didn’t happen. Also, I was thinking of giving ZineWiki another chance, because any time I try to update it, it doesn’t work, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s not user-friendly at all or if I’m technologically inept and I can’t figure out the HTML stuff. Either way, I didn’t do it. Getting pissed off with computers is not how I want to spend my free time.

What I am doing is working solely on the work-in-progress. Still. I did the cover the other day. Tomorrow, I have the morning off, so I’ll be bruising my fingers on the typewriter a little more. I hope to finish it up before the end of the week. Then have it printed and ready for selling and sharing and trading all over the place.

Stay tuned and you might catch a glimpse of the metal zine awesomeness within the next couple of weeks!

Peace, love and Goats