ZineWriMo: A Little Free


This morning, I decided to digress from my zine-making ritual a little. But that wasn’t sacrilegious as I did it to make more time for actual zine-production. Instead of taking care of things like laundry, cooking and dishes, and start working at 9:15 a.m., I said “fuck laundry, fuck cooking and fuck the dishes,” and started working at 8:30 a.m.

Also, I said “fuck it if I’m late to the office,” and added another 15 minutes to my work on my zine.

However, I still didn’t manage to finish it. So far, I laid out only half of it (and it looks bitchin!). I hope to continue working on it now, while I’m at the office, but I might run into a bunch of interruptions because we have a new client and I need to close a month, and bla bla bla…

I’m thinking, if tomorrow, Friday, my daughter decides to play by herself with the huge pile of new toys she got for her birthday, I might be able to squeeze in a bit of zine-production in between all of my maternal duties (it should be noted that saying “fuck my maternal duties” is not an option, and might actually be sacrilegious), and before Sabbath starts. Ah, the joys of being a zinester mother of a two-year-old.

If it doesn’t work out, it’s ok. I have a few days off work next week for Channukah, while my daughter still has daycare. So I basically have a few full days all to myself (full, that is, until 3:45 p.m. when I need to go pick up my daughter from daycare). Even though it won’t be within the borders of November proper and thus, not a part of ZineWriMo anymore, zine-production has no time limits and no deadlines. So fuck November too. I’ll be zinestering into December and that’s ok.

Besides, zine-production on Channukah should rule! I’ll get powdered sugar and jelly smears all over the pages, and maybe even some colorful candlewax. And my fingers will get all sticky and I’ll try to figure out if it’s from all the jelly or all the glue. Awesome!

Peace, love and since I can’t set my zine free today, I’ll give you a taste. Here’s the cover!



All Work and No Zine


So last week was pretty wild. Forget my daughter’s birthday. It was more like a birthweek. Lots of ridiculous presents, far too much cake and sugar for a two-year-old, lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses, and one trip to a playplace, which we realized was probably not entirely fitting for her age. Gymborees are better, cheaper, and definitely easier on the feet. God, how my feet ached after the playplace! I was glad to put my boots back on and get the hell out. Maybe in a few years, when she’s five or six or something, we might go back… and take a few pairs of slippers with us.

So yeah, working on the ZineWriMo prompts is not happening. I was planning on writing a mini zine about my daughter for the prompt “Make a zine: celebrate an awesome person in your life”. But no, that didn’t happen. Also, I was thinking of giving ZineWiki another chance, because any time I try to update it, it doesn’t work, and I don’t know if it’s because it’s not user-friendly at all or if I’m technologically inept and I can’t figure out the HTML stuff. Either way, I didn’t do it. Getting pissed off with computers is not how I want to spend my free time.

What I am doing is working solely on the work-in-progress. Still. I did the cover the other day. Tomorrow, I have the morning off, so I’ll be bruising my fingers on the typewriter a little more. I hope to finish it up before the end of the week. Then have it printed and ready for selling and sharing and trading all over the place.

Stay tuned and you might catch a glimpse of the metal zine awesomeness within the next couple of weeks!

Peace, love and Goats

ZineWriMo: Baby Zinester


I was sick yesterday, so I didn’t do anything. I didn’t go to work and slept most of the time. But I felt better later on in the day.

20181113_164834I picked my daughter up from daycare and during a momentary lapse of my attention, she stole one of my mini-zine blanks. So I let her have it and gave her her set of markers. She’s a week away from being 2 years old and she made her very first zine yesterday!

In fact, she loved it so much, she asked me to make another blank for her. So I showed her how to do it, making sure that she knows the cutting part is something that only mommy does and she’s not allowed to use scissors. She scribbled all over the place and got some marker ink on the table, but it was such a treat for me to watch her having so much fun with it!

So I guess that was my activity for yesterday: teaching my daughter about zines and making one with her. Welcome to the zinester community, my lovely baby girl!

Peace, love and snails and turtles

ZineWriMo: Blank and White


ZineWriMo Lite continues…

I left all weekends on my calendar blank. No work and no daycare means full-time parenting. So zine-production is impossible on the weekend. And besides, there is something about crafting on the Sabbath that doesn’t sit very well with the semi-religious Jew within. This is why this past Friday and Saturday, I didn’t do the prompts for the respective days.

But this week, I’ll be hauling ass and get on with my Metal zine-in-progress. And today, I’m making my minizine blanks. I’m making eight of them and hope to fill them up with a bunch of awesome shit throughout this month. This is the list of minizines I’ll be making (some corresponding with the prompts).

  • Full-color mini
  • Stream of consciousness writing/mini full of words
  • Pictures of zine tools (I fucking love this one!)
  • Pictures of WIP progress
  • Snacks of choice
  • Double-sided mini
  • Make a minizine with my daughter, teach her about zines
  • Celebrate an awesome person in my life (mini about my daughter)

Also, on November 11, it’s Sunday Metal Night at Blaze and I’ll no doubt be adding a segment about that in my WIP zine. I guess I’m just writing that as a reminder for myself to bring my notebook and my pen and my reading glasses to the bar, order a non-alcoholic minty lemonade and write some stuff.

Peace, love and be afraid, winter, be very afraid!



Shit is going down in America and people are dying while antisemitism is still alive and well, and stupid people don’t vaccinate their kids, feed vegan food to their dogs and cats, and don’t vote, and the world is going to hell, and stupid goddamn winter is almost upon us.

With all this shit, it’s hard to keep on top of my efforts to be positive, but it’s so necessary for my physical and mental health, I’ll keep right on trying.

November is coming up and freezing weather aside, it’s bringing with it a lot of awesome things.

  1. My daughter’s birthday: The best and most important event ever! November 22 was also the day I became a mother, definitely a day worth celebrating. So her Hebrew birthday falls on October 30. The party at daycare will be on November 20, the birthday at my in-laws, most likely on the 21, and the one at my parents’ house on the weekend thereafter (the 23 and 24). Both me and my daughter are super excited about it!
  2. ZineWriMo: Looking over the activities I set up on my schedule, it looks like I’ll be making no less than eight minizines (assuming I can keep with it). Of course, there’s also the full-length work-in-progress zine. Then, the day for teaching someone about zines, I’ll be making a mini-zine with my daughter and let her scribble all over it with her markers. I’m so super stoked about it!
  3. The Fucking King: Right before November starts, Stephen King is releasing a new novel called Elevation. And for me, every “Stephen King Releases a Novel” day is a holiday. Party on!
  4. recipe_559Channukah: Although it falls on the first week of December, it’s still yet another positive thing coming up soon. Having some days off work, lighting the menorah, buying a fancy light-up singing dreidel for my daughter, and of course, stuffing my face with lots of sugary greasy doughnuts with scalding hot jelly inside. FUCK. YES!

So yes, the world is going to hell, but until we get there, I’ll be making zines and loving my daughter and reading King and eating doughnuts.

Peace, love and we Moroccans love our shfinj, too!

And like duh, how can I forget? Sunday Metal is back on November 11! Yes, November officially owns. Raise your horns! \m/

Metalhorns With Baby Fingers


Juggling being an active zinester artist with being a mother is tricky. But juggling being an active metalhead with being a mother is damn near impossible.

Whereas I can easily use my free mornings for zine-production every once in a while, the metalhead life is mostly a nightly deal. But my nights are packed to the rim with maternal duties.

Joy to the Jerusalemite Metalheads, Blaze Bar has reopened and is once again reinstating the occasional Sunday Metal Nights. But just like before, the problem for me is finding a suitable arrangement for my daughter. She doesn’t like strangers, so I can’t get a random babysitter to drop by and look after her. And also, she doesn’t fall asleep in a place or a room that isn’t her own, so I can’t drop her off at my mother-in-law while I go off to my headbanging life.

I can’t believe I’m actually considering taking her with me to the metal bar, but I’m fucking desperate. I miss my metal nights and I miss the guys. And I would really like to introduce her to the metal scene a bit more. She seems to like heavy music. Nirvana is her favorite, and she took to Arch Enemy almost immediately (she calls them Angela, of course she does, since the Arch Enemy of Angela is the real Arch Enemy).

But then, there is a slew of other issues to consider. For one, and the most problematic one, is the cigarette smoke that is prevalent in the whole place. Toxic, dangerous, smelly as fuck, and doesn’t ever leave your hair, your clothes, your skin… You go to bed smelling worse than your own child’s diaper after a bean-soup dinner. So exposing my daughter to that is just really bad parenting.

Then, there is the loud music. At home, she listens to Nirvana and Arch Enemy at a normal volume and happily headbangs to it. But at the bar, she would most likely need headphones, and even if I do manage to find a pair made for babies, could I be completely sure that she would even agree to wear them at all times? Hell fucking no. I’d be lucky if she agrees to keep a hat on her head. Which brings me to the next problem.

It’s October. Jerusalem nights have become cold. Very very cold. Even if I were to bundle my kid up in a heavy winter coat and a tuque and a scarf, I would still be worried about her catching a cold. This is the time of year when viruses become ravenous, and the young make easy prey. Exposing her to this fucking freezing air is bad parenting yet again.

Finally, Metal Night starts around 9:00 p.m. and gets really good around 10:00. My kid’s bedtime is 8:30 p.m. After that, she becomes cranky and miserable. If she goes to sleep too late, she has trouble waking up the next day, so we have to wake her up which means she will be cranky and miserable for the rest of the day. It’s her routine, and anyone disturbing it will ultimately know her unabated wrath.

But I miss my metal night. I miss my nightlife. And I miss Blaze, for fuck’s sake.

Peace, love and my neck needs a break, literally.



Every time someone asks me “How did you pass the holidays?” I say “It passed.”

And thank the good Goddess it did. FUCK! It was so long! Too long. Way too long.

I don’t know why this year it seemed much longer than in previous years. It could be because every holiday started on Sunday night, so it would just be an extension of the Sabbath and seemed to go on forever.

It might also be because my daughter is nearing 2 years and being an active little cookie, she was bored out of her mind, bouncing off the walls, and not going to daycare. So every day, we struggled to find ways to entertain her.

The days simply crawled by. Towards the end of the exhausting ordeal, Elad went to play basketball in the park. He told me about one of the guys he played with who said “I’m so bummed that the holidays are over next week!” My husband replied to him “You don’t have kids, do you?”

(Cue hysterical laughter)

September 27 was the day of the Rally for fallen soldiers and their families. You might remember my rant in one of my previous posts where I was convinced I would make a fool of myself while giving my speech at the event. However, this day went by far more smoothly than I could have ever imagined. And it so happened that I did NOT make a complete fool of myself! Quite the contrary, in fact. I didn’t stutter or trip on my words once. After the ceremony, random strangers, people I don’t know and who don’t know me or my family or my deceased uncle, came up to me and told me how much my speech moved them.

I could hardly believe it. I mean, this is me we’re talking about here. Me! Who can’t for the life of me speak a decent phrase, can’t form an acceptable argument, can’t win any debate, let alone in Hebrew, to the point where I choose to just keep my mouth shut. Me, who always believed that silence is power and chose the written expression over the spoken one every chance I got. I actually spoke in front of a big-ass audience and moved them all to tears.

I think it might be because I kinda cheated. When I went up on that stage, the lights went out and the only spotlight was on me. The rest of the auditorium, with the entire audience in it, vanished into complete darkness. So it was easy for me to imagine I wasn’t really speaking to anybody and that the place was empty.

The rest of the day went by smoothly because this was the one day during chol hamoed where I didn’t have to find ways to entertain my daughter. The rally took place in Kfar Hanoar in Maayanot. It was a huge park, grass everywhere, a nearby petting zoo with goats and cows and ponies, a big stage in the middle of the park with music and tiny tiny dancing kids, my daughter among them, a temp tattoo booth, mats spread out all over, tons of food… All we had to do was give my daughter space and chase her around. She was so worn out by the end that she fell asleep ON THE WAY to the car and didn’t wake up until we got back to Jerusalem.

But yeah, the rest of the days, dude, snails go by faster. Yesterday, I was so relieved to finally get back to our regular routine. It was a bit difficult for my daughter, at first. We totally confused her over the past fucking month like “Ok, back to daycare,” “Or maybe not”, “and not today either”, “but today yes,” “and today again no”… Who wouldn’t be confused with such a non-routine?

So yes, it passed. Mazal Tov bitches!

Peace, love and I’m two times 18. Chai chai ve’kayam!