White-Out the Winter


Since renewal is pretty much the theme of the new issue of my PMS Perzine, I decided to try a new style of writing and wrote a very short fiction story.

Originally, I wanted the story to be about a 20-something-year-old woman who tries to fight her winter blues by doing one of the things she loved most which is going to her favorite office supplies store and look at the cute journal designs, only to find that the store has closed until further notice.

Which, by the way, is exactly what happened to me today, except I’m a 30-something-year-old-woman, and I have better ways to fight my winter blues. But yes, woe is unto me, my favorite office supplies store is closed until further notice, and I’m upset as fuck. Where do I get my zine ammo now? How do I fight my winter blues?

My short fiction story turned out quite different than what I had intended, but I think it’ll do. It’s about a 30-something-year-old woman trying to fight the winter blues by looking for a best friend.

Which, by the way, also hits pretty close to home. Looking out the window this morning, I saw the first blue sky since last week. It’s been gray and depressing this whole time. So as I was doing my meditation part of Tai Chi Thursday, I thought “If the sky can clear, maybe my future can, too. Maybe I will find a best friend at some point.”

The story also ends on a positive note. I felt it necessary after the “closed until further notice” sign on my favorite store stared me in the face. Just a bit of positivity in a fiction story. At the very least.

Peace, love and your mind is like a boundless sky.


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Bark at the Purple Moon


I’m working on a new issue of my zine, featuring the new name “Purple Moon Spawn”.

I finished writing the intro, explaining my reasons for the name change. And I also wrote a piece about my connection to the moon – the significance it has in my life, what it represents for me and how I identify with the cycles.

Most of what I wrote came out rather metaphorical, somewhat surreal, and includes a bit of a spiritual twist. Not necessarily religious, but more “transcendent” than most of my recent writing.

It’s undoubtedly the powerful influence of the moon. Today is the new moon of Shvat. The moon is dark. It must stand for something. New moon. New zine. It was the perfect day to start writing it.

Also, according to my New Year’s resolutions, I set my zine-production day for Monday. So today was successful and very productive indeed.

I can’t wait to continue working on this new, shiny, glowy, purple-power perzine!

Peace, love and Lunar-Chicks


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Caution: Artivism Ahead!


I decided to go ahead with a list of re-zine-lutions anyway, as ideas are coming and going through my head and if I don’t write them down, they might be doing more “going” than “coming” and never come back.  Some of these already appear in my previous post, and also in my diary, but yeah, I want them all together in here.

So this is what I hope to accomplish this year somewhere in between Load of Laundry One and Load of Laundry Two.

  1. Write and publish a new issue of Purple Moon Spawn
  2. Participate in International Zine Month
  3. Give Inktober a shot, even if I suck at drawing
  4. Participate in ZineWriMo
  5. Make at least three mini zines
  6. Make a new flyer for PMS Mess
  7. Contact new zinesters for trades
  8. If number 7 accomplished, make a zine-review zine about zines traded
  9. Reorganize my zine collection (and make sure to stack it up high enough so Little Miss Demolition Toddler won’t get at it)
  10. Set Monday as my zinestering day and fuck all other house chores and obligations
  11. Update and print my PMS Mess catalog for 2019 (preferably do this at the end of the year so that all my new zines and creations appear in it too)
  12. Revive my journaling flame and record accomplishments as they come
  13. Make another mini-zine with my daughter (a.k.a. Little Miss Demolition Toddler)

Tips for keeping a creative frame-of-mind:

  • If feeling uninspired, reread “Overthrow the Status Quo” by Nyxia Grey – the most inspiring zine in the world if there ever was one!
  • Light scented candles and keep them nearby
  • Use every free moment at the office to draw/write something
  • Turn off my goddamn phone

I may have more ideas flowing in soon, and if they do, I’ll add them in my journal and thus stick to the activity of number 12.

Wish me luck!

Peace, love and kickassery shall prevail!


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I don’t celebrate New Year’s. In my archives, you can find countless posts from previous years about how I don’t give a rat’s ass about New Year’s.

However, being an avid list-maker, I do make some New Year’s resolutions. It’s nice to see just how right I am about my predictions regarding the resolutions: which ones I will definitely get done and which ones I will avoid until the last minute or not do them at all. For example, I will no doubt avoid getting hair extensions until I’m all out of hair. The one I will not do at all (and probably regret it somewhere down the line) is renewing my Canadian passport. Goddamn bureaucratic shit.

On the other hand, I will most likely do all the zine-related resolutions. In fact, I should probably consider making a list solely for these and call it “My New Year’s Re-zine-lutions”.

So without further ado, here is my list as it stands:

  1. Write and publish a new issue of Purple Moon Spawn:
    I’m still in the process of brainwashing a few ideas for this issue. But I’m very excited at the prospect of writing my PMS Perzine under this new and awesome name!
  2. Plan new Twigz tattoo:
    I wrote about that a few posts ago while I was still working on my metal zine. I want to get my mascot tattooed on my left wrist. I just need to draw her properly enough to be worthy of a permanent fixture on my flesh.
  3. Work on a couple of ZineWriMo minis:45358972_10155563905547471_33584333562314752_o
    I still have some of my blanks waiting patiently for me to fill them up with awesomeness inspired by some of the ZineWriMo prompts. I need to get down to that at some point this year.
  4. Buy new purse:
    Yet another activity inspired by a ZineWriMo prompt. I want a new purse that I can use for my zine tools for zinestering on-the-go. Or just get a purse for the sake of having one that I actually like. I’m not too crazy about the one I currently use.
  5. Renew my Canadian passport:
    Stupid shit. Fucking headache. Canadians just can’t get any more anal. And this coming from an Israeli who also has to deal with Israeli bureaucracy. Seriously, I’d rather be renewing my Israeli passport ten times if it meant not having to deal with my Canadian one.
  6. Set Thursday as my Tai Chi day:
    And at the same time, setting Mondays as my zinestering day. I need to make a schedule for every month ahead of time, like I used to do.
  7. Get hair extensions:
    I feel like I’m going prematurely bald. I told my husband, there will come a day, very soon, where I will go to the hair salon and blow a nice amount of cheddar on extensions, hair dye, layering and styling. Fuck this mop of a hair. I’m sick of it already!
  8. Make a new flyer for PMS Mess:
    I already have a nice flyer for my zine (those of you who have traded with me or bought my zines may remember the flyer featuring Carrie soaked in pig’s blood with the tagline “I bleed it, you read it”), I think my Etsy shop can use one too. Speaking of which, please like my Facebook page!
  9. Reload Rammstein songs on my player:
    I found that every time a Rammstein song comes on my player, the song suddenly stops in the middle, stutters for a bit, then skips to the next song. I need to try reloading the songs and see if it remedies the situation. I can’t stand not listening to “Mein Teil” or “Benzin” all the way through. Pisses me off.
  10. Eat healthier:
    A resolution inspired by my new zine friend (Cheers Frances, if you’re reading this!). I’m thinking of at least improving the state of my breakfast. Tea and toast just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I need eggs, fresh veggies, and different kinds of cheese, alongside tea and toast. And if I do ever get around to making a schedule for every month, I ought to try to include relevant times for trying new recipes.

I really hope to get through all of these, including the ones I really don’t feel like doing. Wish me luck and I shall wish you a happy new year!

Peace, love and 2019 ways of being

Officially Wikified!


I’m pretty damn proud of myself right now. I finally managed to figure out the editing methods of ZineWiki.

On zine months of previous years, if one of the prompts included the words “zine” and “wiki” in the same sentence, I stayed the hell away from it. I never thought to actually read the manual of style they include there. But now I did!

Their list of zines now includes the updated and edited page for Fallopian Falafel, and also Purple Myrtle Squeegy. I also created new pages for Ima Badass and Raise Your Horns. For a while, I thought the new pages would appear on the alphabetized zines automatically, but they didn’t. But today, I noticed I could edit that page too!

My name is also included in the “Zinesters Directory” section, and I also added a category for “Israel Zinsters”. So far, I’m the only member of this category.

It takes me a while to teach myself new skills, like ZineWiki editing. But now that I got the hang of it, it’s actually much easier than HTML.

So yes, very proud of myself indeed! Check out ZineWiki here.

Peace, love and SO looking forward to IZM in July!

Water Breaker


Due to a stupid foot injury, I spent my day at home yesterday. I thought I might have some time to continue my brainstorm for zine ideas, but naturally, laundry got in the way, as it always does on Sundays.

I still have some pretty good ideas for the zine but some of them are time-sensitive, so I’ll have to get a move on, lest the time-sensitivity runs out and I’m left with blank pages.

Ah, the blank page! So full of possibilities for writing ideas, and so full of possibilities for writer’s block.

Sometimes, all I need to do to make the words come is just start writing. And if I stumble upon just the right words, they stop coming and start flooding instead. The end of words loosens its grip, and gets washed away with the flood… as it feels like it’s about to do now.

So I should stop and save all this for the zine. Stop the flow. Break the water.

Peace, love and stream of consciousness is that very flood of words.

What Fantazines Are Made Of


I just reread the post I wrote a few years ago about my first 24-Hour Zine Thing experience. I know I already wrote a post about how much I want to participate in that challenge again, but I think it bears repeating, because goddamn, I want a 24HZT again!

Alas, times have changed. I am no longer single. I don’t spend every waking hour locked in a warm shelter room, plastered with posters of my favorite singers and bands. I don’t have an endless amount of free hours to engage in hardcore zine-production followed by hardcore zzz’s production. I am no longer the only person in my life I need to tend to. I already said all of that.

And reading that post, I can’t believe it was actually written by me (except for the roach phobia part. That’s all me. Still so terrified of roaches, I could faint if I see one). I can’t believe I managed to stay up for a straight 24 hours without passing out from exhaustion halfway through. I can’t believe I managed to sleep for a straight 14 hours thereafter, without waking up a single time, not even to pee.

These days, I’m tired all the time. By 11 p.m., I’m out like a light. And despite that, I can never sleep in. Even on weekends when I leave my morning maternal duties to my mom or my husband, I never sleep past 9 a.m. Taking naps in the afternoon is impossible because I have a really hard time falling asleep, and have to get up to pee every five minutes. I roll around in bed and wait for the alarm to go off.

That’s why I participate in other challenges like International Zine Month and ZineWriMo. At least, it satisfies my need to produce kickass zines for a little while, and have a whole month to do it.

I can’t wait for July!

Peace, love and it’s a zine come true!