ZineWriMo: Color It In


As part of ZineWriMo 2018, I am now in the process of making a colorful minizine. I’m actually kinda struggling with this a bit.

Reason 1: I don’t have a decent set of colors to work with. I went to the office supplies store this morning and bought a new set of markers failing to notice that it doesn’t even include the color purple. PURPLE! My favorite fucking color and it’s not even in the set.

Reason 2: I’m on the first day of my period and am not in the least bit inspired to make anything mindblowing.

Reason 3: I suck at drawing.

Anyway, I made the front cover which is already something. My idea for the zine was to use a different color on every page and fill it with a few words that I relate to the respective color (eg. Purple: grapes, geffen, royalty, healing, serenity, bruise). A bit on the kitschy side but whatever.

I hope to finish it before heading home because once there, I need to sleep. I got no more than four hours of sleep last night because of this horrible fucking cough.

It’s amazing how Murphy’s Law always gets me. Back during International Zine Month, when I was working on my zine, I also went through a bout of coughing my lungs out on a regular basis. I even complain about it in the zine itself. Why is it that whenever I need my strength and need a decent night sleep to get in the zinestering mood that Murphy decides to return with a vengeance and make me gasp for air?


Peace, love and I rather choke on Purple Haze


ZineWriMo: Blank and White


ZineWriMo Lite continues…

I left all weekends on my calendar blank. No work and no daycare means full-time parenting. So zine-production is impossible on the weekend. And besides, there is something about crafting on the Sabbath that doesn’t sit very well with the semi-religious Jew within. This is why this past Friday and Saturday, I didn’t do the prompts for the respective days.

But this week, I’ll be hauling ass and get on with my Metal zine-in-progress. And today, I’m making my minizine blanks. I’m making eight of them and hope to fill them up with a bunch of awesome shit throughout this month. This is the list of minizines I’ll be making (some corresponding with the prompts).

  • Full-color mini
  • Stream of consciousness writing/mini full of words
  • Pictures of zine tools (I fucking love this one!)
  • Pictures of WIP progress
  • Snacks of choice
  • Double-sided mini
  • Make a minizine with my daughter, teach her about zines
  • Celebrate an awesome person in my life (mini about my daughter)

Also, on November 11, it’s Sunday Metal Night at Blaze and I’ll no doubt be adding a segment about that in my WIP zine. I guess I’m just writing that as a reminder for myself to bring my notebook and my pen and my reading glasses to the bar, order a non-alcoholic minty lemonade and write some stuff.

Peace, love and be afraid, winter, be very afraid!

ZineWriMo: bRain and Thunders


As I wrote in my previous post, my ZineWriMo will be “ZineWriMo Lite” because my life (and my daughter’s life) gets in the way of everything.

Anyway, the activity I set for today, at least, is the same as the one in the list: Fighting winter blues with a much better storm than what the weather has in store for us: Brainstorm.

I focused my brainstorming solely on what I plan to do for my full-length work-in-progress zine for this month, because I already have a pretty good idea of what I plan to do for the other minizines.

20181101_094146I switched on my player, and it blasted out a bunch of metal tunes, one by one, without the usual softer interludes I get in the shuffle (such as Funset, Guns N’ Roses, Aviv Geffen, Michael Jackson, other non-metals…). I loved it so much, it clearly influenced my brainstorming because I decided on the theme of metal for my upcoming zine!

Back when I was pregnant and unable to create anything, I tried to write a metal zine, but it didn’t work. My pregnancy drained me of all inspiration for creative endeavors and whatever I did manage to put down on paper, I absolutely fucking loathed.

But metal is such a vital part of my life, I find it absurd that I have never written a full-length zine about it. Sure, I do mention it in my other zines, here and there, but there’s so much more I want to say about it. It deserves a full-length zine.

I wrote a whole list of what to include in the zine and drew up plans for add-ins like a metal-related collage, drawing, poem and cartoon (featuring my mascot, Twigz).

I can’t wait to get this started!!! So fucking excited. I shall make like Warbringer and descend into savagery! METAL HORNS ALL THE WAY UP!

Peace, love and bloodwork-in-progress



Shit is going down in America and people are dying while antisemitism is still alive and well, and stupid people don’t vaccinate their kids, feed vegan food to their dogs and cats, and don’t vote, and the world is going to hell, and stupid goddamn winter is almost upon us.

With all this shit, it’s hard to keep on top of my efforts to be positive, but it’s so necessary for my physical and mental health, I’ll keep right on trying.

November is coming up and freezing weather aside, it’s bringing with it a lot of awesome things.

  1. My daughter’s birthday: The best and most important event ever! November 22 was also the day I became a mother, definitely a day worth celebrating. So her Hebrew birthday falls on October 30. The party at daycare will be on November 20, the birthday at my in-laws, most likely on the 21, and the one at my parents’ house on the weekend thereafter (the 23 and 24). Both me and my daughter are super excited about it!
  2. ZineWriMo: Looking over the activities I set up on my schedule, it looks like I’ll be making no less than eight minizines (assuming I can keep with it). Of course, there’s also the full-length work-in-progress zine. Then, the day for teaching someone about zines, I’ll be making a mini-zine with my daughter and let her scribble all over it with her markers. I’m so super stoked about it!
  3. The Fucking King: Right before November starts, Stephen King is releasing a new novel called Elevation. And for me, every “Stephen King Releases a Novel” day is a holiday. Party on!
  4. recipe_559Channukah: Although it falls on the first week of December, it’s still yet another positive thing coming up soon. Having some days off work, lighting the menorah, buying a fancy light-up singing dreidel for my daughter, and of course, stuffing my face with lots of sugary greasy doughnuts with scalding hot jelly inside. FUCK. YES!

So yes, the world is going to hell, but until we get there, I’ll be making zines and loving my daughter and reading King and eating doughnuts.

Peace, love and we Moroccans love our shfinj, too!

And like duh, how can I forget? Sunday Metal is back on November 11! Yes, November officially owns. Raise your horns! \m/

I Zine Therefore I Am


ZineWriMo is coming up and I’m jonesing for some zine production again.

The last zine I made was in July for International Zine Month. The way I set it up was to make a full-length zine in one month. ZineWriMo seems to be more or less the same idea, but the activities are more diverse and involve making more than just one zine, but also a bunch of minizines of different themes.

The list of activities was drawn up by Sea Green Zines, and here it is.


I really really want to participate! But I don’t know how realistic it is. My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and she’ll no doubt have at least three parties (one at the daycare, one at my parents’ and one at my in-laws) all of which will involve my active participation and organization. My maternal duties are still hardcore, cooking, cleaning, laundry, raising my kid, getting through the dreaded “me, me, me!” stage while still holding on to some semblance of sanity, fighting the urge to sleep all the fucking time…

Just like IZM, I know it’s not realistic for me to do all the activities of ZineWriMo. But if I manage my time properly, maybe I could at least get some of them done, and even that will be nice. I already have some ideas popping up here and there for some of these activities, so I say why the hell not. And what better way to fight the impending winter blues than by making zines?

Now if I can only get through this tired shit… Maybe I should consider ingesting caffeine pills because lord knows I can’t stand coffee.

Peace, love and warm up that typewriter!

Purple Myrtle, After All


I read some of my posts from June 2006. It was shortly before my Aliyah, so it was interesting to remember my frame of mind of the time. It also reminded me of where I was, physically, when I wrote these posts. My old playroom!

I lived with my parents in a big duplex, originally divided into three separate units – the top one, that we rented out to different tenants every year; the one on the ground floor where we lived; and the basement apartment that we decided to keep for ourselves and not rent out. And so it was that I, being an only child, had two rooms for myself – one on the ground floor that was my bedroom, and the second, my playroom, in the basement.

My playroom was my favorite. It contained all my favorite stuff and I could spend endless hours there doing anything I wanted. This was where I kept my laptop, my TV, my stereo, my CDs, my guitars, my amps, my posters, some of my books and magazines, and a bunch of art materials. It also had a sofabed, so technically it also doubled as a guest-room.

At some point, I decided to paint it purple. The new color, coupled with the fact that I always turned the heater up to 30 degrees, made any visitor feel sleepy. Anytime I had friends over, they would go into that room, plop onto the sofabed and start dozing.

Thinking back on it now, I’m pretty sure that this playroom would have been the perfect studio for a zinester. If I had been a zinester during my years in Canada, my playroom would have also included a small desk with my typewriter, a stack of papers and construction paper, a collection of magazines, my scissors, my gluestick, a pen and a sharpie. On the wall above that desk, I would hang all my favorite zines. I would also keep there my DIY bookshelf with all my traded zines and copies of my past issues. Inspiration in such a room would not be difficult to come by. Add some scented candles or incense, and I’m good to go.

This is what I had in mind for the extra room in our current apartment. But since we moved in, I got pregnant, gave birth, and this room became my daughter’s bedroom.

Maybe one day, with less maternal responsibilities and with more space in the house, I could recreate my pretty purple playroom, and include a zine-work space, and actually put it to good constant use.

To any zinesters reading this, what does your workspace look like?

Peace, love and totally spacing

No More Holes


196033_4689712470_599_nA few years ago, I wrote a zine which included an article I wrote about piercings. I said something along the lines of how I like piercings and how I am not doing it for attention and how it’s become a way of life. I was 25 when I wrote that piece and though it still rings true today, I think it would ring truer if the word “piercings” would be substituted with “tattoos”.

Back in the day, I preferred piercings over tattoos because I said that if I ever get tired of one or more, I can simply remove it and all that would be left is a little hole. But with tattoos, removing them could be tricky.

Today, however, I have come to see tattoos as my preferred method of body modification. I form a closer connection to my tattoos because they become a new birthmark or I feel as if they’re a part of my genetic makeup. Even if their meaning for me has changed or if I feel their message doesn’t represent me anymore (which hasn’t happened yet) they’re still part of who I am and will remain with me until the day I die.

Piercings don’t. As pretty as some of them are (I especially love oral piercings. Fucking stunning!) they’re temporary and can be removed at any time.

At the hight of my piercing stage, I’ve had a total of eight piercings. Not much, but enough for my surgeons to gawk at the plastic cup they gave me for keeping my metal before whatever surgery I had to undergo.

My grandfather pierced my ears when I was a year old. I pierced my septum when I was 20, then my right nipple four months later. I got a belly ring at 21, a labret at 23, my left nipple at 26 and a rook at 27.

I had already started getting tattoos by the time I got my labret, and now have four of them. A small one of my logo on my right wrist, a slightly bigger one of my guitar on my left hip, and a half-sleeve on both arms.

Events took place at different stages of my life which forced me to remove almost all of my piercings one by one.

My ears:
After losing my favorite pair of earrings (Star of David earrings I got for my 14th birthday from my aunt in LA), I failed to find a pair that I loved as much. My right one also kept getting infected. I keep trying to find a pair that I like and that doesn’t hurt too much, but to no avail.

My labret:
As any gorgeous oral piercing tends to do, my labret did a number on my oral health. It started to destroy my lower front teeth. The gums were receding and I got scared of any further damage. Off it went to never go back.

My left nipple:
This one came off after my efforts to fight the reoccurring infections proved futile. I had it for about four years, and the infection kept coming back every one or two months. Finally, I found myself unable to touch it and didn’t even let my husband (who was my boyfriend back then) anywhere near it. Off it went. Fuck that painful shit.

The rook:
After my wedding, I had to remove my rings once a month to go to the mikveh (the ritual bath). It was a pain in the ass to remove them and an even bigger pain in the ass to put them back in. The most difficult one was the rook. My ring was with a pressure ball which I could never snap back in, so I just left it as is without the pressure ball. But it was still difficult to remove and put back. Recently, I tried changing the ring itself to a curved barbell, but it didn’t help. So last week, after coming back from the mikveh, I decided to not put it back. Pretty as it was, it’s not worth my rage every time I try putting it back in and fail about a dozen times before I succeed.

The belly ring and my right nipple:
These two came off after I got pregnant. The belly ring started to hurt even during my first trimester when I was barely showing. And the nipple simply got pushed out when my breasts started to swell. I suspect that the hole was still there even after I gave birth to my daughter because I found that it was much easier for me to pump and easier for her to nurse on my right one. But I never tried to put my rings back in even after I stopped breastfeeding.

The septum:
This is the first voluntary piercing I got, and the only one I still have. I even have the same ring since I was 20. I changed it a couple of times over the years but always came back to it because it was the most comfortable one. Curved barbell, 14 gauge, spread slightly wider at the curve so that I could easily flip it upside down into my nose whenever I need to hide it. I can also easily remove it and put it back in, no problem at all. My daughter also likes my septum. She points at it and says “Agil!” [Ring] and then points at her own nose and says “Gam ani rotza!” [I want one too!]


So now, every time I think I ought to get another piercing, I think about how painful it will be to eventually have to remove it because all my other piercings met the same fate and got relegated to my jewelry box, where they will slowly become oxidized. And then I think, fuck that, I’ll get a tattoo instead.

When my daughter grows up and decides to get a piercing, I will take her to the tattoo shop, she’ll get her piercing wherever she wants, and I’ll get a tattoo of one of her drawings as I’m planning to do. Maybe on one of my shoulderblades.

Peace, love and bodmod is for the freaks. Popular kids should steer clear and fuck off.