The Lindemann Blast


I mostly dread January 1. Many of the new year days I’ve had in my life were full of shit. I’ve detailed them in a previous post (I’m too tired to search for it in my archives now) but suffice it to say they were unmemorable at best and downright nightmarish at worst.

But not this year!

This year started off with eardrum-perforating bangs emanating from the stage in the Toto Center in Holon. Till Lindemann kicked off his Ich Hasse Kinder tour with the first ever show in Israel, and no amount of Covid germs were going to keep me from being there. That was last night, so not exactly new year’s eve but still January 1 and still a badass way to start off 2022.

We still took whatever precautions we could. The venue kept a strict record of Green Passes, so that was a relief. Both me and my husband were triple-vaxxed and double-masked just in case. We were glad to see that the venue wasn’t so packed and we were still relatively close to the stage. Visibility was 100%, the sound was not too overwhelming and I wasn’t upset I forgot my earplugs, but the floor still vibrated from the bass and I loved the shit out of it.

My favorite tune was “Knebel”. He delivered a kickass version of it and he paused for a few second before blasting off into the “Mund” scream part of the song. The stage went silent as the crowd screamed “Mund!” and Till pumped his hands with the palms facing up to urge the crowd to scream louder, and then he burst into “IN DEM MUUUUUND!!” I tried to scream as loud as I could. It proved to be tricky behind my double-mask layers.

It was nice and theatrical. Many things were tossed into the crowd. Aside from the usual drumsticks and water bottles, Till also tossed real dead fish (during “Fish On”) and no less than like 10 cakes (during “Allesfresser”). We weren’t within the range of the projectiles but it was still fun to watch. There was also the video art in the background which was just as obscene and gag-worthy as I expected it to be. Definitely not a show for the faint of heart. That’s a forewarning for anyone out there who is also looking forward to see Till performing live.

And despite his name being the Hebrew word for “missile”, Till had no explosions or pyrotechs in the show, as opposed to Rammstein shows. He still delivered an awesome performance and we still had a blast, even with no actual fire involved. And that blast was all the new year fireworks we really needed.

The ringing drone, the stiff neck, the butchered throat and the lack of sufficient sleep I suffer from now is definitely worth it. If not for the first real metal show I’ve had in the past two years, then definitely for finally getting a chance to wear my full metal gear – my black pants with the metal buckles, my studded belt, and my black velvet jacket with the faux-fur on the collar and the metal studs and buckles all up and down the fabric – which has been collecting dust in my closet, sadly discarded.

I took no pictures during the show because I was enjoying myself too much, but here’s a picture of Till next to the Sheraton hotel in Tel Aviv.

Peace, love and the Covid risk is worth it too

Uncertainties 2022


I think I pretty much gave up on New Year’s resolutions. With the health crisis that doesn’t seem to be loosening its grip on reality, it’s turning every resolution into an uncertainty, lacking plausibility and purpose, or yet another broken promise.

But as a Libra, craving balance and thriving on order, I still feel the need to plan ahead and make arrangements wherever necessary. So that if the “resolution” does indeed not happen, I can say “Well, it’s not for a lack of trying. I did what I needed to do, and the Covid crisis stole it from under me as was par for the course for the past two years. Not my fault.”

In many instances in my life, even before the crisis hit, I tried my best to set my expectations low in order to avoid disappointment if things don’t pan out. My husband does that regularly and obsessively. Sometimes to a point where I get angry with him and just tell him to stop being so pessimistic all the time. But most of the time, it’s the right thing to do. And for the past two years, it’s the only thing to do.

So the “resolutions” I set for this year are called “New Year’s List of Things that Are Set to Blow Up in My Face 2022”. Here are the things that may or may not happen, in no particular order.

  1. See Lindemann live (he’s already landed so it’s becoming more possible)
  2. Sign up my daughter for 1st Grade (I’m required by law to do that so, again, even more possible)
  3. Participate in That Monthly Zine Project
  4. Participate in International Zine Month
  5. Participate in ZineWriMo
  6. Create an updated catalog for my Etsy shop
  7. Sign up for a drawing class
  8. Work with my kid on basic skills (tying a knot, reading a clock, riding a two-wheeler, etc.)
  9. In summer, spend a weekend in Tiberias and go to the Kinneret
  10. In summer, spend a weekend in Eilat and go on a camel ride

If the Green Pass will still be required for hotels, venues, schools, etc., I’m also planning on getting whatever vaccines whenever they become available for us – the fourth dose for me and my husband, the third for my daughter, flu shots, you name it. Under the circumstances, I noticed just how much better the quality of my life is since we all got the Green Pass. While everyone is in quarantine, we’re not because we have the Green Pass. We’re not required to have any tests, we’re not doomed to miss out on social events, we have no trouble getting into any venue; it’s simply wonderful and makes everything so much easier. So yes, vaccines are a must if I want to keep saying “I did everything I needed to do. Not my fault if it didn’t work out.”

What about you? What are the things that you hope to do in 2022 but have no idea if any of them are even remotely possible?

Peace, love and new tuque!

PS – I can’t believe I got through a whole post without swearing even once! LOL!

Twenty-Twenty Vision for 2021


So the new year is here. I have no special resolutions for this year, except the one I already wrote about on Facebook, about trying to be less angry about the prevalence of stupid people in the face of a global crisis.

For me, being angry is bad, because I’m usually quiet, laid back, and relatively patient. So when I get angry, I get really fucking angry and I flat out lose it. It makes my head hurt, it makes my heartbeats far too scary for my liking, it make me scream louder than ever, and it makes me slam doors and break shit.

I’m a Libra losing her balance and I hate feeling like this. So my resolution is to take it easy, keep my mask on, try to avoid crowds, and hope that I can hold on to my health (and my head) long enough to get the vaccine. Every day that goes by and I’m still healthy, I say thank the goddess and that’s one day closer to the day I get my vax.

But the key to staying sane is to stop talking to stupid people. Stupid people sabotage my common sense. Like lifesaving vaccines are bad, the earth is flat, and keeping your dog and cat solely on a vegan diet will certainly not kill them. Tell me that doesn’t boil your blood. So yes, I shall stop conversing with people who can’t tell their brain from a peanut.

My own brain deserves a balanced diet of sane conversations with sensible people. Thus, I will reclaim my easy-going self in no time.

Peace, love and it remains to be seen if this will be a happy year.

Just Did It!


So 2019 is coming to an end, and as of yet, I have absolutely no resolutions for next year. I’m actually ok with it. I’m ok with where I’m at and everything that needed to be done was done.

I did accomplish a lot this past year, though not everything, but I’m ok with that, too. So here is what I did with my life this past year:

  1. Write and publish a new issue of Purple Moon Spawn:
    I actually put out three of them this year! Issue 15 in January, issue 16 in July, and issue 17 in November.
  2. Plan new Twigz tattoo:
    Unfortunately not done. I’m actually not 100% sure I want one anymore. I’ll think about it a little more and then decide if that’s what I really want to do.
  3. Work on a couple of mini zines:
    I made like eight of them this year, I think. Many of them during ZineWriMo, and two of them during International Zine Month.
  4. Buy new purse:
    That I did and I also sewed two patches on it – Amon Amarth and Arch Enemy – and also a few rocking pins.
  5. Renew my Canadian passport:
    I can’t believe I actually did that! I was sure I was going to procrastinate like fuck but I’m really glad I managed to get all the paperwork in order. I’m set for another 10 years.
  6. Set Thursday as Tai Chi day:
    Nope. Didn’t happen. I tried but shit kept getting in the way. Then I also tried having a regular aerobics workout. I lasted for exactly three days.
  7. Make a new PMS Mess! flyer:
    I made two of them – one in January and another on International Zine Month.
  8. Reload Rammstein songs on my player:
    I needed to do that because for some odd reason, every time a Rammstein song came on, it would stop in the middle and skip to the next one on the playlist. I finally reloaded them all, and it helped, but not entirely. My player still does that every once in a while though not as often. I also loaded the Rammstein record that came out this year. It kicks all ass.
  9. Participate in International Zine Month:
  10. Participate in Inktober:
    I wanted to but didn’t. The Jewish holidays totally got in the way, and my daughter starting a new gan didn’t make things any easier.
  11. Participate in ZineWriMo:
  12. Reorganize my zine collection:
    I did that on IZM, and I also organized my zine tools on ZineWriMo. Man, these zine months were really fucking productive this year! 😀
  13. Update PMS Mess Catalog:
    I just sent the new 2020 catalog to print. I’m really happy with the way it turned out.
  14. Make another mini zine with my daughter:
    Again, I did that during the first week of IZM. This time, we used glitter paint and she loved it!

Besides that, I did some of the necessary mothering duties that need to be done after the kid turns two. It may not fall under “my accomplishments” but they certainly fall under “My daughter’s accomplishments”. So they’re worth mentioning and I’m super proud of my big little kid!

She is now potty-trained, no longer uses a pacifier or a bottle, eats like a champ, picks up her toys (sometimes after a little argument, but does it anyway), brushes her teeth, sleeps on time, keeps practicing her headbanging and metalhorns skills and owns the fuck out of it! She can also spell out her name in Hebrew which is the cutest thing ever!!

The one accomplishment I wish I had done is reviving my journaling flame. I’ve known that for some time, writing by hand has become much too difficult for my myotonized fingers, but I tried to ignore it. During ZineWriMo, I finally admitted it to myself and opted for typing on computer. My words flow better because no effort is required, and instead of focusing all my energy on forming the letters, I focus my energy on forming the sentences and paragraphs and the entire piece I’m trying to write.

As such, longhand journaling has not happened. I thought it’s no big deal anyway because most of my journaling is done on my blog. But there are some things I hold back. I don’t write about everything I want to write about. There is only so much of my life that I want to post online.

I already have a self-designed and published journal for next year, so maybe it’ll encourage me to write by hand again, struggle through the pain of longhand, and find my flow again.

That should be my one resolution for the turn of the decade.

Peace, love and here’s to a productive next 10 years!

It’s Okay to Decay


I really hustled and managed to complete the design of the 2020 Bullet Journal I had planned. It runs just over 500 pages, complete with a monthly spread for each month, a full page for every day (except for Friday and Saturday who share a page because anyway nothing ever happens on those days), a plans page and a positive corner for every week, a plans page for every month, plus two pages for New Year’s Resolutions at the beginning of the journal, and two pages for Achievements at the end of it.

All the drawings, borders and graphics are not my own. I got them all via Google Images searches a-plenty.

As it was with the 2019 daily planner, I marked all the important dates, birthdays, Jewish holidays, and anniversaries, plus a note next to the monthly spread of July that says “International Zine Month”.

It made me all excited to discover that for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-many years, Shushan Purim falls in the middle of the week, which means we finally get a day off work AND also that my wedding anniversary falls on that same day!

Also as it was with the 2019 daily planner, the theme and layout is spooky. I went for black goth instead of purple zombie and changed the design accordingly. Check out this bitching cover.


Here are some more sample images of the dark creatures haunting my journal in 2020.

Peace, love and Daily H Publications forever!



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To Hell with Procrastination


I’m very happy with my progress with my new year’s resolutions. I already got the new bag that I’ve been meaning to get. I also got a cool patch to sew on it (I’ll ask my mom to do it though because she has a sewing machine whereas I have two myotonized hands).

Today, I made a new patch for my Etsy shop. And here it is!


And, miracle of miracles, I’m actually done with my Canadian passport application. I have an appointment at the embassy in a couple of weeks and I hope to get this out of the way as fast and as swiftly as I can (provided they don’t send me back to Jerusalem empty-handed because of documents I may be missing, which will probably happen because Murphy’s Law is my mortal enemy). I don’t want to spend one more minute with this headache than I have to. Ugh!

For the past week, I’ve also spent most of my time covering my dining room table and my work station with tiny confetti-size pieces of paper while working on the new issue of my zine. A nice little pattern of black, purple and white, as well as star stickers and washi tape stuck all over the place became my new tablecloth/desk, and all is right in my universe.

I also wrote a final piece for the zine and drew my mascot, Twigz, for the last page. I’ll uncover the cover in due time, but for now, I can honestly say it’s definitely in my top three favorite zine covers.

Once the layout is done, I hope to have it printed and ready before the end of the month. That means hauling ass, which I shall do now.

Peace, love and praise the zine mess


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Bark at the Purple Moon


I’m working on a new issue of my zine, featuring the new name “Purple Moon Spawn”.

I finished writing the intro, explaining my reasons for the name change. And I also wrote a piece about my connection to the moon – the significance it has in my life, what it represents for me and how I identify with the cycles.

Most of what I wrote came out rather metaphorical, somewhat surreal, and includes a bit of a spiritual twist. Not necessarily religious, but more “transcendent” than most of my recent writing.

It’s undoubtedly the powerful influence of the moon. Today is the new moon of Shvat. The moon is dark. It must stand for something. New moon. New zine. It was the perfect day to start writing it.

Also, according to my New Year’s resolutions, I set my zine-production day for Monday. So today was successful and very productive indeed.

I can’t wait to continue working on this new, shiny, glowy, purple-power perzine!

Peace, love and Lunar-Chicks


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I don’t celebrate New Year’s. In my archives, you can find countless posts from previous years about how I don’t give a rat’s ass about New Year’s.

However, being an avid list-maker, I do make some New Year’s resolutions. It’s nice to see just how right I am about my predictions regarding the resolutions: which ones I will definitely get done and which ones I will avoid until the last minute or not do them at all. For example, I will no doubt avoid getting hair extensions until I’m all out of hair. The one I will not do at all (and probably regret it somewhere down the line) is renewing my Canadian passport. Goddamn bureaucratic shit.

On the other hand, I will most likely do all the zine-related resolutions. In fact, I should probably consider making a list solely for these and call it “My New Year’s Re-zine-lutions”.

So without further ado, here is my list as it stands:

  1. Write and publish a new issue of Purple Moon Spawn:
    I’m still in the process of brainstorming a few ideas for this issue. But I’m very excited at the prospect of writing my PMS Perzine under this new and awesome name!
  2. Plan new Twigz tattoo:
    I wrote about that a few posts ago while I was still working on my metal zine. I want to get my mascot tattooed on my left wrist. I just need to draw her properly enough to be worthy of a permanent fixture on my flesh.
  3. Work on a couple of ZineWriMo minis:45358972_10155563905547471_33584333562314752_o
    I still have some of my blanks waiting patiently for me to fill them up with awesomeness inspired by some of the ZineWriMo prompts. I need to get down to that at some point this year.
  4. Buy new purse:
    Yet another activity inspired by a ZineWriMo prompt. I want a new purse that I can use for my zine tools for zinestering on-the-go. Or just get a purse for the sake of having one that I actually like. I’m not too crazy about the one I currently use.
  5. Renew my Canadian passport:
    Stupid shit. Fucking headache. Canadians just can’t get any more anal. And this coming from an Israeli who also has to deal with Israeli bureaucracy. Seriously, I’d rather be renewing my Israeli passport ten times if it meant not having to deal with my Canadian one.
  6. Set Thursday as my Tai Chi day:
    And at the same time, setting Mondays as my zinestering day. I need to make a schedule for every month ahead of time, like I used to do.
  7. Get hair extensions:
    I feel like I’m going prematurely bald. I told my husband, there will come a day, very soon, where I will go to the hair salon and blow a nice amount of cheddar on extensions, hair dye, layering and styling. Fuck this mop of a hair. I’m sick of it already!
  8. Make a new flyer for PMS Mess:
    I already have a nice flyer for my zine (those of you who have traded with me or bought my zines may remember the flyer featuring Carrie soaked in pig’s blood with the tagline “I bleed it, you read it”), I think my Etsy shop can use one too. Speaking of which, please like my Facebook page!
  9. Reload Rammstein songs on my player:
    I found that every time a Rammstein song comes on my player, the song suddenly stops in the middle, stutters for a bit, then skips to the next song. I need to try reloading the songs and see if it remedies the situation. I can’t stand not listening to “Mein Teil” or “Benzin” all the way through. Pisses me off.
  10. Eat healthier:
    A resolution inspired by my new zine friend (Cheers Frances, if you’re reading this!). I’m thinking of at least improving the state of my breakfast. Tea and toast just doesn’t cut it for me anymore. I need eggs, fresh veggies, and different kinds of cheese, alongside tea and toast. And if I do ever get around to making a schedule for every month, I ought to try to include relevant times for trying new recipes.

I really hope to get through all of these, including the ones I really don’t feel like doing. Wish me luck and I shall wish you a happy new year!

Peace, love and 2019 ways of being

Rock On 2016!


In a few of my past end-of-the-year posts, I wrote about the utter nonchalance or outright hate I have for the Gregorian new year’s and respective celebrations. This year I am also planning on not celebrating per say because in Israel, you just don’t feel it too much, except when you write a check or an invoice and need to date it correctly.

But as opposed to previous years, I plan on actually enjoying December 31-January 1st. After the dark, deep and cold abyss I fell into during the past month (for reasons I will not detail) I deserve a good start to the new year.

So for the occasion, I’ll start by working on a new issue of my zine, and write a bunch of longass letters to my penpals. Then, I’ll have a New Year’s breakfast with my good friend, Rachel, who is planning on making waffles (hell yes!).

After that, I have a whole list of awesome plans scheduled for January. I laid out an extensive and well-detailed itinerary and plans to follow through.

The schedule includes: sleeping in, writing letters, working on a zine, playing guitar, reading, baking muffins, go to the mikveh, go to the post office, go to metal night, doing Tai Chi, and the usual yet exciting daily activities such as taking out my dog, showering and eating.

Aside from that, I also included specific dates for organizing all my belongings in preparation for my move to the new apartment. We are set to move sometime around the end of January and both my husband and I are so super excited for the prospect of having a bigger space for all our stuff – our seven guitars and respective cases, our three amps, our sound system, our four laptops and one desktop, our enormous yet awesome collection of CDs, DVDs, records, plus our record player and tape deck, my enormous yet awesome collection of zines, books (that is at least 50 books of Stephen King among others), art materials, snail mail stuff, our mounds of clothes which our closet can barely contain, and more.

The best thing about January 2016 is my plans for the Fun-A-Day event I recently joined on Facebook! That event involves picking one activity to do every day in the month of January. So I picked listening to an album I’ve never listen to before in order to discover new music and add it to my iPod.

I made a list of 31 albums I’m interested in checking out on every day in January. Though most of these are bands I’m already familiar with and like quite a bit, the albums listed are those I’ve never really listened to in depth or at all. And here the list in its daily order:

  • Kataklysm: Shadows & Dust
  • Lloth: Dancing in the Dark Lakes of Evil
  • Slash: World on Fire
  • Disturbed: Indestructible
  • Marilyn Manson: The High End of Low
  • Rammstein: Liebe ist für alle da
  • Sleater-Kinney: (self-titled)
  • Iwrestledabearonce: Ruining it for Everybody
  • Winds of Plague: Against the World
  • Earth Crisis: Neutralize the Threat
  • Warbringer: Worlds Torn Asunder
  • Krisiun: The Great Execution
  • Vallenfyre: A Fragile King
  • Arafel: Second Strike: Through the Flames of the Ages
  • Vogelfrey: Zwolf Schritte zum Strick
  • Bratmobile: Pottymouth
  • Le Tigre: This Island
  • The Julie Ruin: Run Fast
  • Kataklysm: Epic: The Poetry of War
  • Astarte: Rise from Within
  • Hatesphere: New Hell
  • Omnium Gatherum: Years in Waste
  • Gates of Ishtar: The Dawn of Flames
  • King Diamond: Fatal Portrait
  • Mercyful Fate: 9
  • Screaming Mechanical Brain: The Policy of Unilateral Hate
  • Einherjer: Odin Owns Ye All
  • Dypsomaniaxe: One Too Many
  • Winter of Sin: Violence Reigns Supreme
  • Be’lakor: Stone’s Reach
  • Pantera: Cowboys from Hell

So once January rolls around, that is this Friday, I’ll start listening to these records and writing a short review of them here. In case you care, and even if you don’t 😛

Oh man, I can’t wait to check out Kataklysm! I heard one or two of their songs once and loved them so much, they actually appear twice in my list!

Peace, love and music forever!