This Is the Painkiller


It started with pain, then continued with more pain, and along came another twist of pain. So I need to escape with everything I got because anything else happens and I’ll just give up.

So here are my plans to forget, ignore and self-medicate:

Metal night: I haven’t been since this whole ordeal began. I was happy about it at first – keeping a safe distance from a smoke-filled environment is always a good thing – but after a while, I missed it. And now that I feel like shit, I really need it. I’m going tonight.

Writing letters: I don’t know how much of an escape this will be as I will no doubt be revisiting the horror in letters to my penpals… but maybe I won’t. In any case, letters have been piling up for the past month and I really need to reply. And maybe reading and replying to other people’s problems will help me forget about my own.

FindersReading: Always the best escape. I just finished Stephen King’s Bazaar of Bad Dreams and just started Finders Keepers. King’s fiction is so realistic that living in his world and forgetting about my own is so easy and feels so natural. The dude is my ultimate salvation.

Zine-making: I have yet to start the layout of my zine about my trip to Salem. I procrastinated on
that because the crap I had to deal with left no room for any will to make any crafts. All I wanted to do was go home, wrap myself in winter blankets and cry. But there is a certain sense of peace and comfort in the zen vibes of zinestering. I just need to get it started and let it carry me off to the land of forget-escape-heal.

Guitar-playing: I’ve been neglecting Melissa for far too long. I hope I didn’t forget the opening riff to Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law”. I need to set up a time to play with my husband again. Not just to refresh my fingers on the solos of Marilyn Manson’s version of “Sweet Dreams” or on the blistering riffs of Green Day’s “Basket Case”, but also to relive that elation that only playing guitar can cause. That sense of oh-my-god-this-feels-so-fucking-rad-what-was-I-sad-about-again is an escape like no other. And Melissa is a pro at that.

Peace, love and pain, pain, killer, killer.


All that Glitters Is Gore


My head is on the verge of explosion. And if it does explode, what will come bursting out will not be blood and brains and gore, but rather glitters and confetti and sprinkles. Because I am so goddamn fucking happy right now. And while I was thinking I might just be PMS’ing (because the timing is right) I have some pretty good reasons to be going mad with joy.

Split Zine Coming Together

My friend from the Land of the Witch (a.k.a. Salem, MA) just sent me her part of the split zine we are writing together. My boyfriend is at his office and should be scanning my part of it any minute now. And when I get home today, I will be working my ass off (quite literally because my ass tends to go numb when I sit at the computer for too long) to put it together and hopefully have it printed by some time next week. I can’t wait to finally hold it in my hands and read it and absolutely enjoy every tiny bit of it!


Same friend sent me a package saturated with zines and a sweet letter. So once I figure out how to manage my time, or once I feel like my ass is really screaming bloody murder, whichever one comes first, I’ll write back a nice long letter, soaking with exclamation marks and happy faces.

Zine Plans

I think I’ll write the metaphor issue of the PMS zine sometime between my wedding day and my honeymoon. Said events are separated by a little over two months so that should give me plenty of time. Waiting to continue working on this issue only serves to build up my excitement for it even more. So add more sparkles to the glittery fire!

Zine Fest Plans

Yes, you read that right. Zine FEST plans. Israel is seriously lacking in those. And so, since most zine fests take place abroad, and while my boyfriend and I are planning to honeymoon in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Montreal, should there be zine fests in those cities around that time, then I should be there too! And my Salem friend said there’s a good chance of that happening, and if it does, we’ll table together. And if that’s not reason enough to stretch my smile all the way to the back of my head, I don’t know what is! I’m already thinking about making some extra copies of my zines and what to wear on that day, if that day does in fact come.

Video Camera Fun

I recently bought a little digital video camera. And I also got this free video editing program online. Maybe if I figure it all out, I could even make a short film about something. Making short films is the only kind of art I’ve never really experimented with. I’m very excited to try it out, and if it works out, I’ll be singing the Ren & Stimpy Happy Joy song and bounce around to the beat.

It must be noted that, as I wrote some time ago, we plan and God laughs. So I’ll try real hard to keep my glitters contained until all the pieces fall together and I’m actually in the process of experiencing all these extreme-excitement-inducing events. And I hope that if the Goddess is laughing right now, then it’s because She is happy for me and is also planning on making all this stuff happen, and the sparkly confetti can go bursting right out.

Peace, love and twinkle twinkle black star (metal is always exciting)

Life Is Good. Death Is Better!


20141001_194934Yesterday was my 32nd goyishe birthday. For the occasion, my boyfriend’s parents and family ordered pizza and a chocolate cake, and I got a few new shirts, a pair of pants and some birthday songs. My boyfriend already got me a Stephen King book from my Amazon wishlist, which I should get only towards the end of this month, plus a nice night of romance which I got last night.

Also, I got a free salad from my favorite salad place in downtown Jerusalem. I must say that I don’t recall ever getting a birthday wish or free stuff from any company or shop in Montreal whenever my birthday rolled around. But in Israel, I got a text and an e-card from my medical insurance company, a text from Hasalatia informing me of a free salad, and even my salary slip at work has a little note wishing me a happy birthday. My coworker says it’s probably the companies’ way of reminding me that they exist, as some kind of publicity, but I still thought it’s sweet, and made me smile.

Aside from all that, I also got a letter from my new penpal from Salem, Massachusetts, and the zine I ordered from Sweet Candy Distro!

So I was sitting at the post office branch in downtown Jerusalem, waiting to take care of some errands for my work, while reading my penpal letter and leafing through the awesome zine. A girl sitting next to me was sifting through a whole stack of bills she has to pay. This made me think of how much happier I am to find colorful envelopes in my mailbox and how snail mail can be so much more awesome when the packages you get are not just boring old bills and stupid flyers for shit you don’t need.

I can’t wait to write my Salem penpal back and maybe even send my recent Purple Myrtle Squeegy zine issue to Sweet Candy Distro for consideration!

Also, tonight there is a tribute for the awesome band Death in Tel Aviv. A couple of years ago we went to another Death tribute they had at Sublime, also in Tel Aviv. I recall it was fucking rad! Death is not an easy band to cover. Their musicians are as good as they come and their vocals are second to none. But that tribute was surprisingly good, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I don’t know how good this year’s tribute will be. My boyfriend says that the place where they will play (Barbi Bar) has terrible acoustics. However, this year they got musicians from several bands, including Magor who we saw at Wacken in August and at Festikassach last week, plus a drummer from Cradle of Filth. So that should be interesting.

I like birthday season. When the Zodiac turns to Libra, the stars tend to line up and all is well in the universe. I am really looking forward to fasting this Sabbath (Yom Kippur) and also to the full moon on my Jewish birthday (Succot).

Peace, love and health to all

Snail Mail Request


Zombie Bunny stationaryMy mailbox is tragically empty. If I ever get any mail, it’s only bank statements, credit card statements and coupons from Shufersal. I keep checking it in hopes that one of my penpals may have sent a letter, but alas.

Technically, I have penpals from Germany, Greece, Iceland, UK and Canada. I tried starting a mail correspondence with someone from Estonia as well as Sweden and a couple more from Germany, but have gotten no responses.

Meanwhile, I designed some new stationaries in case I do have a chance to write a letter (and I will be starting a couple of new correspondences this week, thank Goddess). Some of them are designed by hand, but the newer ones (and the ones I can’t wait to use!) are designed on Photoshop. I also designed some totally rad envelopes.

I am trying to get in touch with some more people via Interpals, and managed to start something with a girl from France and just recently wrote to another girl in Israel. Though again, no responses yet.

Basically, my point with this post is as follows:


Cat and Dog StationaryYou can comment on this post or write me a message via Interpals – check out my profile here. I am open to letters from anywhere in the world (though unfortunately not from Arab countries as the Israeli Post Office does not deliver mail to and from those countries. Sorry!).

Also, I am looking for penpals who are willing to write often, at least once a month, and who want to commit to a a long-term snail mailing relationship.

I’m looking for people who are very open-minded. I do not accept letters from people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Zionist, anti-religious or anti-secular. I am not interested in a political debates. I use snail mailing to escape all that bullshit, and instead talk about fun stuff like travels, music, entertainment, books, food, zines, animals, etc.

If you are such a person, then you must rock and I would love to find a letter from you in my mailbox! So don’t be shy and drop me a line 🙂

Peace, love and zombie bunnies.

IZM – Day 24: Organize Zine Collection


I just found out that a 1-page zine is in fact a mini-zine. So my activity yesterday was spot on. And it came out pretty sweet. I’ll post the results tomorrow.

DSC02458Last night, I organized my zine collection, which is a good thing because I messed it up quite a bit after rummaging through it and adding on other random zines I’ve acquired throughout the month. This box is about to explode, as you can see in the picture here. I think I should find a better arrangement for it soon…

While I was organizing it, I was skimming through the zines to see if I can find a good recipe to try out this weekend. I found something that seems pretty yummy and simple. I’ll write more about it later on. I just needed to find that recipe so that I can make a grocery list for my boyfriend who will go to the grocery store on Friday, most likely by himself, while I’ll be at Hataklit, getting ready for the second-hand party with my table full of zines, CDs, patches, a couple of t-shirts and some art stuff from Crafts for a Cause. A few of my friends said they’ll be there, so I’m very happy about that.

But before I organized my collection, I took another trip to the post office. Here is the stuff I sent out:

1) A package of my zines to the Barnard Zine Library (which was meant for Day 22)
2) A letter to a zinester (which was meant for Day 9)
3) Two zines in trade (which was meant for Day 13)

I also sent a package to this woman who ordered from my Etsy shop.

Here is another picture of me with my zine collection, this time with the box open.


Peace, love and need to stock up on envelopes and glue.

IZM – Day 21: International Zine Library Day


For today’s activity, I will make a zine package to send to the Barnard Zine Library on Broadway. They have some copies of my older zines that I sent them back when I was still making Fallopian Falafel. I think it’s about time they get some PMS!

I’ll make the package today and send it out along with the other trades and zinester letters I have yet to send on Post Office Day Number 2, hopefully this upcoming Thursday.

Peace, love and still looking for zinesters to make a split zine with. Otherwise I’ll just make another split zine with my dog!

IZM – Day 18: Post Office Day


The IZM activity for July 18 (last Thursday) was originally to order from a zine distro that I’ve never ordered from before, but I already did that on Zine Distros Appreciation Day on July 3.

While planning out my month, I decided Day 18 would be a day to look for a zinester blog to follow… but I’m still bored from the internet, so fuck that. Besides, I had a few activities to catch up on. So I decided to do the following:

1) Sending a care package to a friend (which I should have done on July 10)
2) Sending a letter to my zine crush (which I should have done on July 14)
3) Sending a zine to a distro for consideration (which I should have done on July 16)
4) Leaving a zine in a public place (which I should have done on July 15)

I’ll also sent out my 24-Hour Zine Thing issue on that day. So Day 18 was primarily a post office day considering all the stuff I sent. I loved spending a pretty penny in shipping costs. Hurray!

After the post office, I went to Nocturno hoping to meet a friend. Meanwhile I had chocolate souffle as I felt period cramps coming on. After about an hour and a half, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even see straight. So I left the place, texting my friend telling her I won’t be able to meet her. Plus, I totally forgot to leave a zine at Nocturno. I simply zombie-walked my way home and curled up in my bed, praying the pain would just stop.

I might consider leaving a copy of my zine at Uganda Bar one day… not sure about that yet.

This week, I may have another post office day to send a letter to a zinester friend (which I should have done on July 9) and hopefully settle some trades and send them out by then (something I should have done on July 13).

See previous posts for as to why I didn’t complete these activities on their respective dates.

Peace, love and anybody up for a split zine?