Summer is finally here, thank the good Goddess, and summer events in Jerusalem are right around the corner. The ones that I love most are Slutwalk, LGBT Pride, and the annual Artists’ Fair at the Sultan’s Pool. I don’t always attend them, but I still try my best because having a life outside of my mother-of-a-toddler one is necessary for my sanity and emotional wellbeing.

Before they announced the final dates for Slutwalk and Pride, I knew that most of the time, Slutwalk takes place around the end of May, and Pride sometime around early August. As it turns out this year, Slutwalk is happening on May 24, but Pride will be a couple of weeks later on June 6. This gave me an idea for a zine that I could write in July during International Zine Month.

I already have a postcard collection I call Alternative Jerusalem, so why not have a zine to go along with that? If I can, in fact, make it to these two events and take a few pictures and write some stuff about my experience, it would be nice to add it to a new issue of my zine.

The Artists’ Fair is always around August, so adding it to said zine will not work if I plan to write it in July. And I’m not even sure I’ll want to go. I almost never do if neither Aviv Geffen nor Hayehudim are on the bill. I made the mistake of going once to see Barry Sacharof and wanted to kill myself the whole night, as his entire musical set was made so disgustingly Middle Eastern that it made my ears bleed. But if I find out that Aviv Geffen or Hayehudim are planning to make an appearance at the Fair, I will definitely consider going, and maybe I’ll put off the release of the zine in order to add a segment about the show too.

And if Ka wills it and my husband and I make it to Sunday Metal Night at Blaze Bar between now and then, a segment about that is also in order.

Yes, that will be one awesome Alternative Jerusalemite Summer and one awesome kickass zine to go along with it!

Peace, love and fuck yeah summer!!!

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Slutty Mother, Feminist Baby


So Slutwalk Jerusalem is coming up for the 7th year in a row. I noticed that every time someone posts about it on Facebook, there is a shitload of back-and-forth comments mostly by trolls who have no idea what Slutwalk is even about and think they can criticise it however they want.

I don’t really care about that. Slutwalk is about women reclaiming their bodies. That’s it. It’s a good thing. It’s a positive thing. But people still comment on it, saying it’s demeaning and offensive. So if people are offended by women claiming ownership of what they obviously own, said people can go fuck themselves or get a brain.

I’m going along with a group of friends. I was also planning on bringing my daughter along and dress her in her new onesie (pictured here).onesie smash But my husband said he won’t let me. It’s funny and rather ironic that he won’t let me do something when it comes to feminism. But in this case, I think he’s right. Although I want to expose my daughter to the movement early on in her life, I think that a year and five months is far too young to actually take part in marches that involve being in the scorching sun for a long time, shouting slogans, and (let’s face it) putting yourself in certain danger by counter-protesters.

I want my daughter to be an activist and be strong and stand up for her rights as an empowered woman, but I also want my daughter to be safe. And Slutwalk Jerusalem is not exactly the safest place to be on May 18. So she will stay with my husband, who can do his own share of exposing our daughter to feminism by reading her one of her favorite books “Feminist Baby”, including the Slutwalk-inspired part that says “Feminist baby chooses what to wear, and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care”, as well as teaching her the Rosie the Riveter feminist fist, demonstrated in the book by the feminist baby herself.

So next week will be nice and packed. With the hopes that my daughter doesn’t get sick in any one of those days, this is my schedule for the upcoming days:

Friday, May 11: Bake cookies, go to Be’er Sheva for the weekend
Sunday, May 13: Work morning, pick up daughter, bake broccoli snack (new recipe!)
Monday, May 14: Tai Chi morning, work afternoon
Tuesday, May 15: Doctor’s appointment and blood work, work afternoon
Wednesday, May 16: Write letters to penpals, work afternoon
Thursday, May 17: Bake pizza-flavored pasta quiche (another new recipe!), work afternoon
Friday, May 18: Smash the fucking patriarchy at Slutwalk with a group of badass bitches, and make the world a better place for my daughter, then go to Be’er Sheva for weekend and Shavuot.

If all goes well, I might try to start a new issue of my zine and include a piece about Slutwalk. Between taking care of a child and taking care of a child, I don’t know when that will be, but yes. Zinesters shall zine.

Peace, love and sluts

Slutwalk Jerusalem 2013


So I went to Slutwalk in Jerusalem this past Friday. It was hot and sunny and awesome, and I totally forgot to bring a water bottle. That was bad because after shouting a bunch of slogans and walking around for an hour in the sweltering scorching sun, your throat turns into the Sinai desert.

But the rest was cool. There were great people, lots of male support, which was incredible, and there was even this one woman wearing modest clothes, which was even more amazing because of the diversity displayed.

The only thing that kind of bothered me (and that’s the same thing that bothers me in any feminist initiative in Israel) is how left-wing the crowd was. I understand that feminism is a left-wing movement, but in Israel, it always comes loaded with pro-Palestinian, sometimes even anti-Zionist overtones and rhetoric. I tried my best to avoid that and focused on the purely feminist aspects.

I wore my t-shirt with the slogan “Think Outside the Cocks” surrounded by a square of dicks. And my friend Deb wore one that says “I ❤ female orgasm”. Both of us got some really nice compliments about these and some people took pictures of our t-shirts.

Here are the pics:


Note the tall guy with the heels!

Note the tall guy with the heels!







A photo by Guy Butavia. In this one you can see the religious lady with the headscarf and modest attire.

A photo by Guy Butavia. In this one you can see the religious lady with the headscarf and modest attire.

Me and Deb and the shirts

Me and Deb and the shirts

Peace, love and consent

Slutwalk Interview in German


For the German speakers among you, I was interviewed on a German radio about Slutwalk in Jerusalem. It’s called “Slutwalks, Femen, Pussy Riot: Frauen erobern den öffentlichen Raum. Denn Recht auf Stadt heißt Recht auf Öffentlichkeit.” – Ein Feature von Eva Gutensohn und Elisa Makowski.

Here is a download link to the radio segment if you’re interested. All my quotes are in English.

Peace, love, and anybody up for translating this for me?

Welcome to Slutty Jerusalem


Slutwalk Jerusalem.

Seriously, is there anything more unbelievable? A few months ago, when my friend Deb and I went to a JRCC fundraiser, we spoke to one of the Center’s employees about the possibility of a Slutwalk in Israel. In the blog post I wrote following the fundraiser, I raised the question of whether such a display could ever take place in Jerusalem, mostly considering what the religious community would have to say about it (or pick a fit about it). I also indicated that perhaps it would be better to have Slutwalk in Tel Aviv.

The thing is, Tel Aviv already had a Slutwalk. So did Haifa, and so did Be’er Sheva. And if a Slutwalk ought to take place anywhere in the country, it should be in the capital, because despite what some fascist religious citizens think, Israel is still a democratic country. If anything, Slutwalk would have a much bigger impact in a city where the religious community think they own women’s bodies and where stickers that state “A modest woman prevents disasters,” and “Mothers, show your daughters a modest example,” are plastered all over the place.

I found out about Slutwalk Jerusalem from my BOYFRIEND, out of all people. When I looked it up on the JRCC Facebook page, sure enough, there was the event, Friday from 11:00 to 12:30, sluts galore marching down central Jerusalem. Over a hundred had already confirmed, including one of my friends from Tel Aviv, and one from Jerusalem who RSVP’d as “maybe,” which usually means no.

I was flabbergasted that I wasn’t invited and that neither was my grrrlfriend Deb. In any case, it wasn’t a closed event, so I joined and invited Deb.

Friday morning, I woke up with a hangover and my eyes as dry as sandpaper. My boyfriend drove me to Paris Square where the march was set to start. I didn’t recognize anyone. Deb wasn’t there. I haven’t heard from her in a while. My friend from Tel Aviv would surely not show up. Why she bothered to confirm in the first place was beyond me, but I wasn’t too surprised. I haven’t seen her in ages either.

When I got there, there were more journalists and photographers than actual participants. Many of the girls were dressed rather more covered than expected, but that was irrelevant. The point of the event was to show that girls and women can wear whatever they want, whether it’s modest or not. They started giving out stickers stating “How am I dressed? Dial 1800-Not-Your-Business,” and made posters reading “A woman of valor wears whatever she wants,” “When rapists are free, we are in prison,” and “I’m a proud slut.”

I figured if I’m the only one representing grrrlVIRUS, I thought I might as well raise some awareness, not to mention a few eyebrows. So I grabbed the proud slut poster and quickly scribbled on the back “GrrrlVIRUS ❤ Sluts.”

We started marching, with the journalists a few steps ahead of us walking backwards. The organizers shouted slogans into the loudspeakers, and the crowd chanted along. I started forgetting about my bloodshot sandpapery eyes as my throat was being butchered when I joined in the chanting.

Even though I wasn’t dressed “slutty” per se, I felt so liberated and so inspired by all the beautiful empowering women around me. I was also quite impressed by the male turnout, and even more impressed that they marched along with us, and not there to check out our asses.

I also took the opportunity of this feminist event to give out some flyers about the Crafts for a Cause Etsy shop and talk to some girls about grrrlVIRUS among other things.

After the march was over, I was hot, tired and my throat was on fire. I was introduced to the main organizer of the event, Or Levi, and we ended up going to a coffee shop for lunch. Due to the heat and all the excitement, I wasn’t up for any elaborate meal, so I got an apple pie with a side of ice cream and cold orange juice. We talked a lot about the walk and how it turned out much better than either one of us expected. The religious community was on their best behavior, the male turnout was a pleasant surprise for both of us, and not half an hour after the march was over, articles started popping out all over the internet. We made our statement loud and clear. 

Or is an awesome grrrl. Deb ought to meet her and maybe we could get together and make some cool grrrlVIRUS flyers like we did last year.

Since Slutwalk Jerusalem, I gained a much bigger appreciation for short skirts and female sexuality. If I wasn’t in absolute awe of women before, I totally am now without a doubt.

Peace, love and “My short dress does not mean yes.”