Crazy Ozzy


Ozzy Osbourne performed in Israel last night as part of his farewell tour. The 70-year-old rocker kicked all fucking ass, and I was blown away by just how hard a 70-year-old dude can rock. He started off with Bark at the Moon which got me going right from the start.


Before he came on, there was a performance by Orphaned Land which I had absolutely no interest in. Since they started incorporating Middle Eastern instrumentation and vocals in their songs, I was interested in them even less.

I was not surprised by the crowd, but it was still a great feeling to see that most of it was made up of old people. Many of the concerts we go to, I find myself surrounded by kids, adolescent kids, pre-army or fresh out of the army, and it makes me feel old. But last night, at the Ozzy show, gray hair was all around.

The Prince of Fucking Darkness kept encouraging the crowd to scream louder and louder, so losing my voice was inevitable, especially as I had spent the past couple of days coughing my lungs out for god knows what reason. And songs like Crazy Train, War Pigs, and Fairies Wear Boots got me headbanging till my neck felt like a limp noodle. The last song, Paranoid, even got me jumping around.

Due to my coughing fits of the last two days, I also didn’t get any sleep, and I was tired as fuck when we got to the park where the show took place. But Ozzy was so phenomenal that I forgot all about my exhaustion and proceeded to “going fucking crazy” as Ozzy is wont to say.

Also the light show that accompanied every song got me all woozy. At some point, I actually wished for a toke. I can only imagine what the light show coupled with the amazing music would have done to me if I was high.

The only thing I didn’t like about the show was the guitar. More specifically, the guitarist, Zakk Wylde. I mean, fine, he’s talented, we got that. But goddamnit, this was an OZZY  show, not a Zakk Wylde one and not a Black Label Society one. And his solos just drilled into my brain and I was getting bored and restless. Suddenly, I started wishing for Slash to go onstage and replace him. Slash played with Ozzy when we saw him at Hellfest in 2012 and that was amazing. Slash plays in a way that makes you say “WHOA” without him shredding the fucking strings and without using his teeth and WITHOUT TAKING OVER THE SHOW THAT BELONGS TO OZZY! Zakk Wylde, take note.

But besides that, the show owns.

I got home all sweaty, with the humid Rishon air still stuck to my skin. Said humid air also did a number on my hair and the headbanging just added to that number. I don’t know how anybody can live in the Center, seriously.

I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough so that I could bring her with me to concerts and show her what good music really is.

Peace, love and ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!!


Sing along!

So I promised myself I wouldn’t do it becuase when others do it it, it pisses me off especially if they have no taste in music. But I finally gave in to the temptation.
Yes, in case you haven’t realized it by now (either because your volume is low or because your comp is a little slow), I added music to my space.
The first song I uploaded was Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl which suits my space rather well due to its flamboyant feminist nature. Today, I changed it to a song of Hayehudim to show to those of you out there who don’t know shit about Israeli rock that, in fact, it does exist, and it kicks major ass. Israel does not only live off Mizrachi Middle-Eastern depressing music style bullshit. So basically, I’ll be changing the songs every once in a while, but for now, here are the lyrics and translation to Hayehudim’s Intermet (meaning Interdead in Hebrew).
Credits: Special thanks to Honeycat for the how-to on adding music 🙂
Maase Be’zona
Shilmu la be’chamishim
Hayta omedet kacha betula
Motzetzet chen la’anashim.
Chalma al bayit rachok,
Chalma al gever romanti,
U’benatayim ben haraglayim,
Avru sotim ve’impotantim.
Az ani chai be’olam
Be’olam militanti.
Ve’shuv pa’am roim po dam,
Et ha’mechabel haze hikarti.
Kvar ein li kesef liknot
Et ma shepa’am ishanti,
Ve’shuv pa’am ani lo nirdam
Ani mizman kvar lo gamarti.
Hu herbitz la shnatayim,
Amar she’ze lo ishi,
Ve’lehachiv ze enoshi
Ve’at yetzur tipshi – shit
Az hi lagma me’hayayin,
Ve’histakla ba’egdach
Basof chatcha im hasakin t’azayin
Ve’ech she’hu tzarach.
Hu lo haya mefaked,
Hem lo natnu lo hakshev.
Kulam amru "tipus shaket,
Echad kaze sheyesh lo lev."
Ve’hu haya be’levanon,
Ve’shama hem nitkelu,
Hayom hu be’Chulon,
Hu levad shochev,
Achshav atem titpalelu.
Once upon a whore,
Who was paid in fifties,
She was standing there, a virgin,
Sucking pleasure for people (it’s a play on words).
She dreamt of a house far away,
She dreamt of a romantic man,
And meanwhile between her legs,
Passed perverts and impotents.
So I live in a world,
In a militant world.
And once again, there is blood here,
I once knew this terrorist.
And I don’t have money
To buy what I once smoked.
And once again, I can’t sleep,
It’s been a while since I came (as in orgasm).
He beat her for two years,
He said it’s not personal,
And to hurt is humane
And you’re a stupid creature – shit.
So she took a sip from the wine,
And looked at the gun,
Finally she cut his dick off with the knife,
And did he ever scream.
He wasn’t a commander,
They didn’t give him "Hakshev" (It’s an army term, I think it translates into "Attention.")
Everyone said "He’s the quiet type,
One who has a heart."
And he was in Lebanon,
And they were tackled there.
Today he’s in Chulon (A city in Israel)
He sleeps alone,
Now you’ll pray.