Slutty Mother, Feminist Baby


So Slutwalk Jerusalem is coming up for the 7th year in a row. I noticed that every time someone posts about it on Facebook, there is a shitload of back-and-forth comments mostly by trolls who have no idea what Slutwalk is even about and think they can criticise it however they want.

I don’t really care about that. Slutwalk is about women reclaiming their bodies. That’s it. It’s a good thing. It’s a positive thing. But people still comment on it, saying it’s demeaning and offensive. So if people are offended by women claiming ownership of what they obviously own, said people can go fuck themselves or get a brain.

I’m going along with a group of friends. I was also planning on bringing my daughter along and dress her in her new onesie (pictured here).onesie smash But my husband said he won’t let me. It’s funny and rather ironic that he won’t let me do something when it comes to feminism. But in this case, I think he’s right. Although I want to expose my daughter to the movement early on in her life, I think that a year and five months is far too young to actually take part in marches that involve being in the scorching sun for a long time, shouting slogans, and (let’s face it) putting yourself in certain danger by counter-protesters.

I want my daughter to be an activist and be strong and stand up for her rights as an empowered woman, but I also want my daughter to be safe. And Slutwalk Jerusalem is not exactly the safest place to be on May 18. So she will stay with my husband, who can do his own share of exposing our daughter to feminism by reading her one of her favorite books “Feminist Baby”, including the Slutwalk-inspired part that says “Feminist baby chooses what to wear, and if you don’t like it she doesn’t care”, as well as teaching her the Rosie the Riveter feminist fist, demonstrated in the book by the feminist baby herself.

So next week will be nice and packed. With the hopes that my daughter doesn’t get sick in any one of those days, this is my schedule for the upcoming days:

Friday, May 11: Bake cookies, go to Be’er Sheva for the weekend
Sunday, May 13: Work morning, pick up daughter, bake broccoli snack (new recipe!)
Monday, May 14: Tai Chi morning, work afternoon
Tuesday, May 15: Doctor’s appointment and blood work, work afternoon
Wednesday, May 16: Write letters to penpals, work afternoon
Thursday, May 17: Bake pizza-flavored pasta quiche (another new recipe!), work afternoon
Friday, May 18: Smash the fucking patriarchy at Slutwalk with a group of badass bitches, and make the world a better place for my daughter, then go to Be’er Sheva for weekend and Shavuot.

If all goes well, I might try to start a new issue of my zine and include a piece about Slutwalk. Between taking care of a child and taking care of a child, I don’t know when that will be, but yes. Zinesters shall zine.

Peace, love and sluts


New Riot Stuff


1) Chh’s new solo project

2) New listing on my Etsy shop:
Collection of four back issues of Fallopian Falafel zine and a free copy of Mistress Distress‘s EP!


3) Women Dance event in central Jerusalem on V Day

Women Dance

Jerusalemite Feminists Legions!


Last night was the Million March in Israel. Actually, it was a little less than half a million marchers in total who took to the streets in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Residents of the southern city of Be’er Sheva were also set to attend, but due to rocket showers, the right of assembly was not authorised in the Negev. People from Be’er Sheva who wanted to join the protesters had to drive up to one of the other three cities. Despite that, it was a night of monumental proportions and made history as the largest Israeli demonstration of all time.

At first, I didn’t have a reason to join the protest because I didn’t see how it applied to me. The protest was mainly focused on the high cost of housing in Israel. But then, I received a message from the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center calling out to all feminists to join the cause because equality and social justice is everyone’s concern. It was no longer a struggle solely for the benefit of those who couldn’t afford a roof over their heads but a struggle to reduce the enormous gap between the rich and the poor in Israel, and the gap between various social groups – women and men, young and old, students and teachers, religious and secular… Poverty is rampant and equal opportunity is virtually nonexistent. As a feminist and as an activist, I suddenly felt that yes, this does apply to me. And it applies to my mom, too. So I took her with me.

A group of feminists marching in the night almost made it feel like the Taking Back the Night marches that take place in America. Even if there were only about a dozen of us among the 60,000 marchers in Jerusalem, it was a refreshing change from Gay Pride where I felt like the only grrrlVIRUS feminist.

There was an orchestra of drums (with an actual conductor!), people singing and shouting slogans, waving posters and flags, and an assembly in front of the Prime Minister’s house with inspiring speeches and performances.

Here is the historic night in pictures.

The assembly of feminists before the march

Women from the JRCC with posters (“This is what a Jerusalemite Feminist looks like,” and “We are not invisible”)

“We are not invisible”

Feminist men!

“This is what a Jerusalemite Feminist looks like”

“Most of the poor people are poor women” 

Me and my mom: “We want change!”

My mom with the group


Feminism transcends age

A big Che poster hung by the communist protesters

The Public Transportation group standing on top of one of the bus stations

Karolina’s performance during the march. I was so excited about that one!

Karolina again.