Kiss My Art!


I’ve been saving most of my zine-production mostly for my art meetings with friends. And they’ve been fun. They’ve been super fun. But then, this week, my work schedule was all over the place. On Sunday, I had the whole day off. And on Monday I worked a full day, which I haven’t done in ages. So on Sunday, I had a couple of friends over and had quite a pleasant crafternoon. And on Monday, I used any downtime in the office to continue working on my zine. I continued it on the following days and just now put the finishing touches on it.

I honestly can’t believe I managed to finish it. When I worked on the cover, I marked the release date as “April 2018” because I found it hard to believe that I’ll have it out any time before then. But the end of March is 10 days away, and I finished this zine that I’ve been planning for the past couple of years and never got around to producing because I’ve been too busy pushing a human being out of my gina and then raising her.

Also, this particular issue was extremely difficult for me. It is the Silent Issue. That is, it includes a fuckload of artwork, visual art, and little to no text. Whereas all my other zines are rather text-heavy because I consider myself more of a writer than an artist, and I focus most of my work on the written word. Also, expressing myself with the visual rather than the written element was always hard for me. I would get headaches every time I attempted to draw something half-decent. I would get frustrated whenever I saw something in my head and could never reproduce it on paper. All the people I draw would always have the same blank look on their faces, their gaze pointing down, their faces would be too long, and their noses too small, and their heads would be immense compared to their scrawny bodies.

But for this zine, I forced myself to avoid the written art as much as possible. As a result, I found myself doing most of my talking through the visual one. The photos I shot across Jerusalem came out pretty fucking rad. The collages I made, simple but powerful in their message. The drawings still came with a certain degree of difficulty (and my people still came out the same as I described them) but I don’t particularly hate it. In fact, some of them are some of my best work, especially because I added color – something that is lacking in all my previous attempts at drawing.

Aside from that, I added four pieces that were not made by me. One is a drawing of me by my friend. And the other three (get ready for this one) are by my daughter.

Yes, you read that right. My one-year-and-four-month-old daughter made three drawings and I used them in my zine! Of course, they’re nothing more than scribbles and squiggly lines, but artists throughout the ages have made big bucks with less, so there. I call these squiggly scribbles total fucking art.

I feel so totally accomplished. I am the mother of a toddler and have managed to bang out a 32-page visual zine. And I love the shit out of it! I had such a blast with all of it and hope to start on another new zine pretty soon.

The Silent Issue will be printed and stapled and posted on Etsy at some point next week or so. Until then, here is the bitching cover, still marked as April, but whatever. Kickfuckingass!

Peace, love and ART4EVER



More About My Favorite Month


This International Zine Month is fun as shit.

I traded and bought some pretty awesome zines so far. Usually whenever I buy or trade zines, it’s always a gamble because I never know if the zines I get will be any good. Sometimes I end up with zines that aren’t all that good, but I feel bad throwing them out so they just end up cluttering my zine collection.

But this month, so far, all the zines I got in my mailbox were gems and I was so excited to read them all.

I’m still waiting on a few packages and will also be sending some out tomorrow. It’s a busy month for the post office!

Plus, I completed my 24-Hour Zine Thing and will be working on yet another zine this Friday afternoon and next Monday night. I’m meeting up with friends and having a crafternoon/art night that is long-overdue. So the Friday crafternoon (July 24) will be the small quasi-zine event that was originally intended for the 25th. I need to remember to bring my camera.

Speaking of cameras, I am also planning what I call a “silent zine”. It will include photos, drawings, comics and collages, but no words. Well, there will be some words, like the titles of the photos/artwork, the name of the zine on the cover, a table of contents and a contact page at the back. But the rest of the pages will be full of visual art as opposed to verbal art. Thus, silent zine.

I am so fucking excited for that issue!! I’ve never done anything like this before. Maybe this could be the new zine skill I’ll be teaching myself this month?

Peace, love and more letter-writing tonight!

Giddy Town


Today is a good day and here’s why.

Jerusalem PrideJerusalem Pride March

When I came back from Germany, I was a little upset that I missed the Pride March in Jerusalem that took place on August 7. But as it turns out, they probably postponed it because of the security situation, what with all the rocket showers and stuff. So today is the new date for the march and I’m pretty excited for it. I don’t much dig the left-wing (read: anti-Zionist) environment in such events. However, the pride and the colors and the promotion of love, tolerance, diversity, health, respect, human rights and freedom is definitely where I want to be today, and definitely something I strongly stand for and support. It’s such an imperative movement in Israel’s society, which purports to be democratic, but still has so much discrimination against such minority groups. Hooray for pride!

Retro Vibes

For the Pride march, I decided to bring both my digital camera and my film camera. I haven’t used my film camera in a while because it is quite heavy and also because film and film development is quite pricey nowadays. But yes, I brought it anyway because the pictures it shoots are just so sharp and crisp and professional. And I have much more control over the depth of field and the focus and the amount of light and the shutter speed needed for an awesome pic. I shot a few pictures earlier this morning at Retroshalayim. This is a vintage and antique market that takes place every Thursday in downtown Jerusalem. As I walked by there, I saw some booths selling faded turquoise typewriters and got all excited. One of the merchants was selling them for 350 NIS and the other offered it for 200 NIS. The prices are of course up for bargain. But even if I could afford it, I have no way to drag around a heavy typewriter, especially during the Pride march. So I settled for shooting some photos of the typewriters and the market as a whole. That was pretty damn awesome too.

New Art Project

I want to start making postcards of Jerusalem. Some of my pen pals have asked me for Jerusalem postcards and I sent them a few I found around souvenir shops. Most of them show the usual landscapes of the Old City, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, camels, the David Citadel at night, etc. But now I’m looking for something a bit more unconventional. So I am planning to use the pictures I will shoot at the Pride march, as well as those I took of the retro market for postcard-making. I also hope to take some photos of the metal nights I will be attending this upcoming week – Metal Night on Sunday, and Festikassach on Tuesday. This will be a great way for me to show to my non-Israeli friends a side of Jerusalem that they will most likely never see on the 6 o’clock news – the way I see Jerusalem and the way I experience it. I would gladly accept tips and suggestions from artists who make or have made postcards in the past on how to go about it. If any of my dear Constant Readers fall into that category, please comment! Speaking of Constant Readers, see next paragraph.

Stephen Fucking King

Today was post office day, so when I checked my PO Box, I found a letter from one of my old friends who is now my new pen pal (yay!) and a notice for a package, being the Stephen King book I ordered (double-yay!). I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t get the book on time because the post office was on strike (or so I thought) and the holidays are coming up. That’s besides the fact that I’ve been jonesing for a Stephen King book for several months now. If I get stuck without a book to read on the holidays, I go crazy. I will be with my big, loud Moroccan family most of the time, whom I love to death, but sometimes the noise and the crowd gets too intense and I need to retreat into a dark secluded room and listen to music, or into the dark foreign worlds of Stephen King and revel in his impeccable prose. So I’m relieved and super thrilled that I got my book! It’s another one of his short story collections called Four Past Midnight. Muahaha!

Aside from that, after the Pride march this evening, I will be going out for hummus with my boyfriend. Yummy hummus + yummy boyfriend = one bitchin end to one bitchin day!

So yes, definitely a good day.

Peace, love and give me some good dreams to match my good reality.

IZM – Day 29: Post a Photo With Your Zine


My activity for yesterday was the easiest and least creative activity ever. But it gave me time to work on a couple of other things. Namely, writing my part of a split zine and…


I managed to design some patterns of my own and used the double sided tape I recently bought to fashion my own strips of decorative scotch tape.  I got skulls and skateboards, typewriters, zombies, feminism, you know, the good stuff.

Here are pictures.


DSC02472Peace, love and less hair more head.


The Reason God Made a Dog


I finally managed to develop some pictures from an actual film camera. It seems so hard to do that these days with all the digital shit.

I took these pictures outdoors during days where the sun was unapologetic. It’s because my dog likes to run around and low light would mean slower shutter speed and cause blurry photos. It was still hard to get good pictures because the focus on my old-ass camera is also manual. But I got some pretty good shots. Diamond is super photogenic.

The scans do not do justice to the quality of the photos, but here are some of the better ones anyway.

Diamond Poo

Queen Diamond.

Diamond Poo2

What’s that behind me?

Diamond Poo6

That one was probably before we applied the Gentle Leader. So beautiful.

Diamond Poo4

Out for a walk.

Diamond Poo3

In the backyard.

Diamond Poo5

Diamond is out of focus on this one. But I like it because the focus is on the drain, and Diamond’s blurry shiny texture gives the photo a unique matty quality.

Diamond Poo7

Totally out of focus, but it’s the only semi-decent photo I managed to get of Diamond’s “crazy” expression – Hanging tongue, wide eyes, ears back.

Peace, love and camera, lights, woof!

DIY Month – Day 25: Photo Book


Since Diamond is the most photogenic living thing in our apartment, the photo book I made last night was about her.

Most of my hand-made publications (i.e. zines) are either completely in black and white, or have only the cover page in full color. So this photo book is the first time I compile a full publication in full color.

It’s 16 pages long including the cover, and it’s not a standard size book. It’s square and is slightly smaller than an A5 but a little bigger than an A6. I made it so that I could fit all pictures, portrait and landscape, straight and leave some space for text.

The photo book introduces Diamond, her hobbies, her habits, and her sleeping positions. Since this is the last production I made this month that I would want to make copies of, I gave it to my boyfriend along with the split zine, the flyer, and the stationary to print (I already printed the quickie zine myself), as he works in a print shop and does the best print work ever. And being his girlfriend, I either get it at a discount or completely free of charge.

If anyone wants to trade or buy some of my printed work, drop me a line.

Photobook cover

Photobook sample page

Peace, love and spoken word is gonna be the death of me (more on that tomorrow)

DIY Month – Day 8: Photo Day


On Saturday, I planned to take my dog and my cousin’s dog to the new dog park in Be’er Sheva. But we didn’t know where the dog park was exactly so we settled for my cousin’s front yard.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I planned to because the dogs were going crazy and many of the pictures came out blurry. Also, my dog was too busy trying to find junk to eat, and I was too busy trying to keep her from eating junk. Between that and freezing to death as the day grew darker, taking decent pictures proved to be harder than I expected.

I’m still happy with the photos that did come out, though. So here they are.

Diamond and Walker DSC02237 DSC02238 DSC02239 DSC02240 DSC02242 DSC02244 DSC02245 DSC02248 DSC02250


Peace, love and woof!