The Lindemann Blast


I mostly dread January 1. Many of the new year days I’ve had in my life were full of shit. I’ve detailed them in a previous post (I’m too tired to search for it in my archives now) but suffice it to say they were unmemorable at best and downright nightmarish at worst.

But not this year!

This year started off with eardrum-perforating bangs emanating from the stage in the Toto Center in Holon. Till Lindemann kicked off his Ich Hasse Kinder tour with the first ever show in Israel, and no amount of Covid germs were going to keep me from being there. That was last night, so not exactly new year’s eve but still January 1 and still a badass way to start off 2022.

We still took whatever precautions we could. The venue kept a strict record of Green Passes, so that was a relief. Both me and my husband were triple-vaxxed and double-masked just in case. We were glad to see that the venue wasn’t so packed and we were still relatively close to the stage. Visibility was 100%, the sound was not too overwhelming and I wasn’t upset I forgot my earplugs, but the floor still vibrated from the bass and I loved the shit out of it.

My favorite tune was “Knebel”. He delivered a kickass version of it and he paused for a few second before blasting off into the “Mund” scream part of the song. The stage went silent as the crowd screamed “Mund!” and Till pumped his hands with the palms facing up to urge the crowd to scream louder, and then he burst into “IN DEM MUUUUUND!!” I tried to scream as loud as I could. It proved to be tricky behind my double-mask layers.

It was nice and theatrical. Many things were tossed into the crowd. Aside from the usual drumsticks and water bottles, Till also tossed real dead fish (during “Fish On”) and no less than like 10 cakes (during “Allesfresser”). We weren’t within the range of the projectiles but it was still fun to watch. There was also the video art in the background which was just as obscene and gag-worthy as I expected it to be. Definitely not a show for the faint of heart. That’s a forewarning for anyone out there who is also looking forward to see Till performing live.

And despite his name being the Hebrew word for “missile”, Till had no explosions or pyrotechs in the show, as opposed to Rammstein shows. He still delivered an awesome performance and we still had a blast, even with no actual fire involved. And that blast was all the new year fireworks we really needed.

The ringing drone, the stiff neck, the butchered throat and the lack of sufficient sleep I suffer from now is definitely worth it. If not for the first real metal show I’ve had in the past two years, then definitely for finally getting a chance to wear my full metal gear – my black pants with the metal buckles, my studded belt, and my black velvet jacket with the faux-fur on the collar and the metal studs and buckles all up and down the fabric – which has been collecting dust in my closet, sadly discarded.

I took no pictures during the show because I was enjoying myself too much, but here’s a picture of Till next to the Sheraton hotel in Tel Aviv.

Peace, love and the Covid risk is worth it too

Till the טיל


A while back, I wrote a post about Rammstein’s video for “Deutschland” which was just released at the time and caused a bunch of negative reactions due to its Holocaust imagery. I said that I never really believed in the rumors that said that Rammstein are Nazi, and even after watching the video, I wasn’t sure about it. After all, the video is a visual representation of Germany’s history, and the Holocaust is a major part of it. I said that, in fact, if the video did NOT include some kind of mention of this tragic event, I would be even more offended because that would be Holocaust denial, clearly. I finished off by saying “So until Rammstein makes a clear statement, one way or another, or comes to play a show in Israel (which I think would be a clear statement in itself), I’ll just go on screaming “fuck yeah” every time one of their songs comes on my player.”

I discovered soon thereafter that they really aren’t Nazi and if anything, they’re anti-fascist. Seeing as they were born and raised in East Germany, I guess it comes with the territory. But here’s another clear statement: Lindemann is coming to play a show in Israel!

True, it’s not Rammstein, but it’s still the lead vocalist, and that stands for something!

Anyway, when I first heard the news, I was hoping Till Lindeman would pull an Ozzy and include songs from his band and not just his solo project. Ozzy did it. When he came to Israel (on the two occasions he was here) he played his own songs as well as Black Sabbath. Most of the people who went to see Ozzy expected him to include Black Sabbath songs in his set because Ozzy is Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath is Ozzy. I don’t think he would have been as successful as a solo artist if it wasn’t for his initial success as Black Sabbath’s frontman. And the same can be said for Till Lindemann. And Till’s solo songs sound a lot like Rammstein, too, and it’s a given that most of the people who go to his shows look forward to the Rammstein songs they think he’ll play.

But the comments I read about the event point out that Lindemann’s set will only have his songs and not his band’s. One of the comments was from this woman who went to one of his shows abroad and testified that he played no Rammstein songs at all. Some even stated that they look forward to seeing the confused and disappointed faces of the people in the crowd who expect to hear some Rammstein tunes and won’t.

So I admit – I’m kind of disappointed too. But I’m still going to his show. I’m currently listening to Lindemann’s German record F&M and try to learn some of the lyrics. He also has an English record Skills in Pills, and he’ll undoubtedly include some of these songs in the show, but I don’t like it as much as F&M. Anyway, learning songs in English is not as much fun and challenging as learning German ones. If you didn’t already know that, I fucking love German! I love it even more than my fellow Jews hate it. Ironic, I know, but that’s the truth.

Peace, love and Till the Missile is headed to Israel to make the stage explode!

Bust My Eardrums


Since I started avoiding busses and switched to taxis, I’ve been listening to music much less.

I don’t know if this makes sense to any of you. But the only time I have to listen to my player is (or was) while riding the bus.

I don’t like reading on the bus because it makes me dizzy. I’m not one of these smartphone-obsessed people who are always on Instagram or Whatsapp or Facebook or whatever other bullshit. The only thing I find interesting while riding the bus is listening to music. And when my playlist ends, I go right back to the top and start again. I like to get lost in my daydreams of seeing these artists play live and what it would be like if I do make it to one of their shows (or tributes in case the artist in question is dead, and there are many of those on my player).

I stopped taking the bus because of Corona. Now I have a regular taxi driver. And I don’t know what it’s like in other countries, but taxi drivers in Israel LOVE chatting you up. So I feel a little guilty plugging in my earphones while the dude is telling me about his life. As a result, no music for this badass. And it does make me a sad panda.

I get to listen to a couple of songs in the morning when I’m in my husband’s car. But it’s his playlist we listen to. Although we share much of the same music, his playlist sometimes includes bands I don’t care for or that I don’t know. And that still makes me a sad panda.

I need some Cripper in my life. As well as Astarte. As well as all of the riot grrrl bands. As well as some of my favorite classic pop stars. Where is Michael Jackson when I need him? Not on my husband’s player, that’s for sure.

Ugh! Just writing about this makes me jones for music like mad. Fuck it. I’m gonna make me a YouTube playlist for when I’m at the office, and if I don’t hear the phone ring (which it never does now that Corona reigns supreme) when I have my headphones on, then so be it. At least I’ll get my much-needed music fix.

It’s times like this I wish we had a background music system at the office… then again, people would most likely run the fuck away when my shift starts and the music shifts to a series of growls.

Peace, love and  just one note can make me choke

Culture Lives


I heard some person on TV saying that the part of our lives which will be most heavily impacted by the Corona crisis is culture – things like live shows, festivals, social events, etc. She said that the reason for that is because people can just as well watch a concert on TV or on computer without having to physically be there.

I say that is the biggest load of bullshit I’ve ever heard.

She said something like “Well, people have realized that they can see Omer Adam on TV, so why would they bother going to his shows when they can watch it from the comfort of their own home?”

And I was like “Well duh, if the artist is Omer Adam, of course you won’t want to go see his show because he sucks ass! But Iron fucking Maiden is not a show you watch on TV. For fuck’s sake, headbanging and moshing and flashing metalhorns and screaming your vocal chords bloody doesn’t have the same effect when you do it from the so-called comfort of your home! Metal shows are not made for comfort. They’re made for gore.”

So maybe Mizrashit culture will be affected, and what a blessing that will be. Metal culture shall prevail!


And this is the thing that hurt me the most during this whole Corona ordeal. More than seeing my kid struggling with extreme boredom, and more than being unable to see my parents, it was the Iron Maiden show in Israel being cancelled that crushed me. I mean, I knew it was going to happen. A gathering of such a huge crowd was never going to be allowed while people are still getting sick. But it didn’t make it easier once the call was officially made. I was so looking forward to that show, and then – Corona.

I don’t know if the show will be rescheduled on a later date. While people are slowly getting back to their routine, airports will remain closed probably until the Coronavirus is completely eradicated from the world. And who the fuck knows when that will be?

A bunch of other social events will no doubt be cancelled. Slutwalk was cancelled. I don’t know about Jerusalem Pride. On most years, it took place in August. But last year it was in June. So I don’t think anyone knows anything about that.

International Zine Month is the one event I’m really looking forward to and I’m happy that the activities and events it will have lined up will not involve any gatherings of any kind. And even if it does, these events will most likely be virtual. It remains to be seen what the Corona situation will be like in July.

Peace, love and Mizrachit is bacteria, and it’s the only culture some people have.



The Disturbed Ones


Last night, my husband and I joined thousands from around the country at Live Park, Rishon to see Disturbed play their very first (and hopefully not last) show on an Israeli stage. It was a long time coming, for them as well as for me.

For them it’s been a long time coming because David Draiman is a Hebrew-speaking, travelling-to-Israel-often, has-a-Jerusalemite-sibling, proud Zionist Jew, and it makes no sense that Disturbed has existed since 1994, and the band hadn’t played a single show in Israel until July 2, 2019.

For me, it’s been a long time coming because I’ve loved them since I was 18 (that was a nice and solid 18 years ago) and they were one of the very first bands I liked that introduced me to heavier music and solidified my eventual descent into the bowels of extreme metal (as a side note, I do not consider Disturbed’s music as metal, but it does have some quasi-metallic elements). And I’ve never seen them live. Not once. And it’s been my dream since then.

Disturbed certainly did not disappoint. Their Israeli show was unique specifically because of its location. And Draiman, being the major and fucking awesome Zionist he is, made sure this show would reflect just how unique it is:

  • They played the song “Never Again” (about the Holocaust) which I strongly doubt makes an appearance in any other setlist of any other Disturbed show anywhere in the world. Before the song started, he said “This one is especially for you.”
  • At some point during the show, Draiman changed his shirt and walked onstage sporting an IDF tank top. The crowd went wild and I felt my Zionist pride reaching critical levels. Fucking A! And as if that wasn’t the most powerful and intense statement ever made, he dedicated the song “Indestructible” to all the Tzahal soldiers!
  • After that, the big screens switched to projections of Israeli flags and Draiman sang the Israeli national anthem, HaTikva. The crowd sang along. Again, Zionist spirits rising high and mighty.
  • Throughout the entire show (except for a short English interlude) Draiman spoke to the crowd solely in Hebrew. Somewhat broken, but still, fucking Hebrew! Such a badass, I love that guy!

Due to roadblocks and protests in Tel Aviv (for unrelated reasons), my husband and I made it to the show after it had already started. We walked out of the car when the band was playing what I automatically recognized as the song “Prayer”. It was the second song on their setlist so it wasn’t that bad, but by the time we actually joined the crowd on the park grounds (both of us gasping for air after we ran like hell from the fucking parking lot), they were already playing “The Vengeful One”, the fourth song. I’m just glad I made it there in time for “Stupify”, my favorite Disturbed song, second only to maybe “Conflict”.


The setlist was 20 songs strong, not including the national anthem, the various instrumental interludes and solos, and the Hebrew speeches Draiman delivered on several occasions. This made for a two-hour long concert, and you can bet there were absolutely no complaints there! It was an incredible performance, totally worth all the fucking traffic we ran into on the way, the marathon we ran to get there, and yes, I’m just gonna say it, it was totally worth breaking my already decimated neck. Before the show, I sort of promised myself I’ll go easy on my neck, but once there, all the promises in the world went right out the window and my system didn’t stand a chance. With a setlist such as this, serious neck-breakage was definitely in order:

  1. Are You Ready
  2. Prayer
  3. Liberate
  4. The Vengeful One
  5. The Animal
  6. Stupify
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. Voices
  9. Land of Confusion (Genesis cover)
  10. Bass Solo
  11. Drum Solo
  12. Ten Thousand Fists
  13. Never Again
  14. The Game
  15. No More
  16. A Reason to Fight
  17. Hold On to Memories
  18. Indestructible
  19. Inside the Fire
  20. The Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel cover
  21. The Light
  22. Stricken
  23. Down With the Sickness

When the show was over, my husband and I got lost on the way back to the car. We flashed back to the first day of Wacken 2014 when we walked for all eternity trying to make it back to our rental car and getting there only once we felt a million little daggers penetrating the flesh of our soles and calves.

I was awake since 5 a.m. on that day and went to bed only at 2 a.m.  “I could have made a 24-hour zine thing in that time!” I told my husband.

Speaking of zines, I’m taking part in International Zine Month as some of you already know. And despite my exhausted-as-fuck-ness, I’m still determined to follow through with the prompts on a daily basis. I will write weekly updates as they come. Stay tuned!

Peace, love and Anachnu Disturbed, Kulanu Disturbed!

Wait and Bleed


The more I’m looking forward to something, the slower time goes by. This last week of June seems to stretch even longer, and the feeling of swimming in molasses exacerbated by the fact that I’m having some odd health issue. My sinuses hurt, my nose is congested and I have an eye infection that just won’t quit. It’s not really allergies and not really a cold, but it’s enough to make me restless as hell, waiting for this shit to end, and waiting for the wonderful prospective activities that July brings.

Yesterday, my husband and I had the pleasure of going to metal night – a rare occasion for us seeing as finding a sitter is next to impossible. Most of the songs on the playlist, as my husband correctly pointed out, were power and old school metal songs, except for the ones we added.

I added two of my usuals – Amon Amarth and Arafel. I chose Amon Amarth’s “Crack the Sky” from their new record because it’s brilliant. The opening riff is reminiscent of “Pursuit of the Vikings” and the melody and chorus is pure Amon Amarth style of melodeath. No one does it like them:

Let your hammer fly,
Let the lightning crack the blackened sky!”

July, however, brings even rarer occasions for us. Disturbed is coming to play a live show in Rishon on July 2. I don’t know how my mother-in-law will handle my daughter’s evening routine, but I’m not willing to miss this show for anything. I’ve never seen Disturbed live, and also, this is the first time they will ever play in Israel. Any Israeli Disturbed fan who will miss this show will no doubt spend the rest of their life bashing themselves in the head. So basically, any time a Disturbed song comes on my player, my heart misses a beat, and shivers send ripples of anticipation all across my flesh. Having to wait a whole week is fucking killing me.

Disturbed Israel

Another rare occasion, another live show. A week to the day after Disturbed, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators are coming to perform in Tel Aviv. We saw them live at Hellfest in 2012 before we knew or heard any of their songs. We thoroughly enjoyed that show even if the only songs we knew were the Guns n’ Roses covers they played (to perfection!). So now that we know their songs, and love them, and know that they can play a kickass show, their July 9th performance in Israel is not to be missed. My parents are coming to Jerusalem to look after my daughter. I really hope they don’t have too much trouble with my daughter’s sleeping habits.

Slash Israel

I’m currently also laying out my plans and schedule for International Zine Month. My zine materials pile is getting higher, my husband printed all the graphics I need, and my daily planner for the month of July is taking a pretty nice shape. I started drafting a blog post with all my plans of the month to be posted on June 30th when everything is finalized. I know that you, too, can’t wait to see what July has in store for the zinesters of the world. So let’s swim in these molasses together and celebrate IZM when we get there!

Peace, love and “Roger Waters and his gang of morons” can shove it

Negative Creep


Whenever I feel like shit, I usually resort to two things which automatically make me feel better: Music and books.

However, I’ve recently come to realize that both of these can also cause a shitty feeling when they’re associated with such a heavy load of negativity, it hurts my head.

The books I read are all by Stephen King. The guy writes horror like too much of a pro, and his descriptions are brutal. So when he describes the death of a child, or the death of a dog, or the death of a major character, it makes me feel horrible, because he makes it seem all too real.

Then, there’s music. I absolutely LOVE the music I listen to. But sometimes the songs take on a darker tone when I think of the respective artist or band.

  • Kurt Cobain is dead, with the shadow of drug abuse and suicide looming above him
  • Janis Joplin is dead, also with the shadow of drug addiction and overdose
  • Jim Morrison is dead, with the shadow of a lifetime of substance abuse
  • Jimi Hendrix is dead, same drug-shadow looms again
  • Chuck Schuldiner is dead, with the enormous shadow of cancer looming high and mighty
  • Tristessa of Astarte is dead, same gigantic shadow of cancer
  • Mia Zapata is dead, with the even more monstrous shadow of brutal rape and murder above her grave
  • Decapitated’s drummer is dead and their lead vocalist is a vegetable
  • Michael Jackson is also dead, and seems like even after his death, the grim shadow of his alleged child-molestation charges still sticks to him like a leech
  • All punk and riot grrrl bands I listen to have broken up, so did Black Sabbath, and so did Arafel
  • Arch Enemy sold out
  • Phil Anselmo is a white supremacist
  • Rammstein are (allegedly) Nazis
  • Marilyn Manson’s lost his fucking mind…

Why do my favorite means of escape have to be tainted with so much bullshit? Still, I love all of these artists and their music, and still I love Stephen King’s books. And if I didn’t have that, I might as well go coffin-shopping, because seriously, life without music and books is a fate worse than suffering.

I need to go see Disturbed’s performance in July to hold on to the belief that there are bands out there who have not died, or got sick, or OD’ed, or sold out, or became hateful bastards, or broke up.

And I need to get a new Stephen King book because, well, just because. As if I need a reason to get another King book. His fiction owns my reality, and that’s a fact.

Peace, love and death metal for life

Headbanger’s Bag


Taking time off from zinestering gave me the chance to focus on other projects.

For the past two days, I’ve been working on sewing patches on my new bag. At first, I wanted my mom to sew them for me with her sewing machine because my fingers may refuse to function. But it didn’t work out. And as my activity of the previous two days proved my finger-disfunction assumption to be almost right, I still managed to prove to myself that I can sew. Even if my fingers got all red, and the patches came out a little crooked, it worked out pretty well. I also added some cool pins on the part of the bag that is under the top flap. That part that is too small for patches ut perfect for pins.

I love the hell out of it and it looks totally DIY and totally badass.



A bag worthy of a metalhead!

Peace, love and off to put my fingers in ice

Almost There, Dudes


I’m writing this post via my phone because my internet connection at home is busted. So I’ll make this short.

I didn’t finish my zine yet but I don’t have much left. I managed to number the pages on Friday (the final number is 56 pages of wholesome metal badassery). All I have left to do is the Table of Contents which I hope to do today, and send it off to the printer tomorrow!!

Any requests for trades may commence now. I’d love to see how your zines turned out too!

I also hope to write my ZineWriMo recap post at some point tomorrow when our internet will be up and running again. I fucking hate writing on my phone.

Peace, love and happy sufgies