Zooted Zinester


I just read some of the really old posts I wrote (like from 2005) and I thought “Hmm, maybe I should write something like that again.” And then I remembered, I’m not 22, I’m not living with my parents, I’m not single, I’m not a student, I’m no longer a pothead, I don’t live in Canada, I’m not a journalist, and I’m not childless. I’m a completely different person and whatever words I put down on paper will be lightyears away from the ones I did all those years ago.”

I do have fun with the zine I’m making for International Zine Month, though. And that’s good. Again, the stuff I wrote so far is by no means brilliant, but the mere fact of creating and zine-producing is totally exciting as it’s always been.

Sometimes I wonder how my life would have turned out if I had discovered zines earlier. Back when I lived in Canada, I could have attended some zine fests, which I never get a chance to do now that I live halfway across the planet (the Boston Zine Fest in 2015 notwithstanding).

What would I have called my zine? At 12, probably something Michael Jackson related. At 16, something Marilyn Manson related. At 18, undoubtedly something riot grrrl related. At 22, more like something weed related, as Buddah was at the center of my universe back then. In fact, I remember an assignment I had to do for my computer applications class was a newsletter I designed with a bunch of made-up articles about Mary Jane. I called it The Daily H (hence the logo I put on all my zines reading “Daily H Publications”).

A newsletter about drugs called the Daily H could be misinterpreted as a newsletter about heroin. But no. I used the letter H to stand for my name, as Hadass is also a plant and the newsletter was about a plant. The tagline of the newletter was “Get your daily dose of vitamin H!” Have some weed, and have some hadass while you’re at it.

Journalism school was fun, so I bet I could have totally dug being a zinester back then. Maybe smoke a doobie right before, to make the writing sound like the ramblings of a stone-cold stoner.

Reading my old diaries and high school agendas today is fun. But I bet a stoner’s zine would have been hilarious.

Peace, love and H is for High


Boker Toker


Recently, I started coming across a lot of links to medical articles and studies about the benefits of marijuana. There was something about the study on pregnant Jamaican women and the effects of prenatal marijuana use. The study sponsored by an anti-drug abuse agency yielded results that the latter was not too happy with (i.e. positive effects on the babies born and on the mothers), which is why the agency decided not to publish it.

I also read a little about the positive effects of weed on people with psychiatric and psychological problems, people with eating disorders, depression, anxiety… It is said that marijuana can be used as an anti-depressant without the side effect of reduced libido that other anti-depressants can cause.

There are about two dozen other studies that I read, which show that marijuana use can prevent the spreading, inhibit the growth, and sometimes even decrease the size of cancer tumors in various areas in the body.

A cure for cancer? Seriously?

The more I read about this, the more I think about how ludicrous anti-drug laws are. Cocaine, crystal and heroin are illegal – fine. I agree with that. Shit like that does pose a real threat to living beings. But marijuana? If anything, it’s tobacco and alcohol that should be made illegal.

Sure, I think that, as with everything else, the key is moderation. But I have yet to hear someone or some study saying one positive thing about alcohol. The whole “One glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away” thing is complete and utter bullshit. The reason that people say that wine prevents heart disease is because of the grapes used to make the wine. It’s the grapes that reduce the risk of heart disease, you don’t need the added alcohol to make that work. And besides, one glass of wine a day can increase the risk for breast cancer. So chew on that.

In fact, even my own doctor said that alcohol sucks ass but that marijuana use is perfectly fine. And he’s not the only one who says that.

So why is marijuana illegal exactly? And why is alcohol flowing more freely than water? One of these days, scientists will find out that weed increases life expectancy, while alcohol does the exact opposite, and then conspiracies will start sprouting up like ragweed in the springtime about how politicians and other authority figures are attempting population control by poisoning the masses, and then they’ll be saying “Who’s the criminal now, biatch?”

Or not. Whatever. The point is drug laws are stupid. And politicians are stupid for making them.

Peace, love and it’s 4:20, wake the hell up!

Smells Like Weed Spirit


I don’t quite know what status marijuana reached in Canada nowadays (Decriminalized? Legalized? Sold in depanneurs alongside cig boxes?) but I know that possession of a couple of grams is not considered a crime. Here in Israel, you’d get busted for so much as smelling like grass.

So if you ever browse my older posts on this blog (mostly the ones from 2005-2006, when I still lived in Canada), you’ll find me mentioning Buddha on more than one occasion. I was a straight-up pothead back then. My collection of bongs and pipes all had names, I had a constant stash, a favorite strain, a good dealer, a pre-set munchies first-aid kit, the works. I baked my share of space brownies, and I even had a pretty good idea of what it would take for me to grow my own weed. I knew where to get seeds, what kind of light, temperature and liquids the plant would require, how and when to harvest, basically everything. I read about it, in-depth research, listened to music about it or influenced by it, watched movies that had any remote connection to it… I was immersed and I loved it.

Despite that, I never smoked more than once a month. The first time I did it was when I was 21, and I started by drinking it as tea. And when I did start smoking, I used pipes. I didn’t know how to roll joints, even if I researched that as well and tried it many times. And anyway, I preferred bongs mostly. I would get creative with it. Instead of water, I’d fill the bong with mint Sprite or Orange Crush. And I never ever mixed the chronic with tobacco. At first, it was mainly because I didn’t have access to tobacco. But later on, it was because I realized that if I was in the company of other people who passed around a saturated joint, I could not get high with it. I needed the pure stuff, and lots of it.

Anyway, I did all that shit and wrote about it non-stop, as is obvious from my older posts. No authorities ever came to my house. I never got arrested. I could even smoke in the open air at Mount Royal with cop units roaming the area, and still get away with it.

Because I was in Canada. And in Canada, nobody gives a shit.

But in Israel… that’s a different story. One that I cannot write about today because if I did, I’d get all paranoid. And maybe authorities would then come to my house and raid the place.

Once again, freedom of speech is hindered because when you post your life online, you can never be safe. And in a country that considers marijuana-consumption to be a criminal act, and alcohol-consumption to not be one, and fails to see the absurdity of that fact, you can never admit to still be as big a pothead as you once were. Especially in a public forum.

So we’ll just leave it at that.

Peace, love and chocolate mint is the best mix