Decompose It!


Diary 1The other day I suddenly got inspired to resume journal writing. I’ve been keeping diaries all my life (see this post) but as it is with zine-production, it’s kind of hard to find time to write when you’re a full-time mom. I tried keeping a pregnancy journal, and I have, but all the entries were actually saved as unpublished posts on this blog. At that time, I didn’t really feel like writing by hand. I don’t know why.

But anyway, the diary I’m writing in now is one that my friend from Salem bought for me when I was there for the Boston Zine Fest. It’s a rather large one, with the front and back covers decorated with black-and-white drawings of guitars, microphones, amps, keyboards, and drums. On the front cover, it says “Decomposition Book – 100% post-consumer-waste recycled pages – Printed with Soy Ink”. Whether any of that is true or not is irrelevant. But I LOVE the “decomposition” part. Really jives with the death metalhead within.

I added the title “Fertile Myrtle” with the H logo when I tried to keep it as a pregnancyDiary 2 journal. Some of the first entries were in fact written when I was going through the IVF treatments and when I found out I was pregnant. Then a few entries when I tried to get back to journal writing again and failed. Again.

So the other day, when I got inspired, I wrote yet another entry about trying to get back to keeping a diary, and I really hope it’ll work this time. Keeping with the inspiration, I added a few stickers that I received from zinesters and penpals I traded with. Cool stickers and decorations really do encourage me to keep writing. So far, I only wrote two entries and they’re short. But I had a great time writing them.

I should really practice my handwriting. I’ve been typing shit for too long, and all of it was on the computer. I mean, if I were typing on my manual typewriter (which requires quite a bit of finger strength and may cause broken nails, bruises, and blisters) I wouldn’t be so hard on myself for not doing much writing by hand. But as it stands, the only time I write by hand is when I write letters to penpals (awesome) and notes for clients (meh).

It might be because of my condition that I get kinda lazy and opt for blogging. But fuck it. I’m done making excuses. Myotonic Dystrophy be damned. I love writing by hand. Diaries and letter-writing shall prevail!

Peace, love and wouldn’t it be so cool if my typewriter could accommodate diaries?


Snail Mail Request


Zombie Bunny stationaryMy mailbox is tragically empty. If I ever get any mail, it’s only bank statements, credit card statements and coupons from Shufersal. I keep checking it in hopes that one of my penpals may have sent a letter, but alas.

Technically, I have penpals from Germany, Greece, Iceland, UK and Canada. I tried starting a mail correspondence with someone from Estonia as well as Sweden and a couple more from Germany, but have gotten no responses.

Meanwhile, I designed some new stationaries in case I do have a chance to write a letter (and I will be starting a couple of new correspondences this week, thank Goddess). Some of them are designed by hand, but the newer ones (and the ones I can’t wait to use!) are designed on Photoshop. I also designed some totally rad envelopes.

I am trying to get in touch with some more people via Interpals, and managed to start something with a girl from France and just recently wrote to another girl in Israel. Though again, no responses yet.

Basically, my point with this post is as follows:


Cat and Dog StationaryYou can comment on this post or write me a message via Interpals – check out my profile here. I am open to letters from anywhere in the world (though unfortunately not from Arab countries as the Israeli Post Office does not deliver mail to and from those countries. Sorry!).

Also, I am looking for penpals who are willing to write often, at least once a month, and who want to commit to a a long-term snail mailing relationship.

I’m looking for people who are very open-minded. I do not accept letters from people who are racist, sexist, homophobic, antisemitic, anti-Zionist, anti-religious or anti-secular. I am not interested in a political debates. I use snail mailing to escape all that bullshit, and instead talk about fun stuff like travels, music, entertainment, books, food, zines, animals, etc.

If you are such a person, then you must rock and I would love to find a letter from you in my mailbox! So don’t be shy and drop me a line 🙂

Peace, love and zombie bunnies.

IZM – Day 18: Post Office Day


The IZM activity for July 18 (last Thursday) was originally to order from a zine distro that I’ve never ordered from before, but I already did that on Zine Distros Appreciation Day on July 3.

While planning out my month, I decided Day 18 would be a day to look for a zinester blog to follow… but I’m still bored from the internet, so fuck that. Besides, I had a few activities to catch up on. So I decided to do the following:

1) Sending a care package to a friend (which I should have done on July 10)
2) Sending a letter to my zine crush (which I should have done on July 14)
3) Sending a zine to a distro for consideration (which I should have done on July 16)
4) Leaving a zine in a public place (which I should have done on July 15)

I’ll also sent out my 24-Hour Zine Thing issue on that day. So Day 18 was primarily a post office day considering all the stuff I sent. I loved spending a pretty penny in shipping costs. Hurray!

After the post office, I went to Nocturno hoping to meet a friend. Meanwhile I had chocolate souffle as I felt period cramps coming on. After about an hour and a half, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even see straight. So I left the place, texting my friend telling her I won’t be able to meet her. Plus, I totally forgot to leave a zine at Nocturno. I simply zombie-walked my way home and curled up in my bed, praying the pain would just stop.

I might consider leaving a copy of my zine at Uganda Bar one day… not sure about that yet.

This week, I may have another post office day to send a letter to a zinester friend (which I should have done on July 9) and hopefully settle some trades and send them out by then (something I should have done on July 13).

See previous posts for as to why I didn’t complete these activities on their respective dates.

Peace, love and anybody up for a split zine?

IZM – Day 15: Leave Zine in Public Place


I was supposed to do that yesterday but I thought that since today I don’t have to be at the office, I’ll catch up on all my activities today. Then I remembered that today is Tisha Be’Av, a fast day, and most of the “public places” I want to leave my zines at are restaurants and coffee shops… which are closed now due to the fast.


Oh well, I guess Thursday is the best day for everything. I got one more of the addresses I needed for the stuff to send. I’m waiting on one more and then I’ll have everything ready for my trip to the post office this Thursday. Yay! And while I’m at it, I think I’ll drop by the coffee shop Nocturno on Bezalel and stick a couple of zines on the tables alongside their sweet sweet menu. Maybe I’ll even order me a milkshake. Anybody wanna join me?

Peace, love and good times, realy really good times 🙂


IZM – Day 10: Send a Care Package to a Zinester


I didn’t write here since Thursday because I was still neck deep in Under the Dome (damn you, Stephen King! Why are you so awesome?!). But I did do my International Zine Month activities still.

On Wednesday, I made a care package that I intend to send to a zinester. I didn’t have any of the addresses for the letter I wrote the previous day nor for the care package, so although they’re ready to be sent, they weren’t yet. I think that I’ll set a trip to the post later on this week when I have to send out my 24-Hour Zine. More on that soon.

Anyway, the care package has a ton of stuff. Four back issues of Fallopian Falafel, two back issues of PMS (and once I get a copy of the new 24-Hour PMS, I’ll include it in it too), a cat skull patch, a copy of Mistress Distress’s EP, a copy of the small photo booklet I made about my trip to Barcelona, another photo booklet about Diamond, a copy of the End of Words issue 2, and three flyers.

Peace, love and that’s one big fat package!

IZM – Day 9: Write a Letter to a Zinester


More specifically, to a zinester I don’t know. But yesterday, I didn’t really feel like it. Instead, I wrote to a zinester I recently suggested to start snail mailing with me. It wasn’t a very long letter, but I think that as an introductory letter, it was sufficient.

I used my own hand-made stationary and will send it in one of the envelopes I made earlier this week.

Now if you don’t mind, I’ve seriously had it with this computer. I’ll be retreating to my Stephen King book in a minute. But first, I’ll say this:

Peace, love and 24-hour zine thing TOMORROW!