Till the טיל


A while back, I wrote a post about Rammstein’s video for “Deutschland” which was just released at the time and caused a bunch of negative reactions due to its Holocaust imagery. I said that I never really believed in the rumors that said that Rammstein are Nazi, and even after watching the video, I wasn’t sure about it. After all, the video is a visual representation of Germany’s history, and the Holocaust is a major part of it. I said that, in fact, if the video did NOT include some kind of mention of this tragic event, I would be even more offended because that would be Holocaust denial, clearly. I finished off by saying “So until Rammstein makes a clear statement, one way or another, or comes to play a show in Israel (which I think would be a clear statement in itself), I’ll just go on screaming “fuck yeah” every time one of their songs comes on my player.”

I discovered soon thereafter that they really aren’t Nazi and if anything, they’re anti-fascist. Seeing as they were born and raised in East Germany, I guess it comes with the territory. But here’s another clear statement: Lindemann is coming to play a show in Israel!

True, it’s not Rammstein, but it’s still the lead vocalist, and that stands for something!

Anyway, when I first heard the news, I was hoping Till Lindeman would pull an Ozzy and include songs from his band and not just his solo project. Ozzy did it. When he came to Israel (on the two occasions he was here) he played his own songs as well as Black Sabbath. Most of the people who went to see Ozzy expected him to include Black Sabbath songs in his set because Ozzy is Black Sabbath and Black Sabbath is Ozzy. I don’t think he would have been as successful as a solo artist if it wasn’t for his initial success as Black Sabbath’s frontman. And the same can be said for Till Lindemann. And Till’s solo songs sound a lot like Rammstein, too, and it’s a given that most of the people who go to his shows look forward to the Rammstein songs they think he’ll play.

But the comments I read about the event point out that Lindemann’s set will only have his songs and not his band’s. One of the comments was from this woman who went to one of his shows abroad and testified that he played no Rammstein songs at all. Some even stated that they look forward to seeing the confused and disappointed faces of the people in the crowd who expect to hear some Rammstein tunes and won’t.

So I admit – I’m kind of disappointed too. But I’m still going to his show. I’m currently listening to Lindemann’s German record F&M and try to learn some of the lyrics. He also has an English record Skills in Pills, and he’ll undoubtedly include some of these songs in the show, but I don’t like it as much as F&M. Anyway, learning songs in English is not as much fun and challenging as learning German ones. If you didn’t already know that, I fucking love German! I love it even more than my fellow Jews hate it. Ironic, I know, but that’s the truth.

Peace, love and Till the Missile is headed to Israel to make the stage explode!

An Industrial Amount of Awesome


Disturbed, Marilyn Manson and Rammstein were three of the artists I listened to when I just started my descent into the dark abyss of heavy music. Marilyn Manson came first, when I just turned 16 and he just released Mechanical Animals. I loved the fuck out of his music and bought all his records, and my parents were utterly upset by that. Today, I still love his older material because sheer genius never really dies.

Rammstein came later, when I turned 18. When the single “Du Hast” was released, I wasn’t very impressed. In fact, I hated it, until I went to HMV one day and was curious to hear what these German weirdos sound like in the listening booth. The moment the opening staccato riff of “Du Hast” came bursting through my headphones, I was sold. It was around that same time that I also got into Disturbed. Until this day, I still have the mix CD I made with songs of Rammstein and Disturbed I downloaded from Napster.

So yes, Industrial music was my introduction to heavy music and without these bands, I would have probably never gotten into metal as I did later on. I decided to listen to the following records since I never heard them before and thought it’s worth giving them a shot.

DisturbedDay 4:
Disturbed – Indestructible (5/5)
My husband warned me that this record is not as good as the earlier ones. I was completely blown away by how wrong that criticism is. All I heard while listening to the songs from that record is POWER – POWER – POWER. Classic Disturbed. The trademark staccato synchronization that is so evident in all of Disturbed’s songs is dominant in this record as well. David Draiman’s voice is as epic as ever. I love the way he shifts between angry raging tones and beautiful clean vocals. This record is packed with shredding riffs, shattering drum beats, ribcage-rattling bass lines, industrial awesomeness that only Disturbed can achieve. Such a perfect addition to my iPod.

MansonDay 5:
Marilyn Manson – The High End of Low (2/5)
Huge, huge disappointment. I read some reviews of this record, many of which praised this record as one of Marilyn Manson’s best. I didn’t understand what miserable part of this steaming pile of horseshit they consider best. The songs are boring, long and tedious, without any of Manson’s trademark exploding twists and surprising blows that make his songs into the exciting masterpieces they are. The only song that is even remotely  reminiscent of the antichrist superstar I know and love is “Arma-Goddamn-Motherfucking-Geddon”. The drum beats in this one reminds me of “Beautiful People” and other classics. It reminded Elad of “New Model n.15” and I would agree. But the rest? Every time a new song began, I would think “Ok, here we go, this one would definitely be super.” But no. Where is the angry screaming, gut-wrenching pitch in his voice? Where are the shocking blasts that horrified parents worldwide? Where is the blood-curdling spark of his former awesome records? When the record reached the final song, I actually heard myself  mutter “Thank God.” What a shame! Now please excuse me while I revert back to Portrait, Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holy Wood and Golden Age.

RammsteinDay 6:
Rammstein – Liebe ist fur alle da (4.5/5)
I listened to this record on the bus today on my way to work, and found myself picking up pieces of my shattered skull from the floor afterwards. I simply love Rammstein. The way they incorporate keyboard sound effects with their raw distorted riffs and power beats is impeccable. The lead vocalist, Till, also shifts between angry rugged vocals and softer clean ones, like Disturbed. On some songs, he gets so angry, his vocals sound like near-growls. The lyrical content is just as ridiculously obscene, violent and often sexist as it always is, but it’s German, which for anyone who doesn’t know me, is a language I’m totally in love with. So I let it pass. Also, Till’s got a great sense of humor. A song appropriately titled “Pussy” made me burst out laughing on the bus. Yes, he does sing a little in English and his accent is terrible and hilarious. The song “Roter Sand” is a boring ballad though. Rammstein has those sometimes, but that’s ok. The rest of the record more than makes up for it.

Peace, love and love is for everyone