Bound to Books


OK bitchKinges. I finally decided that if I can’t manage to write anything, I might as well let the pros do the writing and I’ll be doing some reading of said pros.

My wonderful husband tagged me on a link to a post listing 18 new book releases this upcoming year that “Stephen King fans will love”. I just went through the entire list and read the synopsis of each one trying to see if any of them will tickle my fancy.

So other than The Outsider, by the King himself, coming May 22, I picked the following:

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn
The Clarity by Keith Thomas
The Hollow Tree by James Brogdan
Glimpse by Jonathan Maberry
The Woman in the Woods by John Connolly

Now, I don’t know ANY of these authors. And anybody who knows me also knows that I have quite a bit of trouble reading books by any author other than Stephen King (or Richard Bachman, who is also Stephen King). I have trouble because King is not only my favorite, but also the only author I absolutely LOVE. Stephen King to me is more like Stephen God. Any time I try to read a book by anybody else, I always find myself comparing it to King Almighty, and seeing as the Holy Dude is second to none, my current read comes up short, I find it sucks ass, and I do not enjoy it at all as a result.

But I decided to try and get over my obsession (read: worship) and read other books by other authors. Maybe I’ll find one that I will love as much as King (or close enough is more plausible) and have a greater variety of books to read (if the five dozen King books I read is not enough).

As for the genre, I am only interested in horror/thriller/suspense/mystery novels. If my inability to fall asleep persists, I want to have a good enough reason for it, and it won’t work if the novel I read is romance or fantasy, i.e. BORING SHIT!

So the short list above looks like a good place to begin my search.

I just realised that this sounds a bit like my initial obsession with Arch Enemy and my unwillingness to listen to any other metal band… if I managed to increase my musical repertoire, it might be possible to do with books too!

Peace, love and oh my King!


Goose Flesh


I must admit. I am kind of upset that Stephen King decided to take a break from writing and publishing novels at a faster rate than I can read them and instead invest more time in movie adaptations and TV series.

My husband and I still follow his progress. We saw the Dark Tower (see review here), last night we saw the remake of IT (more on that below), we are currently watching the series of The Mist and Mr. Mercedes. Earlier, we also saw the remake of Carrie (review here), the series 11/22/63, and Under the Dome. I enjoyed all these to a certain degree, but not as much as I enjoyed the respective books/novellas.

The remake of IT was amazing. I definitely liked it way more than the 1990 version of IT. I thought it was wise to divide the story into two separate parts instead of making a single movie consisting of constant flashbacks where the viewer has to keep track of two stories at once. Also, Pennywise was far scarier in the remake, I mean, holy shit! Every time he appeared, I screamed out loud.

But again, nothing compares to the novel. I read it a while ago but I still remember how terrifying it was. My perception of reality was completely distorted, I’ve had nightmares, and spent my days looking over my shoulder in fear of seeing a creepy clown like Pennywise. It ultimately became the scariest book I have ever read, and still is to this day. You can read the full review I wrote at the time here.

But I still enjoyed the hell out of the remake. I highly recommend IT to all horror freaks.

Peace, love and I need a new SK book seriously

Ecstazine in Messy Mass


October started with my birthday and a trip to Massachusetts for my very first zine fest!

I just came back a couple of days ago and while I’m still struggling with jet lag, I thought I’ll write an entry about this awesome experience.

First, the flight there was much better than expected. My friend and her husband waited for me at the airport and it was so awesome to finally meet them in person! So you see, not everyone you meet online are total scammers and trolls and criminals. Every once in a while, you fall on someone who really is a kickass zinester.DSC03394

I spent my nine-day vacation at her place with her crazy dog and her big fuzzy cat, mostly making art, buttons and patches and getting ready for the zine fest.

We also toured Salem a bit, checking out some of the Haunted Happenings that Salem is known for around the month of October.

We went to check out Hawthorne’s House of Seven Gables. We checked out the Salem Witch Museum. We also went to this enormous art shop where we bought some things for the zine fest. That store was so big and so cool, I almost got lost there.

We also went to see a movie/documentary about the Salem witch hunt of 1692. That movie turned out to be a flop, which is odd, because I think it takes real talent to make a BORING movie about witches. Seriously.

The highlight of the Haunted Happenings was undoubtedly the Texas Chainsaw Musical. Yes, you read it right, Musical! My friend managed to score tickets in the front row known as the “splatter zone”. So the musical, which was funny as hell, and far more entertaining than that movie mentioned above, also left us with a bit of bloody stains here and there. We were wearing plastic ponchos, but this didn’t help people who were in the center of the front row because they really got drenched. If you’re currently around Lynn, this show is running until October 31, so you should totally score tickets to that! Highly recommended!

DSC03391Another Salem highlight was getting my new tattoo, based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower, which I have been planning for about two or three years. My friend’s husband works at Salem Ink and he tortured me for two consecutive days, for five hours every day, and I came out of there in pain but still a happy camper because I now have a totally kickass half sleeve on my right arm. I don’t have a photo of it yet because it’s still peeling and I want to shoot it only once it’s completely healed. But trust me, it’s gorgeous, worth every penny out of the $1000 it cost!

The Boston Zine Fest took place on the last two days of my trip. The first day consisted of a marble-paper-making workshop, a panel about zines as a means of resistance, and a zine-reading. The day started out ok, but slowly, I started feeling a headache coming on, followed by what felt like fever. I had been on a sneezing-and-runny-nose fit for the previous couple of days, but I didn’t think it was anything more than allergies. Turned out I was wrong, and ended up suffering for what felt like an eternity on the first day of the fest. And I was totally bummed out because I was really looking forward to it.

Before heading back to Salem, I bought a pack of cold and flu medication so I could at least have it with me on the second day when I would be tabling and needed to keep somewhat of a healthy demeanor.

The second day was a blast! It was so refreshing to be in a place with a bunch of people who love the same things you do and create the same things you create and who don’t look at you with a questioning expression every time you say the word “zine”.

12095300_855130887916017_9189003167126566748_oThe zine fest was also pretty elaborate. Aside from the tabling, there was also a screen printing workshop. I got to print the BZF logo on a canvas tote bag and on one of my new tank tops. There was also a photobooth set up for zinesters to take pictures. I sold more stuff than I expected, and traded a shitload more. I now have a huge stack of zines to read and be inspired by all over again.

I will definitely write a zine about this experience which was by far the best zine-related experience I ever had!

I really hope that at some point, the zine scene in Israel will take shape and sizable proportions and perhaps, there will be an awesome zine fest in Israel too! That will so rule.

For now, as hazardous as Jerusalem is these days, I am so happy to be back home. I missed my husband, my dog, my family, my daily routine… And the entire time I was in Salem, I was itching to play guitar, but didn’t have one. So I also missed Melissa, my new Fender Strat, which I love to little pieces!

Peace, love and more shredding coming up!

Restocking on King


King MercedesThis post is inspired by Catherine Elms‘ post on the same subject.

My birthday is coming up on the eve of Succot (my Jewish birthday is always the most accurate one). My family knows me as a Stephen King book addict (see this post and this post, and like a bunch of other ones) and on every birthday they buy me a gift certificate to Steimatzky to help me along my latest book binge.

However, I’ve come to realize that Steimatzky rarely has any Stephen King books that I don’t have. I think this is because I have 38 of his novels (and collections of novellas), and it’s hard for me to find a book of his that I don’t yet own. In fact, the only time I found SK books in Steimatzky that I don’t own is when I had none.

So it’s for that reason, I decided to score books online and made a wishlist of these books, which will complete my Stephen King novel collection short of only four books (Dreamcatcher, Cujo, Insomnia and Eyes of the Dragon). King’s nonfiction, comic books, screenplays, short stories not included in any collection, and anything else the dude’s published will have to wait until later. The novels are what’s really interesting me now.

If anyone reading this is interested in buying me one of the books from this wishlist, here are some pointers:

1) The book must be in English: I can read French and Hebrew just fine, but too much is lost in translation and makes me a sad panda.

2) The book must be brand new: I made the mistake of ordering used books in the past. Never again. And if it’s a gift, new is best.

3) Paperback over hardcover: I find paperback books easier to handle and easier to read. Hardcover ones are too heavy, especially if I’m taking them with me on a trip (and also shipping costs increase significantly). But it’s not a must. If no paperbacks are available, I’ll gladly take hardcover.

Here is the list of my coveted books in no particular order:

The Colorado Kid
From a Buick 8
The Regulators (as Richard Bachman)
Blaze (as Richard Bachman)
The Bachman Books
Cycle of the Werewolf
Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Skeleton Crew
Everything’s Eventual
The Tommyknockers
Mr. Mercedes
Gerald’s Game
The Dead Zone
Revival (pre-order, to be released in November)

I have a dream that one day I’ll have the complete King collection (until he publishes yet another one) and then I could take a picture of me with towers of his books all around me, wearing my PJ shirt that reads “Keep Calm, all things serve the beam.”

Ah, that’ll be a grand day!

Peace, love and oh, the picture must also include the King tattoo I plan on getting based on the Dark Tower!

The Blood of Carrie


CarrieLast night, my boyfriend and I went to see the remake of Carrie.

Being a huge fan of Stephen King, having read the book, and having watched the 1976 adaptation at least three times, I mostly knew what to expect. And I was right. Most of the remake’s scenes were almost identical to the 1976 version.

But I still enjoyed the movie a lot. I was smiling the entire time she was breaking shit up and killing people at the prom. I kept thinking “payback’s a bitch!”

However, my boyfriend didn’t like it. He never read the book or watched the 76 movie. He thought that in comparison to other Stephen King movie adaptations he saw, Carrie was superficial and lacked the mystery and the depth that his other movies have. He may be right about the mystery part. As for depth, there is definitely some of that if you possess a feminist mind. More on that below.

Carrie is the only Stephen King book that I didn’t like, but it wasn’t because it lacked depth, but rather because of the style King chose for this particular novel. I felt that it read too much like a term paper, and doesn’t do a good job of building the suspense as a result, unlike King’s other books, where I completely lose track of time, forget to eat or to shower (and in extreme cases breathe) and find myself reading until some ungodly hour of the night.

Today, I came across a poster advertising the movie. It reads “First the blood, then the power”. That got me thinking that this movie really does have a lot of blood in it. But not just any blood, but different kinds too – pig blood, human blood, and incredibly enough, period blood.

I may have this all wrong, but the way I see it, Carrie got her period at the very beginning of the movie, and that was when she started noticing her telekinetic powers. So her period blood is what fueled her telekinesis and brought it to the forefront.

Perhaps there is some kind of subliminal message in this movie targeted at girls going through puberty.  Carrie was made fun of by the girls in her class when she got her period, and was told by her mother that if she got her period, it means that she was having “lustful thoughts” which is a sin. A girl who has been taught that blood is impure and that it is a sign of sin and shame, and is worthy of ridicule, can relate to that. But by using Carrie’s first period as the onset of her powers, that girl can also start seeing her period as something that holds incredible power. Maybe not telekinesis, but the power to create life, which is nothing short of divine and magical. Blood is not impure, it is not a sin, and it is certainly not a sign of shame. It is a pure, unabated, most concrete form of power that a woman possesses. And I think that Carrie manages to convey that message. This is where the depth is.

On a related note, I ordered a bunch of Stephen King books from Steimatzky. I hope they get it soon because I miss reading. I’ve been watching too much goddamn television. Maybe I should give Carrie, the novel, another shot.

Peace, love and “They’re all gonna laugh at you!”

Tombstone Teeth


It has been on my shelf for some time. I decided I wasn’t gonna read It until I got some shit done. Now that I managed to control myself when it comes to Stephen King and got some shit done – mainly art related stuff like sewing a patches vest, making a zine, playing some guit, and drawing – I decided to go ahead and read It.

Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten soft on horror (unlikely), or because I’ve let my boyfriend’s ramble about how much the movie sucks get to my head (hardly), or because Stephen King is just a freaking genius horror writer (bingo), but this must be the absolute scariest book I’ve read to date. Even the fear I felt as a kid reading the Goosebumps series doesn’t come close.

And it’s not because it’s gory, because I’ve read Stephen King’s ultimate gore (Cat from Hell) and it’s given me nightmares, but not like this. It is a book that goes beyond gory into something that scares you to the core with descriptions and imagery so clear and tangible that it distorts your vision of reality.

As I was reading a chapter of the book this past Thursday, I had to put the book down and go to sleep because it was too damn scary even for me. I was sure that at any moment, something dead and creepy was gonna grab my ankle from under the couch I was sitting on.

And on Friday at my parents’ house, after having read a few good chapters, I went to sleep, and just as I started drifting off, I had a nightmare. I woke up from it with my flesh crawling and my blood frozen in my veins, and I was so terrified I didn’t want to fall back asleep. For the first time since I was a baby, I wanted to leave my room and go sleep with my parents. I almost woke up my mom to ask her to come sleep with me because I had a nightmare.

Stephen King made me regress perfectly to the age of three.

The next morning, I told my boyfriend about the dream, and even the fear in his eyes was palpable.

“It was about two girls I never even met,” I said. “Maybe 15 or 16 years old. I saw them like a movie. They sat on the floor, next to a coffee table in their living room, playing some board game and giggling hysterically. The hallway leading from the living room to the rest of the house was dark and a dog was standing in front of it. As he looked off into the darkness of the hallway, he started growling. The girls grew quiet and tried to understand what the dog was growling at. Just then, a lightning threw a brief but powerful light into the dark hallway, and a reddish figure was standing at the end. Another lightning struck and the figure was suddenly right in front of my face, and I woke up with a gasp.”

My boyfriend’s eyes grew wide. “Whoa…” he whispered.

I’m not even a quarter way through the book, and I’m probably gonna have several more episodes of regression, and of putting the book away because the fear will consume me, and of looking over my shoulder expecting to see a decomposed clown offering me a balloon, and of course nightmares. Many of them. But godDAMN, if Stephen King is not the most amazing horror novelist in the world.

Dude’s gonna be the death of me.

Peace, love and “They all float!”

Nightmare Be Thy Name


Halloween in Israel is just like any other non-Jewish holiday in Israel – nothing happens. The only reason I know it’s Halloween is because my overseas Facebook friends remind me and also because many of my new Israeli immigrant friends are still celebrating what they used to celebrate back in their home country.

I not-so-fondly remember how one of my former roommate’s religious Jewish friends found it appropriate to talk our ears off about how much she misses the Christmas spirit that you don’t get in Israel. Not only that, she also found it appropriate to sing Christmas jingles on the Sabbath table.

I also remember that back in Canada, the Jewish holiday spirit was virtually non-existent. And Christmas jingles on the radio made me suffer a severe case of projectile vomiting syndrome every year. Moving to Israel was so refreshing. Finally I can feel the spirit of the holidays that fit who I am – a Jew – and I sure as hell do not need a fellow Jew to remind me of what I’ve had to suffer for 15 years.

HOWEVER! Halloween shreds. As a lover of horror movies, horror books, zombies, skeletons and creepy things, Halloween is the one holiday I always enjoyed.

So to celebrate, last night, I read some short stories by the horror master, Stephen King, and had rather vivid nightmares all night long as a result. This morning, I listened to some creepy King Diamond tunes. And tonight, I’ll be watching a horror movie with my boyfriend. That’s as good as Halloween gets in Israel.

The nightmares I had all involved animals in one way or another. In one, I was trapped in the middle of a circle of dozens of enormous creatures, many of which looked like some genetically-modified buffalos. And the circle was closing in on me. In another, I watched as a father tiger attacked his cub, beating him on his upper back, as all contents spilled out. The cub’s shrieks echoed in my head the entire morning. And finally, in a stark resemblance to Stephen King’s “The Cat From Hell”, I had a nightmare about a cat attacking my face. I tried kicking him, but found that my legs refused to move. But then, when the cat walked backwards, sprinted and leaped once more, I manage to lift my foot up and kick him square in the chest. At that moment, I woke up and found myself kicking the air, and my winter blanket was on the floor.

I would rather have dreams about me being a zombie out for brains, or being a vampire out for blood. But I guess that’s what I get for reading a story about a guy being attacked by a cat, and having the cat claw its way into the guy’s mouth, down his throat, into his belly, and finally dig a hole from the inside of his stomach, and leap back out, drenched in blood. Hurray for Halloween!

Peace, love and GORE!!!