Fascist Fashion


People are weird.

Whenever they see me wearing something that does not fit my usual color scheme of black, blacker, dark and darker, they say “Wow, you look nice! That shirt/pants/dress is totally in style now!”

I’ve had white hairs since I was 16, and people always regarded me with a look that said “Why isn’t she dying her hair? She must have zero fashion sense”. Yet, just recently, a friend of mine saw my white hairs which tend to grow mostly in the front and said “Wow! I wish I had that streak of white hairs! It’s totally in style now!”

And anytime I walk into a clothing store (which happens VERY rarely since they never have what I’m looking for and I end up buying my clothes online), the employees always suggest things that are in style even if I asked for something completely different. So a conversation might go something like this:

Me: “I’m looking for a pair of jeans that are not skinny and are low rise.”

Store employee: [pulls out a pair of skinny high-rise jeans] “Try these, they’re totally in style now.”

Me: [audible sigh] “Never mind. Do you have a hemp purse with a long strap with no shiny decorations on it?”

Employee: [pulls out a faux leather purse, with a short strap, embroidered with fake diamonds and beads] “Why not this purse? It’s way more fashionable than the one you want.”

This is yet another reason why I don’t waste my time going to clothing stores that sell stuff that is “in style”. The employees just never listen to me.

People don’t seem to understand that I don’t buy, wear or look for stuff that is “in style”. I’m looking for stuff that is MY style. Because, God forbid, if I ever wear something that just isn’t me, I hate every minute of it and I feel like a fraud. This one time I went to a party I didn’t want to go to, but I was forced into going by my cousin who was visiting from Canada. My cousin also forced me to wear fashionable clothes and shoes because she said they wouldn’t let me in the club if I was wearing my regular metalhead attire.

“Good!” I said. “I don’t want them to let me in. I don’t even want to go!”

But my cousin was unrelenting. I wore the fucking ugly clothes and wanted to kill myself the entire fucking night.

This is the curse of fashion. People will force it on you, and at times, they will force it on you so hard that you will eventually give in if only to make them shut the fuck up.

You have no idea how awful I look with stylish clothes, and you have no idea how awkward I feel. And it seems to me like my husband is the only one who understands me because whenever I wear something that isn’t me, he doesn’t say what everybody says (“Wow! You look great, you’re in style!”). Instead, he says it like it is: “Meh, it will take some getting used to.”

Peace, love and conformists


Pretty in Metal


Last night, I was at a metal night in central Jerusalem. It’s a weekly thing and I’ve been enjoying it quite a bit. The problem is that now it’s starting to get really cold at night, and I hate to think about the impending wintertime with the rain and cold winds and snow and blahhhhh.

My cousin says he loves winter because it’s cloudy and dark. Dark, I can dig. I like dark too. But cloudy, no. Cloudy reminds me of things I don’t really care for, like Montreal weather.

However, I decided to try and keep a positive mindset. Like back in Italy, on that day where it looked like the Goddess took an enormous bath up in the heavens and then pulled out the plug from the drain, and my shoes got flooded up to the ankles, I kept a positive mindset by imagining I was walking on the shore of a beach on a cloudy day, and the water swishing around my shoes were the waves.

Amon Amarth Hoodie

So this winter, I decided to shop my winter blues away, starting with this fucking awesome Amon Amarth hoodie from eBay. This will not only help to keep me warm, but it’s also totally metal. I have no Amon Amarth merch, so this will be my first. It will also be awesome to wear for Amon’s show at Wacken this summer. Sure, it might be warm, but I’m suspecting they will go onstage sometime at night, and Germany is in Europe and I’ve been to Europe enough to know that summer doesn’t always equal warm. Especially at night. So yeah, I’ll be ready with my hoodie.

I also came across some really cute-yet-totally-badass dresses made from metal t-shirts of bands that I like, like Mercyful Fate and Arch Enemy. I thought it would be great to score one of these one-of-a-kind DIY dresses and wear it with the skulls tights I got at a second-hand sale last summer. Many of the dresses I came across were either too short or too colorful and looked like they will really not fit with my tights… until I came across this.

AE dressI’m not much of a dress chick, but sometimes I am. Haha! And this dress will look great on any metal night this winter, along with my skull tights and my black velvet winter jacket (with the metal buckles and the faux fur on the collar). That jacket is warm enough so that I won’t have to wear another layer to cover my arms and shoulders. I’m also really happy that the hem of the dress reaches right over the knee. All the other dresses I saw exposed way too much of the thigh, and mini dresses are totally not my thing. No matter how metal they are.

By the way, if the reader is also interested in more such kickass dresses, you can visit Dolly Darko’s Etsy page here.

I am still on the hunt for a Mercyful Fate hoodie, but I haven’t yet found the right one for me. These items are rare and rather expensive, and I’ve spent close to 400 NIS already. So I rather wait until I find the exact hoodie I like before blowing another 100 or 200 on it or something.

Peace, love and winter could be cool after all 🙂

Your Roots Are Showing


I just saw a post about why a white person having a mohawk is offensive to First Nations. One of the reasons was that appropriating a traditional Iroquois haircut is another form of theft committed by white nations and can be considered racist. I think that’s a pretty reasonable argument.

But then I thought about white people sporting dreadlocks which is a traditional Rastafarian hairdo. Is that also a form of culture theft or racism? And what about white people sporting Afros, originally an African do? Some Jews have them too. We call them Jewfros. Are we racist? And what about white people braiding their hair in all the funky ways that African-Americans do? Is that also culture theft? And what about white people who clean shave their heads? Are they guilty of stealing the traditional Tibetan monk haircut? And what if one day, wearing sidelocks became the next haircut fad? Should I feel offended that white people have appropriated the haircut of my fellow religious Jewish people? Should I accuse them all of antisemitism?

What if the situation was reversed? What about African women who get a perm? Can they be blamed for stealing the traditional do of white people, straight hair?

And what about clothes? Can white people be guilty of culture theft if they wear a poncho? Or a kaftan? Or a kimono? Also, what about food? Are all my friends really anti-Japan because they all happen to love Sushi?

What about other cultural stuff? Musical styles, musical instruments, languages and dialects, body art and body modifications? Am I racist because I have tattoos, which originated among African tribes? Really?

Where do we draw the line for culture theft? Where do we draw the line for racism?

Peace, love and roots are made to be broken

I <3 Bloody Fashion


Bust Magazine is amazing. I signed up to their mailing list a few years ago and I am still not tired of it. Every once in a while, they send an email with excerpts from their latest issue, or an ad for another Craftacular art fair to take place in the States. Back when I was writing Fallopian Falafel, they provided me with great story ideas or topics of debate for readers.

Today, I received an email featuring gift ideas for V-Day.

Living in Israel I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. But V-Day is also the day to end violence against women. So that, I do celebrate. So I checked out the gift ideas, not really expecting to find anything that will tickle my fancy.

But I did!

One of the featured items was period panties from the online shop Broken Cherry. Now, so far, I’ve only been using cloth pads but always wanted to try out period panties. And the panties I found are not only special because they’re made especially for bloody days, but they are designed with cool motifs and lines.

I browsed through them and saw three that I liked and couldn’t decide which one to get, so I bought myself all three! They’re $7 a pop, and shipping to Israel was a fortune, but it’s so worth it!

Here is what ended up in my cart!

Bleeder of the Pack



Dawn of the Red

dawn1 dawn2


Best ever: Cunt Dracula



Peace, love and Red, Blood, Fire, Burn!

DIY Month – Day 24: Patch Design


I have dozens of grrrlVIRUS patches. I’m selling some, trading some, giving some as gifts, sewed a few on my clothes/bags, and more than I know what to do with. So I decided it was time to make a different patch. I considered a few ideas:

– “I ❤ Zines”
– “Fuck the press. Zines are the best.”
– “Metal Grrrl”
– Some feminized version of the Holy Name in Hebrew (Elohima, Hakdosha Brucha Hi, etc.)

But then, I thought of the obvious. I never had a riot grrrl patch, so why not make one? So I used a piece of fabric, some black and pink fabric paint, and stenciled a simple yet pretty riot grrrl logo. I’m quite happy with it. Once it dries, I’ll sew it on my backpack.

RG PatchRG Patch material

Peace, love and Riot On!

DIY Month – Day 22: Friendship Bracelet


Saturday was saved especially for jewelry making. Since I was never a huge fan of bead jewelry, and unless you’re talented like my friend, sticking a string through a bead seems pretty boring, I made a friendship bracelet instead.

I learned how to make them by myself. One day, when I was around 17, I found a half-finished friendship bracelet next to a pay phone. I took it home and I slowly undid it, all the while keeping tabs on the steps to redo it again. This was how I taught myself the skill of making art by making a series of knots in sequence.

Making this kind of bracelet usually takes me longer than a day, so I decided to leave the rest of it for the end of the month.

This is me at my parents’ house with the half-finished bracelet pinned to my knee.

Crafting bracelet

Peace, love and prerequisites for being a hippie: guitar (which I play), pot (this is my 420th post!) and friendship bracelets (see above)

DIY Month – Day 18: Modify Shirt


I’m still depressed because of Buxy’s passing. Last night I couldn’t stop hugging Diamond and kissing her forehead. The time we spend with our pets is too short. Buxy was 11 when he passed away, but I’ve been with him for only five years because I couldn’t take him with me when I moved to Israel. He would have been miserable. So I take comfort in the fact that he was happy and loved until the very end. But I’m still sad that I didn’t spend the last years with him.

Last night, I had to force myself to do the activity I planned. I think art and creation is the only thing that can keep you going when you feel upset. When you are standing in front of your creation, the fruit of your labors, sometimes it’s the only thing that makes you feel alive. So last night, I picked a shirt to modify.

The shirt is one I got from my aunt in LA. She always sends my mom and me really neat stuff. This t-shirt is dark gray with skulls and anchors drawn on the front and nothing on the back. My aunt knows I like stuff like skulls, so she thought it would be good for me. When I tried it on, the length of the shirt was good, but the sleeves were weird because they weren’t long enough to be t-shirt sleeves and they weren’t short enough to be tank-top sleeves. They were somewhere in the middle and it made me uncomfortable.

So I decided to do away with the sleeves. I also cut out a bit of the collar to make it look more like a normal tank top. And the empty back of the shirt bothered me, so I printed a grrrlVIRUS logo in Hebrew with a stencil I made.

I’m happy with the tank top. I have something new to wear in summer. Now all I need is some sunshine.

The shirt before it was modified

The shirt before it was modified

Shirt after it was modified. Sleeves and collar chopped off.

Shirt after it was modified. Sleeves and collar chopped off.

Back of the shirt with printed grrrlVIRUS logo in Hebrew.

Back of the shirt with printed grrrlVIRUS logo in Hebrew.

Peace, love and making some art in Buxy’s memory seems like a good idea