Taste the Metal!


And now, as promised, here are some sample scans from my latest zine, Raise Your Horns, all about my life as a metalhead, written on ZineWriMo 2018. Fucking A!

Now, now don’t be shy! Send me requests for trades! You know you want to 🙂


Page 3

Page 15

Page 21

Page 50


Peace, love and raise ’em up to the sky!


ZineWriMo: Index and Pinky


I can smell the end of the work in progress zine. A more than full-length beauty, all about my death metal life and my love of this deliciously brutal genre of music.

After I finish typing up the last piece, I am estimating a 60-page zine, size A6 (1/4 page), very text-heavy, but containing a lot of badass stories, photos, backgrounds, and a cute little segment of Twigz.

A couple of spoilers:

  1. I called the zine “Raise Your Horns”. So now, every time I come across the cover, Amon Amarth’s song gets stuck in my head for the rest of the day. I find myself silently growling “we will drink to glory tonight” even while in the office, and I wonder if the clients think I’m about to vomit. Ha!
  2. Here’s a sneak peak of the headlines to be found in the zine:20181126_153642_1

There’s a few more, but that’s all you’re getting for now.

After the final piece, I will put the pages together and off to the printer it goes. I hope to do that on Thursday morning.


Peace, love and Channukah doughnuts!

ZineWriMo: Work in Prog Metal


Since I’ve been neglecting all other ZineWriMo prompts for the past few days and working solely on my work-in-progress zine, I’ve been hauling ass. I currently have 44 pages ready to be laid out for the zine, and it shows by my worsening posture and the bruises on my fingers, or what I like to call my zinester wounds.

I have yet to type out one more piece, design my comics section as well as the cover, and see if I’m up for adding a drawing or two (which I don’t think I’m up for – remember, I suck at drawing). So I could very well end up with a 52 or a 56-page zine. Or maybe more, who knows?

I should have known that it would be gigantic. It is about metal, after all. And I seriously can’t say enough about it. I don’t think I even added everything I wrote in my brainstorming list. But what I do have is more than enough, don’t you think?

Here is one thing I didn’t write in the zine: My ringtone is the intro to Deceiver of the Gods, and my daughter, being the cutest little metalhead ever, says “Amonamak” every time it rings! I really should buy her a pint-size Amon Amarth t-shirt. It’s her birthday today. She deserves it.

Peace, love and death metal for life

Grab Zine by the Horns


ZineWriMo Lite continues…

I was going to make a mini zine about my favorite snacks to have while engaging in hardcore zine-production, but I didn’t. I’ve made quite a bit of mini zines lately, and I really wanted to focus more on my work in progress zine, which by the way, I’m having a total blast with. This morning, I spent typing away on my typewriter, and now my fingers are nice and bruised.

I got a bunch of the writing done. I did the collage, I wrote a poem, I started planning the cover and have a pretty good idea of what I want to do for the comics. In fact, if I get the comics part nailed, I’m thinking about getting one part of it as a tattoo. Probably on my left wrist. A cute little drawing of my mascot, Twigz, flashing metalhorns will look adorable.

Speaking of metalhorns, I went to Sunday Metal Night last night! I was planning on taking my notebook but I completely forgot. Anyway, I’ll still add a small segment about it in my zine. I’m having so much fun writing metal, talking metal, listening to metal, living and breathing it at every waking hour, I find myself loving it even more.

Seriously, I love zines and I love metal. Writing a zine about metal is just about EVERYTHING! I really don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner. Silly me.

Regarding the double-sided mini zine, I think I’ll incorporate the snack theme on one side of it, but I’ll keep it for later. I really want to keep going with my WIP.

Meanwhile, it’s my daughter’s birthday parties this week – at the daycare tomorrow, at my in-laws’ on Wednesday, and at my parents’ this weekend, so I got enough things to keep me busy, I doubt I’ll get much work done anyway.

Peace, love and Disturbed is coming to Israel bitches!!!

ZineWriMo: Stickage


In this segment of ZineWriMo, we will be discussing collages.

I like collages. Unless my glue runs out – then I like my local office supplies store where I can purchase more glue to make more collages.

Collages rule because they usually don’t involve much concentration needed mostly when I engage in the written art form.

They also rule because they don’t give me a headache like drawings do. I suck at drawing. I said that already, didn’t I? So whenever I try to draw, I get a headache, and fail miserably, and get angry as a result. But collages don’t involve any drawing. I just print out a bunch of awesome pics and put them together however they fit. It’s like a puzzle, only it rules harder.

So today, I made a collage for my metal zine. I printed out a bunch of photos and logos of bands I like, put them together in no particular pattern (as in, the logo doesn’t necessarily fit with the picture of the band it’s stuck on) and sprinkled a bunch of little metal horns all over. I’ll have to place it in the middle of the zine as it’s spread over two pages. It’s officially the biggest and most elaborate collage I’ve made in an A6-size zine (1/4 page size).

I love the way it looks, just as badass as I intended it to be.

I won’t post a picture of it here because I rather unveil it along with the completed zine.

Peace, love and paper art is totally where it’s at


ZineWriMo: Planning for Nothing


ZineWriMo Day 9 was to write a mini-zine full of words. That was basically what I did on Day 8 with the stream of consciousness writing. The mini zine has no photos, just words, words and more words. And since it was Friday, I did nothing.

ZineWriMo Day 10 was a Sabbath and I didn’t organize my zine goodies as they were pretty much already where they should be – locked away in a cupboard where my daughter couldn’t get to it.

For today, Day 11 (showing off my zine tools), I had two things planned, but Murphy and his godforsaken Law got in the way, yet again. And this time, twice in a single day.

I planned to make a mini zine with full-color photos of my zine tools. I shot the photos on Thursday so that I can have them printed and ready for today. I emailed them to my husband (who works at a print shop and takes care of all my printing needs) but he missed that email and didn’t print them. So making a mini zine of zine tools will not happen today. Hopefully, tomorrow, lest Murphy decides to have his way again and makes me his bitch.

I also planned to go to metal night tonight and asked my mom to clear her schedule so she can come over tonight and babysit my daughter, while my husband and I go to the bar. But then, metal night was postponed to the 18th of the month, and my mom is still coming over tonight. So it happens that tonight we have a babysitter and no metal night, and on the 18th we have metal night and no sitter.

I wanted to add a segment about Jerusalem’s Sunday Metal Night on my WIP zine for this month, and I will, but unfortunately, it won’t start with “I am now at Blaze Bar, writing this while wholesome face-melting metal tunes are blasting through the speakers.”


Unless Murphy makes my computer crash and my pen run out of ink, the only thing I have left to do today is to continue working on my WIP zine. So yeah, I’ll get back to that now.

Peace, love and one of these days, I’ll murder the fucker.

ZineWriMo: bRain and Thunders


As I wrote in my previous post, my ZineWriMo will be “ZineWriMo Lite” because my life (and my daughter’s life) gets in the way of everything.

Anyway, the activity I set for today, at least, is the same as the one in the list: Fighting winter blues with a much better storm than what the weather has in store for us: Brainstorm.

I focused my brainstorming solely on what I plan to do for my full-length work-in-progress zine for this month, because I already have a pretty good idea of what I plan to do for the other minizines.

20181101_094146I switched on my player, and it blasted out a bunch of metal tunes, one by one, without the usual softer interludes I get in the shuffle (such as Funset, Guns N’ Roses, Aviv Geffen, Michael Jackson, other non-metals…). I loved it so much, it clearly influenced my brainstorming because I decided on the theme of metal for my upcoming zine!

Back when I was pregnant and unable to create anything, I tried to write a metal zine, but it didn’t work. My pregnancy drained me of all inspiration for creative endeavors and whatever I did manage to put down on paper, I absolutely fucking loathed.

But metal is such a vital part of my life, I find it absurd that I have never written a full-length zine about it. Sure, I do mention it in my other zines, here and there, but there’s so much more I want to say about it. It deserves a full-length zine.

I wrote a whole list of what to include in the zine and drew up plans for add-ins like a metal-related collage, drawing, poem and cartoon (featuring my mascot, Twigz).

I can’t wait to get this started!!! So fucking excited. I shall make like Warbringer and descend into savagery! METAL HORNS ALL THE WAY UP!

Peace, love and bloodwork-in-progress