Summer is finally here, thank the good Goddess, and summer events in Jerusalem are right around the corner. The ones that I love most are Slutwalk, LGBT Pride, and the annual Artists’ Fair at the Sultan’s Pool. I don’t always attend them, but I still try my best because having a life outside of my mother-of-a-toddler one is necessary for my sanity and emotional wellbeing.

Before they announced the final dates for Slutwalk and Pride, I knew that most of the time, Slutwalk takes place around the end of May, and Pride sometime around early August. As it turns out this year, Slutwalk is happening on May 24, but Pride will be a couple of weeks later on June 6. This gave me an idea for a zine that I could write in July during International Zine Month.

I already have a postcard collection I call Alternative Jerusalem, so why not have a zine to go along with that? If I can, in fact, make it to these two events and take a few pictures and write some stuff about my experience, it would be nice to add it to a new issue of my zine.

The Artists’ Fair is always around August, so adding it to said zine will not work if I plan to write it in July. And I’m not even sure I’ll want to go. I almost never do if neither Aviv Geffen nor Hayehudim are on the bill. I made the mistake of going once to see Barry Sacharof and wanted to kill myself the whole night, as his entire musical set was made so disgustingly Middle Eastern that it made my ears bleed. But if I find out that Aviv Geffen or Hayehudim are planning to make an appearance at the Fair, I will definitely consider going, and maybe I’ll put off the release of the zine in order to add a segment about the show too.

And if Ka wills it and my husband and I make it to Sunday Metal Night at Blaze Bar between now and then, a segment about that is also in order.

Yes, that will be one awesome Alternative Jerusalemite Summer and one awesome kickass zine to go along with it!

Peace, love and fuck yeah summer!!!

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Still not making any zines, but I’m still being pretty creative. The potty-training party I’m planning for my kid is making me spend all my money on stuff I need for the endeavor, and spend all my creativity as well.

The party theme I chose is teddy-bear picnic, so I’m trying to set up the living room to look like a park. I bought a grass-looking rug, bought some green paint and construction paper to make some bushes and trees to hang around the house, bought a new shower curtain and a paper-doll chain of teddy bears to hang in the bathroom, a bunch of other toys and stickers and temp tattoo games, an industrial amount of new underwear ages 2 to 4, and so much other stuff, enough to land me in the poor house.

And of course, I spent a hearty 180 NIS on a potty-training doll. Anatomically correct, coming with a bottle and a potty, which means you can actually get her to drink and make her pee on the potty. The party plan also involves getting the doll to have accidents. For that purpose, my mom sewed some doll-sized panties (that the doll will wet), and I spent the last couple of hours decorating them with fabric paint.


They’re not exactly mind-blowing by any means, but I did try to draw shapes and objects that I know my daughter likes – stars, hearts, flowers, butterflies, a smiley face, a teddy bear and a snail. Having to squeeze the fabric-paint bottles with my myotonized fingers proved to be harder than expected, so now I’m in a bit of pain, but pretty damn happy with myself. If it won’t get my daughter potty-trained, at least I know my daughter will like it.

Further creativity to be drained includes wrapping a bunch of toys as little gifts, re-writing popular kids’ songs with potty-training-related lyrics (in Hebrew no less!), painting bristol boards and construction paper to look like sky with clouds, a sun and birds, as well as trees, bushes, flowers and maybe some bees, molding poop-shaped pebbles out of brown fimo, decorating tiny plastic cups with stickers, decorating a potty with stickers, decorating the fuck out of the toilet with stickers, baking cookies and other treats (goddamn Passover is only going to make it that much harder on me), and loads of other stuff I can’t think of right now.

When I started this whole business, my husband said “I think you’re enjoying organizing this party more than our kid will enjoy the party itself.” I told him he’s wrong, and that I’m going out of my way so that she will enjoy it, and that for me it’s actually a headache… but yeah, I admit it. I do enjoy being creative. If making zines is not happening, making art for my kid is the next best thing.

Peace, love and smell the magic

Feelin’ the Zine Love


As a lonely Israeli zinester, surrounded by people who know nothing of zines, who have no interest in them and don’t even know how to properly pronounce the word “zine”, coming across some zinester love is rare for me. And if I do come across it, I cherish it and never never take it for granted.

So today, I felt the zine love coming from all the way across the ocean, namely from Australia, by the amazing zine queen Nyx and Sea Green Zines, who featured the zines I sent her in her Happy Mail Monday video podcast! Aside from this totally kicking ass in and of itself, Nyx included also a segment about Nina (Echo Publishing) and her artwork, postcards and a mini-zine in that same video.

Being named in this podcast, along with other such incredible zine makers suddenly made me feel not so alone. And being part of this community is what makes it all worthwhile. It’s exactly what I felt during the Boston Zine Fest I attended in 2015. People of different backgrounds and identities, united in a common love for the craft, in an event and a setting with nothing but mutual respect, love, appreciation, inspiration, encouragement, trading and sharing zines, comments, experiences and positive feedback. This is what I felt during the zine fest, and what I felt again watching this video.

There is nothing better than that. It simply made my day, and my week.

This Thursday is Tai Chi Thursday. During the meditation part, there is the “appreciation stage” during which you need to think of two good things that happened to you in the last few days. I can totally see myself focussing on this zine love as one of the majorly good things.

The second good thing I will think about is that I finally bought a new bag! At first, I was thinking of getting something that would be fitting for a zinester travel bag, where I can pack all my zines tools for making zines on the go. But then I thought a bit more about it, and it didn’t seem appropriate for me right now, considering my life and also the country where I live. I mean, there is no way I could pack a pair of scissors in my bag. This is Israel we’re talking about. There are security personnel in every hole and a pair of scissors is a weapon. Plus, I don’t really travel anywhere anymore. And even if I did, I also wouldn’t pack a pair of scissors as it would be confiscated.

So instead, I decided to get a purse where I could fit all my most important stuff – wallet, mobile phone, work keys, home keys, ID, journal, pen, lunch (for work), charger, chapstick (never leave home without it), checkbook, my most recent reading material (a zine or a Stephen King book) and a pack of gum.

I was looking for a very specific bag: black, made of hemp, with a lot of compartments, and I found it at the mall. It’s the first thing I got to cross off my list of resolutions! I also ordered an Amon Amarth patch to sew on the top flap of the bag. It’s gonna look badass. I’m so happy and excited about it!

Peace, love and zine magic forever!


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ZineWriMo: Stickage


In this segment of ZineWriMo, we will be discussing collages.

I like collages. Unless my glue runs out – then I like my local office supplies store where I can purchase more glue to make more collages.

Collages rule because they usually don’t involve much concentration needed mostly when I engage in the written art form.

They also rule because they don’t give me a headache like drawings do. I suck at drawing. I said that already, didn’t I? So whenever I try to draw, I get a headache, and fail miserably, and get angry as a result. But collages don’t involve any drawing. I just print out a bunch of awesome pics and put them together however they fit. It’s like a puzzle, only it rules harder.

So today, I made a collage for my metal zine. I printed out a bunch of photos and logos of bands I like, put them together in no particular pattern (as in, the logo doesn’t necessarily fit with the picture of the band it’s stuck on) and sprinkled a bunch of little metal horns all over. I’ll have to place it in the middle of the zine as it’s spread over two pages. It’s officially the biggest and most elaborate collage I’ve made in an A6-size zine (1/4 page size).

I love the way it looks, just as badass as I intended it to be.

I won’t post a picture of it here because I rather unveil it along with the completed zine.

Peace, love and paper art is totally where it’s at


ZineWriMo: Color It In


As part of ZineWriMo 2018, I am now in the process of making a colorful minizine. I’m actually kinda struggling with this a bit.

Reason 1: I don’t have a decent set of colors to work with. I went to the office supplies store this morning and bought a new set of markers failing to notice that it doesn’t even include the color purple. PURPLE! My favorite fucking color and it’s not even in the set.

Reason 2: I’m on the first day of my period and am not in the least bit inspired to make anything mindblowing.

Reason 3: I suck at drawing.

Anyway, I made the front cover which is already something. My idea for the zine was to use a different color on every page and fill it with a few words that I relate to the respective color (eg. Purple: grapes, geffen, royalty, healing, serenity, bruise). A bit on the kitschy side but whatever.

I hope to finish it before heading home because once there, I need to sleep. I got no more than four hours of sleep last night because of this horrible fucking cough.

It’s amazing how Murphy’s Law always gets me. Back during International Zine Month, when I was working on my zine, I also went through a bout of coughing my lungs out on a regular basis. I even complain about it in the zine itself. Why is it that whenever I need my strength and need a decent night sleep to get in the zinestering mood that Murphy decides to return with a vengeance and make me gasp for air?


Peace, love and I rather choke on Purple Haze

I Zine Therefore I Am


ZineWriMo is coming up and I’m jonesing for some zine production again.

The last zine I made was in July for International Zine Month. The way I set it up was to make a full-length zine in one month. ZineWriMo seems to be more or less the same idea, but the activities are more diverse and involve making more than just one zine, but also a bunch of minizines of different themes.

The list of activities was drawn up by Sea Green Zines, and here it is.


I really really want to participate! But I don’t know how realistic it is. My daughter’s second birthday is coming up and she’ll no doubt have at least three parties (one at the daycare, one at my parents’ and one at my in-laws) all of which will involve my active participation and organization. My maternal duties are still hardcore, cooking, cleaning, laundry, raising my kid, getting through the dreaded “me, me, me!” stage while still holding on to some semblance of sanity, fighting the urge to sleep all the fucking time…

Just like IZM, I know it’s not realistic for me to do all the activities of ZineWriMo. But if I manage my time properly, maybe I could at least get some of them done, and even that will be nice. I already have some ideas popping up here and there for some of these activities, so I say why the hell not. And what better way to fight the impending winter blues than by making zines?

Now if I can only get through this tired shit… Maybe I should consider ingesting caffeine pills because lord knows I can’t stand coffee.

Peace, love and warm up that typewriter!

IZM Zine Unveiled


I promised you some photos of my IZM Zine so here they are!


Also, I posted the zine on my Etsy shop so you can buy it here.


In case you have an awesomely bitchin zine of your own and want to trade, do contact me! I love me some trades and zinesters kick ass.

July 5

About the IZM Zine:
32 pages
Size A6 (1/4 page)
Black and white
Text-heavy (handwritten and typewritten)
Little to no computer used in the making of the zine


July 3

Amazine indeed!

Page 22

Peace, love and zineroots revisited