MoZi Prompts


The Monthly Zine Project prompts are up and I’m all a-tingle. But not as much as I had hoped to be. There are some prompts that do not appeal to me so these will either have to be deleted from my list or replaced with others.

So here are my plans:

January: Trees
I was hoping this prompt will be a little later in the year so I can write a bit more about the new lemon tree in our backyard. It’s still small and young and has yet to bear fruit. But it’s actually really fitting that Tu Bishvat (the Jewish Arbor Day) is in January! So I can definitely write about that.

February: No-One Is Illegal
No, I don’t really want to write about that. Instead of that, I’m thinking of writing a zine about triangle families and maybe busting a few of the myths associated with having an only-child. It’s a difficult topic for me to write about but I’m willing to give it a shot.

March: Mirror
I think I want to tackle the magical aspect associated with mirrors. Why does it feature in horror movies, fairy tales, songs, etc.? What is it that makes the mirror such a mystical object?

April: Pets
I’ll write about all the pets I’ve had in the past and today, and also which ones I would have liked to have but never did.

May: Protection
Umm, no. I can’t think of anything related to this prompt that I actually want to write about. I’m replacing it with the topic of drawing. Since I’m hoping to sign up to a drawing course soon, I might have enough material for a zine about it by May. And I’ll definitely include some of the drawings I manage to make.

June: Celebration
We celebrate Shavuot in June so I’ll write about that.

July: Clothes
July is International Zine Month and I’m usually too busy working on a full-length zine to be doing much of anything else… but why don’t I work on a full-length zine about clothes? I’m sure I can fill a whole zine with pieces related to this topic. I just need to brainstorm and I’m set.

August: Tools
I think I’ll write a bit about my muscular condition and how I really can’t use any fucking tools because my hands are too weak. Yes, this prompt makes me angry, and I can put this anger to good use.

September: Dreams
As literal as it gets. I’m going to write about dreams I have at night, including nightmares, flying dreams, sexy dreams, and everything. And also why I love sleep so much.

October: Things I’ve Read
Yet another opportunity to brag about my addiction to Stephen King. Don’t mind if I do!

November: BLM
November is ZineWriMo, and I honestly have nothing to say about BLM. This movement does not exist in Israel (though it probably should because there are Ethiopian Jews living in Israel and racism exists here too). I was thinking about writing another issue of Raise Your Horns for a while now, so why don’t I do that? Write a bit more about metal and my utter desperate love for this genre of music.

December: Magic
Well, Hanukkah is in December. Maybe I should talk a bit about the magic of Hanukkah or something… I’ll figure it out when the time comes.

So there you have it. My plans for MoZiPro are set and I’m quite pleased with them. How about you? Are you also participating in MoZiPro? How do you feel about the prompts?

Peace, love and *changing Rose Madder’s ink ribbon*

ZineWriMo 2021 – Day 22 to 28


Day 22 – Work on Picabook Photo Album:
Original prompt: Creative Spaces – share pics and writing (moved to Day 24)
It’s my daughter’s birthday today, so the prompt I set for today was to continue working on my kid’s Picabook photo album for the year.
It’s like so me to forget to bring my camera to work so that I can do the prompt. But luckily, I still had enough material to work with because of the photos I shoot with my phone and those I get via Whatsapp from my kid’s gan. So I uploaded all of those to the Picabook photo album and organized them as best as I could. I had such a good time, I literally forgot to eat! I had lunch just 20 minutes before my shift ended. I’m planning to complete the photo album on Day 28. Tonight, I will be taking some photos of my creative space and post them tomorrow along with photos of tools of the zine and bake trade.

Day 23 – Tools of the Bake Trade and Space
Original prompt: Tools of the Zine Trade (moved to Day 24)
Today, I baked my daughter’s birthday cake for her party at kindergarten tomorrow. I decided it would be a perfect time to take a picture of my bake space and tools! Tomorrow, work-in-progress Wednesday, I hope to finish up my zine and take a picture of my zine space and tools then.

Day 24 – Work in Progress Wednesday plus Creative Zine Spaces and Tools
After I got home from work today, I tried my best to finalize the zine. I corrected all typos and spelling mistakes but I still need to go over it one more time just to make sure it’s all good. I had zero time to do that and had to go pick up my kid from gan. She had her party today and probably had tons of sugar because when she got back home, she was all hyperactive and throwing shit around. LOL! I did get a chance to take a picture of my creative space. As you can see, it’s just the dining table. That’s right. I have no working station so whenever I want to make a zine, I need to take out my material and lay it out on the dining table. My favorite creative tool is obviously my typewriter. Isn’t she a total drop-dead-gorgeous bombshell?

Day 25 – ZineWiki
Original prompt: write to a friend
This morning, I did the first few steps of the rainbow cake. Thank the Goddess I didn’t leave the entire process to tomorrow because damn, it took me SO LONG! There are six layers to this cake, and I should have known it’s basically like making six separate cakes and every single step I needed to do, times six! Mix the coloring, times six; mix it with the batter, times six; oil up six separate platters; spill the batter in platter, times six; bake, times six; set to cool, times six; set in fridge until I can continue the motherfucker tomorrow morning, times six. Phew!
When I got to the office, I checked out the ZineWiki website. I go on there every once in a while to check on my edits and see if my pages are still up. They are. I also checked to see if I added the zine I made during International Zine Month 2021, “More than Default-Male”. I did. And it’s still up. That’s basically it for today.

Day 26 – Friday Baking
Original prompt: Set your zine free (moved to Day 28)
I had a hard time with the rainbow unicorn cake but I so owned it! Also, I let my daughter put the finishing decorations on it and she totally owned it too! I sent my parents a picture of it and my dad says “Now I know for sure that you’re in the wrong line of work.” And once again, I reiterated my belief that if I were to do this shit for money, it would never come out as good as it did. It also tasted great, which was a huge plus. I am so proud of my baking achievements for this month. I wish I could say the same for ZineWriMo, but alas, I only have two hands and not much time on them, so I’ll just have to be happy with what I got.

Day 27 – White Sabbath
Original prompt: Make a zine for a friend
Since my daughter got so many amazing gifts for her birthday, I spent the Sabbath playing with her and organizing some of her new clothes. She got a pretty elaborate Lego set and I fucking love building Lego. I tried to get my kid to help me find the right pieces and she did for a while, but then she got bored and moved on to another very original gift she got – a box of surprises – while I went on building the whole set. Such a blast! Now she likes playing with the completed thing.

Day 28 – Baking Thought Garden for Hanukkah and Zine Reveal
This evening is the lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah and I got the day off work. I spent my day working on my daughter’s Picabook photo album before having to pick her up from Kindergarten which closed early today because of the Hanukkah party they had this evening. I kept getting interrupted by Whatsapp notifications from the parents’ group of my kid’s gan. There was this whole issue with the Hanukkah day camp that the municipality decided to not open because there weren’t enough kids that signed up or whatever shit. The parents were stressed and got the rest of the parents stressed and the whole shitshow got me stressed as well and gave me a pounding headache for the rest of the day. There was no chance for a thought garden with such a fucking headache, so it’s a good thing that last week I was smart enough to set out a schedule for the whole of December. We got a fuckload of plans for that month so I needed to have it laid out in front of me so that I don’t forget anything.
The Hanukkah party at gan was a lot of fun and my daughter was a sweetheart, but I was glad when it was over because my facemask could barely conceal my endless yawns.
I still didn’t print my zine but I promised you a reveal so a reveal you shall have! I give you the cover page of the 18th issue of my perzine, Purple Moon Spawn – A PMS Perzine, special issue about baking!

Peace, love and stay tuned for the ZineWriMo recap coming in the next few days!

ZineWriMo 2021 – Days 15 to 21


Day 15 – Halfway Mark, Your Day Your Way:
Today, at the office, I started the preliminary preps for the layout of my zine – counted the pages, calculated the exact number I would need for full double-sided pages (you know, multiplied by 4 and all that stuff), printed out a few backgrounds, started correcting and touching up typos and spelling mistakes in my written material (this comes with the territory of using a manual typewriter), and set up the outer and inner cover pages. I’m waiting for my husband to print a few color pictures I want to use in the zine before I officially start pasting the pages. It’s gonna be silly if I find I run out of space after everything is firmly stuck. I hope I’ll start proper layout tomorrow.
So far, I especially love the way I planned my table of contents. I set it up like a recipe! Now I can’t complete it until all the pages are in place, but it looks great!

Day 16 – The Halfway Update:
So my update for half of ZineWriMo is that I made one mini zine, got a new notebook and made it into my awesome Zine & Bake Ideas Book, and finished laying out half the pages in my work-in-progress zine! And you should have seen what my work space looked like – all sprinkled up and down with paper clippings and Washi tape snippings and all the fun stuff. I think it’s a pretty awesome achievement considering all the other non-ZineWriMo things I keep busy with. But in truth, this by no means indicates that I’m halfway done with my zine. After all the pages are laid out, I still have to go over the entire thing and correct the text wherever needed, number the pages and write up the final table of contents. But I am very happy with the way it looks so far, and I am pleased with my achievements so far. I hope to have much more to brag about on the second half of the month. What have you lovely zinesters been busy with?

Day 17 – Work-in-Progress Wednesday
I continued my layout today but I didn’t finish the second half. I’m a bit distracted today by a bunch of motherhood-related things, mostly extra-curricular courses I want to sign my daughter up for. I’m trying to work all of these into my schedule which is packed enough as it is and I wonder if I really need all this extra stress in my life. And then I think, of course I do! My daughter spends half of her free time begging me to take her to a course her friends are going to, and then spends the other half pouting when I refuse simply because I’m still scared of Covid. But yesterday, I cracked, and took her to a Zumba class with her friends and she was so excited, I couldn’t stand it. So now, I’m trying to fit into my schedule as many courses as I can, without missing out on too much baking or too much writing or too much sleeping, and it’s driving me nuts. So with all this confusion, it’s no wonder I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I strongly doubt I’ll have any time at all for blackout poetry tomorrow as I’m planning a major baking challenge for the weekend and I’ll have to start it tomorrow after work.
However, with all this stress, it should be noted I’m having a total blast! So much excitement and so many activities that I enjoy and that my daughter enjoys, with a bunch of new things to experience – new recipes to try, new courses and talents to explore, new zine coming up (distractions notwithstanding) – and the imminent holiday which is always a thrill for all of us – all of that is like coming back to life after two long years of doing jackshit. So worth it!

Day 18 – Blackout Poetry
Original prompt: Stream of Consciousness
No blackout poetry and no stream of consciousness. I spent the day at the office working on my zine layout. It’s nearing completion and I’m very happy about that. What’s left to do is:
* Inner and outer back cover
* Numbering the pages
* Writing out the table of contents
* Going over the whole thing, checking for typos and spelling mistakes
I’ll probably do most of these on Sunday, Day 21, where the prompt fits. Playing with my art supplies to design the inner and back cover and finish the table of contents especially.
At home, I have a specific time-managed schedule for the cake I’m planning, and as I see it, there isn’t a single minute of free time. Thank the goddess there are no courses today or I would just lose it!

Day 19 – Friday Baking:
Original prompt: ZineWiki Day (moved to Day 25)
This morning was a busy one but I managed to finish all the things I had planned. First, my husband and I went to my daughter’s gan and helped her plant some tulip bulbs in the entrance. It’ll take another two months for them to grow but it was still fun. Then we went to the grocery store and I stocked up on some more baking stuff because next week is my kid’s birth-week and many cakes are in order. Case in point, the one I made today is the first one – the Amsterdam cake! I finally unlocked Pro-Level on Hashef Halavan website and I couldn’t be prouder of myself! This is a chocolate-cheesecake that took me two days to make and it came out delicious. I collected praises from my family left and right.

Day 20 – The Seventh Day at the Seven Wells
Original prompt: Blackout poetry (planned for Day 18 but not done)
Shabbat in Be’er Sheva was nice and quiet just as it should be and my kid was super happy playing with the new gifts she got for her birthday. I went on reading my Dean Koontz and I’m thinking maybe I should use one of the sections there for a Blackout Poetry zine. Remains to be seen when I have time.

Day 21 – Play with Art Supplies:
Today at the office, I played with my markers, stickers and Washi tape while numbering the pages of my zine, finally completing the table of contents, designing the inner-back cover and the contact page on the outer-back cover. It was fun and I think it looks quite nice. I still need to find the right time to go over the whole thing and correct typos but that’s something I can only do at home because I use my typewriter for that. But this upcoming week is my daughter’s birth-week and the baking plans abound. I hope I still manage to find the time to complete my zine, print it, and reveal it to you lovely folks before the end of the month. I hope you’re drooling because this will be one delicious zine!

Peace, love and chocolate smudges and vanilla extract stains on the pages

IZM 2021 – Wrap and Roll!


Yes, I know, I was supposed to publish this post yesterday. But things have been stalling and I blanked out and flaked out and a bunch of other excuses that don’t really matter anyway. So finally, here is my International Zine Month recap!

Last year, I didn’t participate in International Zine Month because the global pandemic upset me to the point where I had no will or inspiration to create anything, let alone a zine.

But this year, although the pandemic is still alive and well, not having made any decent zine or artistic creation for over a year really got to me. So once I heard about Multi-Gender Hebrew, my mind started branching out in all directions and I was like “Shit! I HAVE to write a zine about this.” I guess I really missed it because IZM definitely got the job done and inspired me to write that zine and do all these things listed below!

So now that it’s over, here is what I managed to achieve this month:

  • I wrote a definition of “zine” and a list of why I love it.
  • I re-read the zine “Welcome to Bend”
  • On July 4, I managed to cover all my zine distro bases, ordered some zines and downloaded a zine.
  • I read two zines I never read before – “I Pleut Des Gouines” and “Brown Girl”.
  • I participated in an online zine-making event
  • I updated my listings on ZineWiki.
  • I made a new flyer for my Etsy shop and my zine.
  • I tried two new recipes – Chocolate cake in ice cream cones, and Amsterdam Cookies.
  • Traded zines with Henry Jaepelt (though I have yet to receive his letter, and I have yet to send mine)
  • I taught my daughter about zines, typewriters and Washi tapes. She made two lovely minis.
  • I researched the zine scene in Israel.
  • I made a Zine Production playlist on YouTube.
  • I paid a visit to the office supplies store and bought a new gluestick and some new Washi tapes.
  • I took a shelfie with my zine collection and another selfie with my zine.
  • I made a total of three zines! Not only did I write a full-length zine, but a 72-page one. Plus, I made two other small-scale zines on top of that – a micro-zine about 15 things I learned in Israel in 15 years, and a collaboration zine with Henry Jaepelt and my friend Shoshana. All three zines came out spectacularly well!

I know that this may not seem like much to you, but it is to me, for two reasons. First of all, since not making anything for over a year, I thought I got quite rusty. Turns out I did get rusty but that didn’t keep me from making three fucking zines in one month, plus a bunch of other things!

Second of all, my maternal duties did not take a break, and neither did my sleepiness. There were days I got home and had to force myself to take out my typewriter, the whole time bitching about how tired I am. But hey, it worked and I got all this shit done!

Proving to myself that I can still participate in IZM was very encouraging and satisfying. I can’t wait for ZineWriMo coming up in November! Very excited for that challenge too!

Peace, love and determination

IZM 2021 – Day 29 to 31


Day 29: Zine reveal and take a photo with my zine
This morning, I didn’t do anything zine-related. I couldn’t take a picture with my zine because it’s not printed yet. My husband just took it to work today to scan and print a sample copy of my zine. So I decided to take a picture with it in the evening, which I did! (And again, I look kinda dorky, but I’m still wearing a fucking awesome shirt that says “Make Zines not War” that I bought from the amazing Jolie Noggle). I did leave for work a little earlier so that I can drop by the post office and check my PO box.
Guess what! I got the zine I ordered from Zines & Ting. So at least they delivered. I still got nothing from Brown Recluse, not even a lousy email. Whatever, I don’t care anymore. I’ll read my zine from Zines & Ting this weekend and try to think of a better distro than Brown Recluse to order from next year.

Day 30: Friday baking
Original prompt: Post online about my IZM experience (roundup moved to August 1)
Today, my daughter and I made what she calls Bramies. That’s brownies, right. We’ve made them a few times before and they always come out delicious.

Day 31: Der Schlaf
Original prompt: HallowZine (cancelled due to lack of relevance and due to my will to sleep on Shabbat)
I was at my parents’ place in Be’er Sheva on Shabbat. So I took the opportunity to do some reading and read the zine from Zines & Ting, as well as my current Harlan Coben novel. Both were great!

I’m sad that IZM is over now. Lucky for us zinesters, there’s still ZineWriMo to look forward to in November! Yaaaay!

IZM 2021 roundup post coming tomorrow! But for now, as promised, feast your eyes on the cover of my new zines. I give you “More than Default-Male” – a zine about Multi-Gender Hebrew.

And the cover of the collaboration zine from Israel and Brazil!

They’ll both be available for trade and/or purchase very soon! Stay tuned…

Peace, love and it’s a wrap!

IZM 2021 – Day 15 to 21


Day 15: Free Zine Day and flyer-making
Today is Thursday so I had my free morning at home. I think I should have gotten up earlier though. I didn’t accomplish as much at home as I had hoped. I did make a flyer, which was originally the prompt for Day 17 (i.e. Shabbat), but I wasn’t in love with it as much as I am about the other flyers I’ve made in past years.
Once at the office, I decided to try and design the other side of the flyer. The side I made at home was dark and evil, so the one I made in the office was light and sparkly. I like it better which is very unlike me, but whatever. I pulled a stupid when I forgot to bring my gluestick to the office, so right now it’s all in pieces. I’ll put it all together at home tomorrow and give it to my husband to make copies next week.
Meanwhile, I wrote a post on Facebook (on my profile and also on my PMS Mess page) for a free zine giveaway to anyone who likes, comments and shares the post, and I also added a scan of the evil side of my flyer.
By the way, if you comment below on this week’s installment of IZM 2021 and email me your mailing address, you might just find a free copy of the zine I’m working on this month in your mailbox! My email is:

Day 16: Friday baking
Original prompt: List of reasons why I love zines (Already done on July 1).
For the duration of summer vacation, I decided to make Friday my baking day. It’s got nothing to do with IZM, I know, but the original idea came on the day when I had to try a recipe from a zine and couldn’t find one and resorted to just bake something I found online and did it with my daughter, E. Since we both have absolutely nothing to do on Friday morning, baking is a good pastime and my daughter LOVES it. So today, we went for a new recipe I found for Amsterdam cookies. These are chocolate cookies stuffed with white chocolate. E had a jolly old time rolling the dough, placing the white chocolate pieces in the middle, picking up little grains of sugar and chocolate that spilled on the table, licking the spatula – everything that a four-year-old loves doing. And when my husband came home from errands, he lost his mind over how good the cookies came out. My husband is a guy who loves all food, but rarely makes any “mmmmm” sounds. So when he does, you KNOW you made something magical. So yeah, Amsterdam cookies. Highly recommended.

Day 17: Shabbat Zine Sleep Day
Original prompt: Make a flyer for your zine (Already done on July 15)
I didn’t get a chance to read a zine before going to bed on that day. We were in Be’er Sheva for the weekend and I had my current Harlan Coben novel with me, so I read that. Also, we got back home pretty late that night and my blepharitis flared up again. I found out that wearing my reading glasses hurts my head a little when I get that fucking inflammation, so I dropped reading anything on that day and just went to sleep.

Day 18: Zine Trade Day and Tisha Be’Av zine-making with kid
Complete July 24 prompt: Teaching new zine skill, not to myself but to my kid.
A few days ago, I got a trade request from Henry Jaepelt, a a pretty awesome zinester/illustrator from Brazil I already traded with once before. I think they may have already sent their zines. I haven’t sent mine yet and feel kinda bad. I hope to get it done at some point this week.
Meanwhile, as I had planned at the beginning of this month, today was my day for teaching a new skill. But I decided not to teach myself, and instead teach my kid. I took out all my zine material, including my typewriter, stapled a few pages together and let my daughter decorate it however she wants. She made a couple of drawings with color glitter markers, went wild with the Washi tape I had, and tried to type a little on the typewriter. She loved it so much, she asked me that evening if I can buy her a typewriter too. I promised I would buy her a Hebrew one once she learns how to write (I also had a Hebrew typewriter when I was her age. I wrote stories on it about my Persian cat). I also worked a little on my work-in-progress zine and actually managed to design the cover for my zine.
We. had. a BLAST!
Before she was born, I always dreamed I could have a zine-making session with my child and that they would enjoy it as much as I do. So today was truly a dream come true!

Day 19: Work-in-Progress Zine
Original prompt: Zine Distro Appreciation Day (Already done on July 4)
This morning, I found an email from Michal Shomer in my inbox. She sent me the answers to the questions I sent her a while ago for my zine about Multi-Gender Hebrew. So now, I finally have all the written material I need for my zine! I just need to transfer a couple more articles to typewriter and I can start with the layout! FUCK YES! It’s my favorite part of zine-production. The interview will be one of the few pieces that will remain computer-typed. In an A6-size zine, chances are this interview will be no less than 20 pages long, so there is only so much typewriter-typing and blistered fingers I can stand for one zine. I was thinking about editing some of the answers but they’re really well-written and answer every question eloquently and succinctly, despite its length. I’m very excited to see the finished product!

Day 20: I once read in a zine that…
I once read in a zine that saying the F word and derivatives thereof is actually good for your health! Sea Green Zines‘ “The F Word” discusses the medicinal benefits of saying the word Fuck, among other things, and lists sources to prove that point. I even wrote a review of it. This is significant because as I said before, I hate writing reviews. But this one was necessary because, fuck man, that zine was brilliant!
Also, today is my 15th Aliyahversary (my relocation to Israel). In my plans for IZM, I thought of making a mini-zine for the occasion. Instead, I made a micro-zine! I used an A6 page and folded it minizine-style way. So cute and tiny! I made a list of 15 things I learned in Israel in 15 years and cut it down to size. Of course, the stupid streak is still going strong and I forgot my gluestick at home again, so this zine is in pieces until I get home and put it together.

Day 21: Zine Library Day/Israeli Zine Day
I finally remembered to bring my gluestick to work, so I completed my micro zine about my Aliyahversary! It’s a perfect zine activity for Israeli Zine Day! This zine called “15 Years Later” lists 15 things I learned while living in Israel. It’s more on the humorous side, with things like “Roaches fly” and “Cats eat them” – which really are things I never knew/witnessed first-hand before moving to Israel.
More to today’s prompt, I decided to research a zine library in Israel. I remember finding something like that a long time ago but couldn’t find it now. I also couldn’t find the Israeli Zine Archive that existed a while back.
I researched the zine scene in Israel in general and found mostly articles written in different news websites about what zines are, or covering some zine event/festival set to take place “soon” (i.e. already happened in 2013 or 2015 or something like that). I came across an article about a zine festival called Fun Fun Festival that apparently takes place every year. I started following their page on Facebook. Apparently the last festival they had took place this year on June 18, so I just missed it.
However, I don’t know how realistic it would be for me to go to such a festival. First off, it’s in freaking Tel Aviv. EVERYTHING I found that is even remotely zine-related is in freaking Tel Aviv! I am so not interested in going there, especially by myself (I am a lonely zinester after all) only to find myself in a festival full of people I don’t know but who might very well know each other, and feeling like a. the oldest person there, b. the only Anglo zinester, c. the only Israeli zinester who doesn’t completely hate the State of Israel, and d. a total fucking outcast. I’ll feel left out and alienated in a strange place, with a bunch of strangers in a city I seriously do not care for.
I also found some links to so-called fanzines but they’re frauds because they’re the furthest thing from DIY, look totally commercial and consumerist, too flashy, too glossy, too many people involved in making, producing and distributing them. So, no. Just no.
But whatever. That was my obligatory dive into the Israeli zine scene that I take once every two-three years or so to see if anything has changed. I so wish there was a Jerusalem zine scene, preferably Anglophone. I bet I’ll feel right at home in such a scene.
Fuck this. I’ll just go on with my own zine and retreat to glorious cut & paste layout therapy.

Peace, love and making a playlist for zine-production

IZM 2021 – Day 1 to 7


Day 1: What Is a Zine?
Since today is Thursday, I planned to use my free morning to brainstorm for my work-in-progress zine. Unfortunately, my morning was NOT free and I spent it in the kitchen making cookies, doing the dishes, making lunch, doing the dishes, trying out a new smoothie recipe (which came out horrible, by the way), doing the dishes, and doing laundry. I did however manage to accomplish today’s prompt as well as July 16th prompt at the office. I wrote a status on Facebook answering the question “what is a zine?” and making a list of reasons why I love them. Here is the status I wrote:

A zine is a small magazine, independently produced, on the outskirts of capitalism thus not for profit. There are many different forms of zines – perzines (personal zines), compilation or collaboration zines, split-zines, and more. They cover a wide range of topics. Sometimes I say there are as many different zines as there are people producing them and this is what makes them so appealing – there is something for everyone.
I love zines because:
1) They are uncensored, unlimited, unedited and follow none of the rules of conventional journalism.
2) Anyone can make one. Really ANYONE. You’re 96, you can make a zine. You’re a toddler, you can make a zine. You have no artistic talent, you can make a zine. You don’t know how to write, you can make a zine. Even you can make a zine!
3) They can connect you with a bunch of like-minded zinesters from around the globe, and trading zines with them is the greatest thing ever.
4) Zines are a voice. They’re a platform for anyone to use to tell their story.
5) They’re one of the most powerful tools of activism and revolution.
6) Many of them are DIY-produced and their rugged punk-rock look and feel is artistic perfection in itself.
7) Making them is super fun! I mostly lose track of time and forget to eat or shower when I make them.
8 ) If you live in a part of the world that has zine fests, you will have discovered utopia. That was the feeling I had the first and only time I attended a zine fest (Boston, 2015).
9) You get a whole month to do zine-related things (this one), and also another month to do some more zine-related things (November) and can do zine-related things pretty much all the time.
10) Zines are awesome. How is it that you’re not making one RIGHT NOW??

At the office, I also managed to write a brief outline for what my zine should include, so I did get to brainstorm a bit. I also came up with a name for the zine, plus a tagline, as well as an idea for a poem and a segment for my comics Twigz. And that shit got me so fucking stoked for the zine, with a smile to fit. This is the feeling I was talking about in my previous post. That’s great! I can’t wait to get started on writing it!

Day 2: Zine Rewind
I managed to skim through a couple of old zines I traded with Laura Walker, “Welcome to Bend”. I especially love the issue with this really awesome mixed-media cover, where she incorporates paper, fabric and acrylic paint on construction paper. The zine itself is bound with a thin piece of fabric. The stories inside the zines are also lovely. My daughter picked up one of the issues from the table and started flipping through it. I told her it’s a zine and I asked her if she wants to make one too. She got so excited about the idea, she literally screamed and started jumping on the sofa. So I told her we’ll do it when we’re home together for a full day which will be on Tisha Be’Av, July 18. I’m excited for that too!

Day 3: Zine Event
So of course, Shabbat makes for the worst time to have any kind of event, online or otherwise. But yesterday, I did see a post by Nina Echozina offering to have an online zine/art event at some point this month. We’ll see what time it’s set for and then I’ll decide. Besides that, I did nothing today but eat, sleep and read.

Day 4: AmeriZine Day (Zine shopping day)
For today, I decided to cover all the days of the month that involve zine distros and buying zines. I bought two zines from the distro Brown Recluse, one of which was written by a queer person. So that covers everything already – American zines from marginalized groups, Zine Pride Day, Zine Distro Appreciation Day, and buying zines from a distro I never ordered from before. I blew a hearty $41.33, so I think that’s good enough for this month. Besides that, I also checked out the Queer Zine Archive Project, where I surprisingly found quite a few zines written by Jews and some even written in Hebrew. But these didn’t really interest me. I found many zines that feature some mature content which I’m not comfortable with and I also don’t want that in my house with my four-year-old and everything. I found a zine called “Il Pleut Des Gouines – It’s Raining Dykes” written in English and French and was produced in Montreal. So that was the one that I chose to read. I found it pretty amazing that all the zines on that archive are not for purchase but available for download for free. I sent the PDF of this zine to my husband to print for me so that I could read it on Zine Pride Day.
I also managed to write the intro to my work-in-progress zine. So far, it’s on computer, but I hope that most of the writing for this zine will be on typewriter, except for the parts written in Hebrew (which I may write by hand or computer… haven’t decided yet). All in all, a productive day!

Day 5: Review a zine (Work-in-progress)
I found out that Brown Recluse Zine Distro finally refunded my payment for my order. They didn’t give an explanation or a reason for the refund. To be perfectly honest, I’m a little offended by it. Maybe it’s just me and everything that’s been going on, but both me and my husband assumed the same thing – they refunded me because they’re on board with the Boycott Israel fad.
“But it’s not like they bought something from ME. I ordered something from them, and my money is just as valid as any, so why would they care?”
Obviously, this is just an assumption. I guess I wouldn’t know for sure until I get an answer from them for the email I sent them earlier today. Either way, I’m bummed. I was actually really looking forward to reading these zines. They looked really interesting. At least, my husband printed me the zine I downloaded from Queer Zine Archive. I’ll read it tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Nina Echozina posted a blog about some resources for BIPOC zines. I just checked it out and bought a zine from Zines & Ting. I don’t think they’re American as their prices were all posted in Pounds, but it doesn’t really matter. I bought the zine Brown Girl #1. I hope I don’t get refunded for that too.
Today’s prompt is to review a zine, but as I said earlier, I don’t care much for this prompt. So I went ahead with my work-in-progress and wrote some more cool shit to be included in the zine.

Day 6: Zine Pride Day
Today, I read the zine Il Pleut Des Gouines – It’s Raining Dykes. It’s a zine based in Montreal from 2007 and is written in both French and English. It’s 40 pages long so I thought I’ll just read some of it, but ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting. I really enjoyed it. It also felt nice to be able to read the French sections as the level of French they were using was simple. It’s when the language is too complex that makes me tired and unable to finish. In fact, I enjoyed the French parts more than the English ones! Anyway, I was really happy with my choice of zine for today’s prompt.
Nothing new from Brown Recluse. They didn’t respond to my email. And nothing new from Zines & Ting, meaning they haven’t refunded me for the zine I ordered. Maybe they’ll actually send it to me. That’ll be nice.
After reading today’s zine, I was left with enough time to continue my work-in-progress. I started writing a new piece and almost finished it. I had a spontaneous interview with a friend of mine over Facebook regarding an issue I discuss in this piece, and while I was working their quote into the text, I lost track of time. Yep, I did it again. I got deep into the Zone and totally failed to realize my shift has ended. I finally left work with the best feeling EVER!

Day 7: Zine Distro
Today’s prompt is to find out about zine distros, but I didn’t really want to research that. I already know what zine distros are and I shopped at them earlier this week and discovered that one of them may refund you for your order without even providing an explanation. If this is really a case of “Boycott Israel”, I’m glad they refunded me. I’ll boycott their asses right back.
So instead of researching other zine distros that may potentially piss me off too, I took a trip to the Zone and went on with my work-in-progress zine. I’m so totally loving that!

Peace, love and come back next week for another installment of IZM 2021!

Zinester vs. Sleep


International Zine Month 2021 is starting tomorrow! I just went over my edited list of prompts that I wrote here, and am getting thoroughly excited for it.

The only thing that worries me is my level of energy. Even though I edited the prompts in a way that could make it easier on me to get them done without exhausting myself, I still worry that laziness will overcome me. And I’m ALWAYS tired. It’s really getting to me. I don’t mind being tired in the evening, after a longass day where I did a bunch of stuff and took no breaks and didn’t even register how tired I was until the day has ended. But these days I’m tried the entire time – from the moment I wake up, I say “YAWWWN! I want to sleep”.

I know for a fact that once I really get into the groove of zine-production, I won’t even notice how tired I am. But the challenge is to actually get it started. That’s the blank page. If you let it consume you, creation will never happen. I need to tell myself that constantly: “Just start filling up the blank page with whatever, and eventually, the words will start to flow and you’ll get so deep into the zine zone, you’ll forget all about your laziness, drown out the lonely cries of your pillow, and lose track of time like you always do with this sort of thing.”

Another challenge to overcome is the Call of the Books. I recently signed my daughter up to a local library and I found some books for myself as well. I decided to try some non-Stephen King books for once because he hasn’t written anything of substance recently anyway. I borrowed Harlan Coben’s novel Hold Tight, and holding me tight indeed it does. As I know from previous experience, when my choice of a pastime is either reading or writing, I always go for reading. It’s just so much easier…and lazier. And I love lazy. Lazy is very appealing to me when my energy fucked off to god-knows-where. But again, if I tell myself to set the book aside and start writing, same thing will happen as described above. I’ll get helplessly lost in the Zone.

So assuming I’ll be busy in the upcoming weeks with zine-related magic, you can expect weekly IZM roundups to come your way. I’ll probably have them posted every Thursday, so stay tuned if you’re eager to find out who won the battles of Pillow vs. Typewriter and Books vs. Gluestick.

Peace, love and lazineness

31 Days of Zinesperation


The International Zine Month prompts are finally posted. Thank you, Alex Wrekk, you rock!

As I do with every zine-related month (for now there are only two I know of – IZM in July and ZineWriMo in November), I’ll list the prompts and try to edit them or switch their dates to fit my schedule and my priorities a bit better.

This year will be different because it’s not just my schedule and priorities that I need to consider, but also my level of energy which is down to the fucking ground right now.

There is also the fact that the entire world is boycotting Israel so it will be wise to keep in mind that not many international people will want to trade with me or be in contact with me or collaborate with me on anything. I am Israeli after all, and a Jew, and it’s like so rocking cool and totally bitchin to be hating on Jews nowadays.

Anyway, I already have my zine idea for this month (and if you’ve been following up on my blog, you also already know what it is). I’m still waiting on the answers to an interview I want to include in my zine, but it’s cool. If I get it by July 15, it’s perfectly on schedule and I’ll have enough time to work on the layout by then.

So here is my edited list for International Zine Month 2021!

July 1: I work the afternoon shift on that day so I have the whole morning to formulate an answer to the question “what is a zine?” But I think the morning will be better spent on brainstorming a bit more ideas for my zine. Maybe I’ll just write my answer for that question as a status update on Facebook or something once I get to the office. I’ll also add a list of why I love zines and thus cover the July 16 prompt as well.

July 2: Usually, I have Friday mornings off too, but that’s because my kid is in gan. Not happening in July though because she’s in camp and that doesn’t include Fridays. Maybe I can use the zine rewind to show her some of my zine collection. I miss the zine Welcome to Bend. I remember how much I enjoyed reading those. Maybe she will too.

July 3: Shabbats are basically impossible for me. But maybe if the group Witch & Bitch will be hosting some kind of virtual zine event on that day, I can try to make a brief appearance. No promises because honestly, I rather be sleeping on the Sabbath.

July 4: Sunday morning at work could be the perfect time for me to do some zine shopping. I can cover all my bases and do the activities for July 4 (AmeriZine Day), July 6 (Zine Pride Day), July 19 (Zine Distro Appreciation Day), and July 23 (Zine Distro I never ordered from before) which all involve buying zines. I can go to the IZM 2021 list on Stolen Sharpie Revolution to get ideas for zine distros to order from.

July 5: I’m not a huge fan of reviewing zines unless the zine in question really blew my mind. I’ll make this a Work-in-Progress day and work on my zine.

July 6: Zine Pride Day will hopefully be covered on July 4.

July 7: I’m pretty sure I have a good idea about what a zine distro is, and if not, with all the distros I hope to visit on July 4, I’ll definitely find out then. Work-in-Progress day.

July 8: Another Thursday I hope to be working the afternoon shift. I’ll see if I can score a decent recipe from a zine to try. If not, maybe I’ll just make my own or just go on with the work-in-progress.

July 9: Friday. Goddess forbid my kid catches me on the computer, LOL! So updating my Etsy shop will likely not happen on that day or the next. See July 11.

July 10: I’ll likely be writing messages to zinesters all month long so I don’t know how relevant this is. Especially since this is Shabbat and I rather be sleeping.

July 11: International Zine Day does not apply to me because ALL zines I order are international, so that day is not really special. Instead, I will go to the post office and check updates on prices for shipping internationally. There might have been some changes since Corona and all, and also since the peace agreement with the UAE, I might be able to send zines to that region too. I’ll check the prices and update my Etsy shop accordingly.

July 12: ZineWiki Day! I LOVE ZineWiki, and I was so happy to be able to update my listings once they fixed up the website. I’ll go check it again to see if my listings are still up and running and then I’ll go on with my work-in-progress.

July 13: Zine superstition? LOL! I’m superstitious only about nail clippings (should never be thrown in the garbage and never stepped on, and should always be buried or flushed down the toilet) A zine? Maybe never use it as a placemat for clipping nails on? Hahaha! Work-in-progress.

July 14: ValenZine’s Day. Giving myself some love sounds like a good idea. Shopping at a local office supplies store is always a pleasure for me. I think I’ll drop by Hanan on Yafo street before heading home.

July 15: Oh blessed Thursday mornings! I’ll work on a zine flyer in the morning (thus covering July 17 and free my Sabbath) and post a status for a free zine giveaway on Facebook once I get to work. I’ll also post a scan of my new flyer! If I get my interview answers on that day, I’ll start with my zine layout. My favorite part of zine production!

July 16: See July 1.

July 17: See July 15. I’m thinking of making this Sabbath a Zine Sleep Day. I’ll read a zine before going to bed.

July 18: Zine Trade Day… ok, this will be a nice test to see which of my zinester friends have NOT become stinky anti-Semite goyims. If any of them are reading this, y’all interested in a trade? If not, I was thinking of covering July 24 but instead of learning a new zine skill, I’ll teach my daughter about some zine skills for herself. This day is Tisha Be’Av so anyway, we’ll be both stuck at home with nothing to do. It will be nice to take the time to make some zines with my kid.

July 19: See July 4.

July 20: Complete the sentence “I once read in a zine that…” What an interesting prompt! I’ll have to think about that one. Also, this day is my 15th Aliyahversary! I wonder if I can incorporate IZM with this very special day. Maybe make a mini zine about it?

July 21: Zine Library Day. I wonder if there are any other ones in Israel since the one I found in Tel Aviv a few years ago. I can get in touch with the Bush Collective on Facebook to see if they know of anything. And since July 11 is International Zine Day and doesn’t apply to me, maybe for this day I can switch the “international” with “national” and maybe find out a bit about the seemingly nonexistent zine culture within Israel. Make this Israeli Zine Day!

July 22: Zine YouTube Channels. Thursday morning work-in-progress. Office afternoon shift check out some of the channels they list on Stolen Sharpie Revolution.

July 23: See July 4.

July 24: See July 18. Shabbat va-yinafash.

July 25: I don’t want to send my zine for review. Instead I’ll make this day a general post office day in case I do get some trades and orders. Otherwise, work-in-progress.

July 26: Organize my zine collection. Ever since that same activity on July 25 during IZM 2019, I’ve been pretty consistent about keeping my zine shelf tidy. Maybe I’ll just take a quick “shelfie” and go on with my work-in-progress.

July 27: Request a collab zine. While trying my best to avoid the haters, how about making a zine with someone who definitely loves me and has not yet been infected by hate culture? It so happens that I love this person back even more than I love myself. You guessed it, I’ll make a split-zine with my kid! A double-sided mini could work wonderfully.

July 28: Posting online about my favorite zines is closely related to my feelings about zine reviews (see July 5). So yeah, I think working on my zine will be a better use of my time on that day.

July 29: Take a photo with my zine? Don’t mind if I do! Takes a grand total of 0.26 minutes and leaves me with plenty of time to use my Thursday morning for hauling ass with my zine and hopefully finish it up and send it to print.

July 30: Writing a post on this blog about my IZM 2021 experience. Friday is a low-energy day and a looking-after-my-kid-when-she’s-not-in-camp day. You know I’ll be writing weekly roundup posts about IZM as I’ve been doing in previous years. A final post to see what I managed to accomplish will also be posted, as usual. But I rather write it when I’m in the office and a hell of a lot more focused. So I’ll leave that for August 1.

July 31: HallowZine day. Writing about a zine that was discontinued is the only thing that applies to me as I don’t know any zinesters who passed away. However, this activity is still related to the July 5 prompt and I don’t want to write about that. And anyway, it’s Shabbat. Let me sleep.

I won’t be doing any of the bonuses mostly because of my lack of energy. If I manage to accomplish everything I listed above, I’ll consider that a bonus in itself. I’m very excited for IZM!

Come on, zinesters! What are your plans for IZM 2021?

Peace, love and back to zine production FINALLY!

Piercing Perzine


Yeah, it took me a longass time, I know. But the wait is finally over and here are samples from my latest issue of Purple Moon Spawn, number 17 about body modification. The zine will also be posted on Etsy very soon and sent to my zinester friends as trades and all the fun stuff. I also have copies of the mini zines I produced during ZineWriMo and am now in the process of folding them all. If you’re interested in a trade, contact me at

Peace, love and you think it, we ink it