Grab Zine by the Horns


ZineWriMo Lite continues…

I was going to make a mini zine about my favorite snacks to have while engaging in hardcore zine-production, but I didn’t. I’ve made quite a bit of mini zines lately, and I really wanted to focus more on my work in progress zine, which by the way, I’m having a total blast with. This morning, I spent typing away on my typewriter, and now my fingers are nice and bruised.

I got a bunch of the writing done. I did the collage, I wrote a poem, I started planning the cover and have a pretty good idea of what I want to do for the comics. In fact, if I get the comics part nailed, I’m thinking about getting one part of it as a tattoo. Probably on my left wrist. A cute little drawing of my mascot, Twigz, flashing metalhorns will look adorable.

Speaking of metalhorns, I went to Sunday Metal Night last night! I was planning on taking my notebook but I completely forgot. Anyway, I’ll still add a small segment about it in my zine. I’m having so much fun writing metal, talking metal, listening to metal, living and breathing it at every waking hour, I find myself loving it even more.

Seriously, I love zines and I love metal. Writing a zine about metal is just about EVERYTHING! I really don’t know why I haven’t done it sooner. Silly me.

Regarding the double-sided mini zine, I think I’ll incorporate the snack theme on one side of it, but I’ll keep it for later. I really want to keep going with my WIP.

Meanwhile, it’s my daughter’s birthday parties this week – at the daycare tomorrow, at my in-laws’ on Wednesday, and at my parents’ this weekend, so I got enough things to keep me busy, I doubt I’ll get much work done anyway.

Peace, love and Disturbed is coming to Israel bitches!!!


ZineWriMo: Baby Zinester


I was sick yesterday, so I didn’t do anything. I didn’t go to work and slept most of the time. But I felt better later on in the day.

20181113_164834I picked my daughter up from daycare and during a momentary lapse of my attention, she stole one of my mini-zine blanks. So I let her have it and gave her her set of markers. She’s a week away from being 2 years old and she made her very first zine yesterday!

In fact, she loved it so much, she asked me to make another blank for her. So I showed her how to do it, making sure that she knows the cutting part is something that only mommy does and she’s not allowed to use scissors. She scribbled all over the place and got some marker ink on the table, but it was such a treat for me to watch her having so much fun with it!

So I guess that was my activity for yesterday: teaching my daughter about zines and making one with her. Welcome to the zinester community, my lovely baby girl!

Peace, love and snails and turtles

ZineWriMo: ZineAmmo


Today, I sat down at the office with my zine-tools photos to my right, my mini zine blank to my left, a gluestick and a pair of scissors alongside my color pens and Sharpie all around my keyboard.

IMG_2754.JPGThis is my zone. My happy place. Right in the middle of all my zine tools, making some zine magic. True, it’s no more than a mini zine for today, but sometimes reveling in these little pleasures is all it takes. Seeing as most of my time is spent changing diapers, doing laundry, washing dishes and raising my kid (the latter which I greatly enjoy nonetheless), managing to escape the routine with some artivism is definitely not something I take for granted.

I started laying out my zine-tools mini zine with the pictures my husband finally printed for me. I just need to add some text captions for the photos and I’m done. I want to write these captions on my typewriter, so that needs to be done at home. I’ll finish it up today.

I called it “Zine Ammo”. I see zine-making as a means to fight the system through art, and these tools may as well be weapons of mass creation. I once made a pin for the Boston Zine Fest with a sketch of my pen and the tagline “My Weapen” on it. Quite the appropriate pun.

As an update to my anti-Murphy’s Law rant yesterday, it turns out we may very well have a babysitter for metal night on November 18th! My mother-in-law agreed to look after my daughter on that night, and I shall be writing my Sunday Metal Night piece at the bar, after all. How exciting!!!

Peace, love and DIY til I fucking die!


ZineWriMo: Stream Writing


I’m not entirely sure what stream of consciousness writing is, but I think it’s something I used to do a lot in school and also the style I use when I write my post-its zine End of Words. I call that free writing. Writing absolutely anything that comes to mind, made up of a bunch of nonsensical, fragmented sentences and sometimes even gibberish.

Anyway, whether that’s what stream of consciousness is or not, that’s what I did today. Freewriting. A mini zine that took me about 10 minutes to write and another five to make a cover. Reading back what I wrote, it doesn’t seem to be all that nonsensical. It’s about how words are meaningless but sometimes using them is the only way we can prove to ourselves that we exist. It’s rather morbid but I end on a positive note referring to words as my life-support.

I called the mini “Sniffing Flatlines” whatever that means.

I’ll be making copies and give it out with zine trades and sales, as always.

Peace, love and comatose

ZineWriMo: Dream up the Zine


Is it silly that I’ve been working on this color mini zine up until this morning and that I finally finished it just now? I don’t think mini zines should be too difficult to make so for the next ones I’ll be making this month, I’ll make them super simple and super easy. I want to spend more time on my WIP zine anyway.

Yesterday’s activity was creating a zine idea book. When I first read the list of prompts, I didn’t even understand what this meant. But I’m pretty sure I already have something like that. Any ideas or plans I have, I write in my diary right alongside journal entries and grocery lists. Sometimes I also set up a calendar on Word, print it out and stick it in the diary. Also, I did the brainstorming activity of the first day of ZineWriMo by writing the list in the diary. So yeah, I guess that’s my zine idea book. and it looks like this:

Pretty fucking rad!

But yes, until this morning, I was all colored out with the mini zine. I’ll print a few copies of it and give it out with zine trades and purchases.

Today’s activity is working on the work in progress. Which I will get to right now!

Peace, love and typewriter ribbon

ZineWriMo: Blank and White


ZineWriMo Lite continues…

I left all weekends on my calendar blank. No work and no daycare means full-time parenting. So zine-production is impossible on the weekend. And besides, there is something about crafting on the Sabbath that doesn’t sit very well with the semi-religious Jew within. This is why this past Friday and Saturday, I didn’t do the prompts for the respective days.

But this week, I’ll be hauling ass and get on with my Metal zine-in-progress. And today, I’m making my minizine blanks. I’m making eight of them and hope to fill them up with a bunch of awesome shit throughout this month. This is the list of minizines I’ll be making (some corresponding with the prompts).

  • Full-color mini
  • Stream of consciousness writing/mini full of words
  • Pictures of zine tools (I fucking love this one!)
  • Pictures of WIP progress
  • Snacks of choice
  • Double-sided mini
  • Make a minizine with my daughter, teach her about zines
  • Celebrate an awesome person in my life (mini about my daughter)

Also, on November 11, it’s Sunday Metal Night at Blaze and I’ll no doubt be adding a segment about that in my WIP zine. I guess I’m just writing that as a reminder for myself to bring my notebook and my pen and my reading glasses to the bar, order a non-alcoholic minty lemonade and write some stuff.

Peace, love and be afraid, winter, be very afraid!

ZineWriMo: bRain and Thunders


As I wrote in my previous post, my ZineWriMo will be “ZineWriMo Lite” because my life (and my daughter’s life) gets in the way of everything.

Anyway, the activity I set for today, at least, is the same as the one in the list: Fighting winter blues with a much better storm than what the weather has in store for us: Brainstorm.

I focused my brainstorming solely on what I plan to do for my full-length work-in-progress zine for this month, because I already have a pretty good idea of what I plan to do for the other minizines.

20181101_094146I switched on my player, and it blasted out a bunch of metal tunes, one by one, without the usual softer interludes I get in the shuffle (such as Funset, Guns N’ Roses, Aviv Geffen, Michael Jackson, other non-metals…). I loved it so much, it clearly influenced my brainstorming because I decided on the theme of metal for my upcoming zine!

Back when I was pregnant and unable to create anything, I tried to write a metal zine, but it didn’t work. My pregnancy drained me of all inspiration for creative endeavors and whatever I did manage to put down on paper, I absolutely fucking loathed.

But metal is such a vital part of my life, I find it absurd that I have never written a full-length zine about it. Sure, I do mention it in my other zines, here and there, but there’s so much more I want to say about it. It deserves a full-length zine.

I wrote a whole list of what to include in the zine and drew up plans for add-ins like a metal-related collage, drawing, poem and cartoon (featuring my mascot, Twigz).

I can’t wait to get this started!!! So fucking excited. I shall make like Warbringer and descend into savagery! METAL HORNS ALL THE WAY UP!

Peace, love and bloodwork-in-progress