Sink in Ink

ZineWriMo is starting tomorrow!

Looking over my plans for the month, I wonder if I’m exaggerating with my expectations and maybe I’m biting off more than I can chew. I mean, my free time is very limited. I have no more than an hour in the afternoon between getting home from work and going to pick up my daughter from kindergarten. In that hour, I need to pick my battles – do I start on dinner, or do laundry, or take a nap? And in November, add “or write” to that dilemma. There is no way I can do more than one of those things in a single hour. If I work the afternoon shift, things get easier because my daughter leaves at 8:00 a.m. and I have until noon to figure out what to do before leaving for my shift at the office. But these days are rare and I mostly work the morning shift.

So on the days I work the morning shift, I need to organize my work space, set up my typewriter, get a glass of water, give my dog her meds, struggle to ignore my drowsiness, and only then can I get some words on paper. How long will it take before I lose track of time and realize I’m late for picking up my daughter? I hope I can manage my time properly so that I don’t miss out on writing my zine or on cooking and baking all the stuff I want to, while at the same time not forgetting that I’m a mother.

Anyway, I’m super excited for November and for leaving my comfort zone, breaking my routine and hauling ass with a bunch of awesomeness. It’s like the wall of bricks I almost hit (but didn’t) after July is finally breaking down and a tidal wave of writing material and baking products floods through.

I think that zine/bake ideas notebook I plan on getting on Day 7 of ZineWriMo will definitely serve its purpose and maybe help me keep my plans realistic and manage my time accordingly.

I will publish a weekly round-up post of my progress every Sunday. So stay tuned to find out if I float or drown in that blessed tidal wave.

Peace, love and overflow of flour

9 thoughts on “Sink in Ink

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