Pile of Bricks

Now that IZM is over, I thought I’d suddenly feel useless. Like, I’ve been doing so many things and trying to cram so much production into a single month, and once that month ends I’ll slam into a brick wall of producelessness.

But that hasn’t happened. And it’s even weirder because Corona is still going strong and I’m scared to go anywhere and do anything so this producelessness and uselessness should be even more pronounced.

But it isn’t. And it’s even weirder than that because it’s freaking summer and school/kindergarten is out so what else is there to do but veg the fuck out at home?

So no, I don’t feel it because shit is still happening. My daughter is out of gan but is in summer camp which is set to last until August 19 (which leaves no more than a week and a half until gan starts again). This week, there are two birthdays (one of which is my husband’s), Stephen King’s new novel is coming out TODAY (and my hunt for books is always intensive as hell), my kid has a doctor’s appointment in fucking Talpiyot, and I’m working a full shift on Thursday.

And next week is crazy busy with my own doctor’s appointment, my dentist’s appointment, returning books to the library, taking my kid to a show of some kids’ performer she likes (if you’re the Israeli parent of a small child, there is no way you don’t know by heart all the lyrics to Menny Mamtera’s songs), all of that in between shifts at the office and picking my daughter up from camp which is a drag in itself because her camp is in fucking Katamon. I don’t think my kid has been in so many different neighborhoods in Jerusalem in her entire life!

Add to all that the fact that I don’t drive, so all these back-and-forth errands will involve a lot of bus rides and a lot of cab rides.

The above-mentioned brick wall will eventually come. I have no idea how to keep my kid busy during that week and a half she’ll be at home. Then, even after gan starts, the Jewish holidays start just as soon and fuck up our routine as they always do. And if Covid cases keep increasing the way they are, lockdowns will return, and we will start yet another season of my all-time favorite show “Holidays in Lockdown”.

I must say, I do miss the brick wall though. I love being lazy and unproductive. This usually means I get a chance to spend more time at home, less time on busses, sleep more, and less time of dealing with blepharitis when my eyes are open, less time wearing a mask, and more quality time with my favorite people on earth – my kid, my husband and my dog – and who wouldn’t want that?

Peace, love and YALLA MESIBA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA-BA! (and now that song is stuck in your head! HAHA!)

2 thoughts on “Pile of Bricks

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