Fick Dich

The F WordThe F Word” Zine Review

Fuck parental warnings. This post is profane and you’re all welcome to read it.

I love cursing. I speak fluent Fuckish. It’s my way of life. I speak it anytime, anywhere, whether I’m in the presence of authority figures, family, or children, I really don’t give a sub-atomic particle of a fuck. I go right on cursing. I love shit a hell of a lot more if it’s littered with the most obscene language available to this universe. So is it any wonder why Sea Green Zines’ The F Word basically made my fucking day?

I was at the clinic this morning laughing my ass off while reading it. The entire time I thought the zine might as well be an academic study of the word Fuck because of all the works and books the author cites. I love how she managed to incorporate all the elements – discussing the origins of the word, the many ways it can be used, even the medicinal benefits of using the word – in a short, concise and entertaining way.

A few posts back, I wrote about how finding funny zines is not easy because most of the ones that I come across focus on darker themes – abuse, depression, mental illness, eating disorders, struggles with discrimination, etc. All of those are incredibly touching and intense and I love them. But it’s definitely refreshing every once in a while to come across a light and hilarious zine, especially when it’s sprinkled up and down with Fuck.

So you zinester motherfuckers, get your fucking asses over to Sea Green Zines, load up your fucking cart with incredible fucking zines, and don’t forget to include The F Word in your fucking order. You won’t fucking regret it.

Peace, love and… well, fuck!


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