Our wifi is down and I’m writing this post from my smartphone. So I take no responsability for any typos that may undoubtedly occure.

Our daughter just entered the horrid stage of merciless teething. The other day, she refused to eat or sleep. I got that news when I was at the office, still two hours away before I would be home. So major suckage is not even the word. 

I needed to pee like a motherfucker by the time I got home but forgot all about it. I dropped everything and nursed my daughter. It took care of her lack of food and lack of sleep at once.

That night provided no rest. By 3 a.m. my daughter’s sobbing overpowered my aversion to medication and I finally gave her that gel for teething pain.

Now she’s better, but I know it won’t last. My sister in law’s twins are a couple of weeks away from their second birthday and still have teeth coming in. I’m looking at over two years of pain, red eyes and bleeding ears, and when that’s over, she’ll find a slew of other reasons to cry.

My heart aches for her. A child does not deserve to be in so much pain.

Peace, love and peaceful nights.


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