Branded with Metal

Fun-a-Day continues with some good wholesome metal.

KataklysmDay 19:
Kataklysm – Shadows & Dust (5/5)
Kataklysm returns once again to pillage, destroy and decapitate my very essence. This album was supposed to be the first one to listen to on Fun-a-Day, however the general rule says that good bands and good albums are always hard to find. But I finally did! This album is even better than Of Gods and Ghosts. The genre is different. It’s one of their earlier albums and it’s far darker than their recent works. It has more elements of black, more blast beats that characterize the genre. The lyrical content is also more demonic. The vocals shift between deep guttural growls and high-pitched shrieks, quite reminiscent of Glen Benton. In fact, whereas their later works reminds me of Arch Enemy, this record reminds me of Deicide, with the black death vocals and the shifting tempos of the drums and riffs. However, it still has its melodies, mostly in the guitar solos, instrumental interludes and quasi-melodic riffs. It’s absolutely incredible. I had shivers through my system pretty much throughout the entire record. It’s such a solid 5/5, I feel tempted to give it a 6! Six-six-six, bitches!

AstarteDay 20:
Astarte – Rise from Within (4.5/5)
I actually found a torrent that includes all of their albums including the one they released under the name Lloth (which I had to stream on the second day of Fun-A-Day). I am not that big of a fan of black metal, but the Greek band Astarte does it like no other, mainly because they include melodic instruments – piano and keyboards which sound like an orchestra – and often shift their tempos and riffs to add more color and nuance to their tunes. The vocals are magnificent. And I just found out that the earlier lineup does not feature Tristessa on vocals, but her predecessor is just as talented with her vocal acrobatics – rugged, bloody, purely black shrieks and screams. This record features some instrumental pieces which are not as great as the others, but this is an Astarte signature that is to be expected. They also have a 10-minute track. Ridiculously long, but pretty damn good. The melodies are phenomenal, the riffs are as black as they come, the vocals sweep you away like tidal waves on the Mediterranean shores of Greece. A superb record, highly recommended and a must-have for melodic black metal fans.

Peace, love and sizzling branding iron on my flesh


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