Sleat My sKinney Throat

SK_coversDay 7:
Sleater-Kinney – Self-Titled (5/5)

Back when I was just getting into riot grrrl, I was streaming songs off of the bands’ respective MySpace pages. MySpace was really the best resource to find bands that nobody knows.

Anyway, I heard and read a lot of great reviews about Sleater-Kinney. So I listened to one of their songs. But back then, for some reason, I found they weren’t aggressive enough for my tastes. I was looking for bands that sound exactly like or more aggressive and loud than Bikini Kill.

But maybe the Sleater-Kinney song I heard back then was one of their less extreme ones because when I listened to their first full album this weekend, I was BLOWN AWAY!

After the first couple of songs, I told my husband, “It’s cool. They’re totally riot grrrl, but not as extreme.” But soon thereafter came the shrieks and screams that is so common in the genre. With such throat-shredding screams, it’s no wonder that Sleater-Kinney wasted no time in rocketing to the top of my personal riot grrrl charts.

I can’t wait to listen to their later albums. I really hope they’re just as good because seriously, holy damn, I can’t believe I went through all these years without them!

Peace, love and Century Media bands coming soon!



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