Boston Zine Fest, Here I Come!

Remember this post? So Boston Zine Fest is now official and so is my participation in it! Well, I haven’t bought the plane tickets yet, but I’m definitely getting there!

The Boston Zine Fest will be taking place in October 10 and 11. I’ll be in Boston and Salem for about a week, tour the Salem streets and sites which will be in full prep gear for Halloween, go to a feminist tattoo shop and get on with my Dark Tower tattoo, hang out with my zinester friend and of course table with her at the fest.

So in preparation for all that, here is a list of things that I still need to do:

1) Make some patches for the zine fest

2) Complete unfinished zines and photocopy the recent 24-Hour Zine one

3) Make some more fliers

4) Pack all that shit and mail a final box to Boston so I won’t need to carry it in my luggage

5) Design Dark Tower tattoo and set up appointment with tattoo shop

6) Order plane tickets, duh

7) Notify family, coworkers and my Salem friend of final dates

8) Check whatever financial stuff for the trip (have enough spending money, etc.)

9) Plan with my friend places to visit in Salem during pre-Halloween festivities

10) Check up on weather conditions in New England in October. I think I’ll need to pack some layers and some winter gear.

11) Last but not least, I should not forget to freak out over all the awesomeness!!!!! So exciting!

Peace, love and hey all you Bostoniers, come say hello!


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