This Zine Is Best Before…

Fallopian FalafelI keep modifying and improving and revamping and adding and editing more and more stuff on my Etsy shop, but I haven’t had a sale in months. My items keep expiring and I spend more money reposting them over and over again than I do actually selling them, which never even happens.

I try to follow the Etsy handbook and their tips for getting more traffic, getting more sales, attract more customers, but nothing seems to work.

Even after paying close to $70 to get more “likes” on my zine Facebook page, and indeed having seen the likes on my page increase, I try to point my new followers to my Etsy shop with countless posts and prompts, but still nothing. Just more likes on the posts, and that’s it.

I recently also printed a worksheet on how to write attractive item descriptions. I’ll try to fill it out at some point and apply it to my items for sale.

Seriously, I don’t even know if keeping an Etsy shop is even paying off for me anymore. If the day ever comes, where I’ve exhausted all my resources, and tried every possible option and tip that Etsy has to offer and have no results to show for it, I’ll simply move all my items to this blog. At least this blog gets some form of traffic, even if most of my views come from people who search “thick women” and “hairy armpits”, at least I won’t spend any money posting my items and none of them will ever expire.

If the readers of this post want to give me a reason to keep my Etsy shop running, please buy some of my awesome DIY stuff by clicking here. All issues of Fallopian Falafel and all issues of Purple Myrtle Squeegy are available, plus six different Alternative Jerusalem postcards, care packages with freebies such as Mistress Distress CDs and mini-zines and other kickass stuff.

Peace, love and capitalism still sucks.


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