How to Say Zine in German

I came back from Germany last week and I thought I would write a longass blog about it. But then, I wrote a longass journal entry about it instead, and now I’m also thinking of writing a zine about it.

So no, I won’t write a long blog about it. But I will say this: Wacken is the best festival in the world and Berlin is awesome!

And I will also say this:

Wacken featured my top three favorite bands of all time (Arch Enemy, King Diamond, and Amon Amarth, in that order) and the best show was definitely Amon Amarth. For me, it’s right up there with the Arch Enemy show I saw in Montreal in 2008. I screamed so loud, I lost my voice for the rest of the trip, and I headbanged myself into almighty Valhalla until my neck went stiff.

Our stay in Berlin was great and we did everything that you would expect a metal couple to do (more about that in my zine). I especially loved how organized and how easy the public transportation is. My boyfriend and I kept comparing it to the transport system in France and in Italy, and marveled at how much better and how much more tourist-friendly the Berlin system is. Even with all the long and complicated names of the stations, we still made our way around as easily as we do when in Jerusalem, and as easily as we would if we were in Montreal.

Now back to the order of my life:

I put off zine-production mainly because of all my health issues and my back-and-forth between hospitals, clinics and operation rooms. I said that once this is all over, I will write a zine about these health issues. But now that it’s all over and it’s done and it’s behind me, thank the benevolent Goddess, the last thing I want to do is revisit it. And so, as you may have already guessed, my next zine issue will be about the Germany trip and will include a bunch of great photos and will be printed in full color!

Excerpts from this zine will be posted here and will be available for sale on Etsy once it’s all nice and done.

I’m also planning a new tattoo. And the issue of my zine which will come after the Germany trip one will feature a picture of the new tattoo, as well as some unrelated pieces about Washi tapes and snail mail art.

I miss making zines, I really do. I haven’t made one since last year and it’s not just because of the health issues. I am still struggling with heavy Stephen King addiction. I have a whole list of SK books just waiting to be purchased and injected into my blood stream and I’m trying really hard to not give up and let myself splurge whatever money I have left (after spending a whole chunk of it in Germany) on a new stash, because I know that if I do, these planned zines will never see the light of day. My head will be buried in my ultimate drug of choice, and my SK binge will resume, and any zine-making potential will eventually be tossed over my shoulder and onto the back-burner of my mind. Worst of all, I will totally not even give a shit. King tends to do that to me.

So wish me luck in my zine-making endeavor since the end result will be one that you may enjoy as well.

Peace, love and here’s a lovely metal couple!



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