Feed Me Recipes!

I am very happy with my list of resolutions and I got started on a few of them already. Numbers 1, 7 and 8 all have to do with doctors’ appointments and shit. I set most of the appointments for October and a couple of them for November. And I already had my appointment with the family doctor for all the necessary paperwork, and I also had a blood test.

The only appointment I can’t manage to get is for the Holter test. Hadassah Ein Karem is being most unhelpful. I sent them emails, and left them messages, and tried different numbers and extensions, but to no avail. I might try a different clinic if I don’t get any answer before the upcoming Succot holiday.

I also started on number 6 – finding vegetarian recipes for the week. Yom Kippur is usually the best day to get great ideas for recipes. So this past Saturday, my mom and my aunts talked about nothing but recipes. And since they’re suddenly all about health food, I was bound to get some good ideas out of them. I also flipped through an old booklet with recipes for a variety of cakes and cookies and sweet stuff (I used to think it would make the fast even harder, but I was bound to think about food the whole day anyway, so I might as well use these thoughts constructively).

Now I have a recipe for a quick and easy morning pastry with raisins, enoki mushroom salad, filo rolls with apples and honey (clearly made for Rosh Hashana), and chocolate chip cookies. Earlier last week, I also found on the internet a recipe for cheesy penne with broccoli, and another one for red lentil and basmati rice cakes with tomato salsa.

I’m looking for more options for omlettes, mushroom dishes, rice salads, light dairy mini-meals in hopes of spicing up my weekly diet.

I haven’t yet tried any of these recipes. It will have to wait until I come back from Italy, go grocery shopping and make time for it. New recipes always take me a longass time, especially considering the post-cooking cleanup and dishes. Oh, how I dread the dishes! Lucky for me, if my boyfriend partakes from whatever comes out of the oven or the pot or the pan, said dishes will most likely be washed by said boyfriend.

Along with some other recipes I kept in my backlog (sweet potato pie, matbucha, carrot cake, pancake, and some others I can’t remember now), I now have enough material to start my own recipe notebook. So that’s another exciting art project I have in mind. So awesome!

Anyway, back to my list of resolutions, I still have a lot more to go, and some of them are ongoing (like number 2 – practicing more guitar, and number 9 – having a daily Chi Kung routine). But I’d like to get my medical stuff out of the way so that I can focus all my energy on the others.

Peace, love and more ideas for veggie meals will be appreciated.


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