Making a split zine was great. It actually went faster than I expected. All I have left to do is complete the cover, scribble a short table of contents and add credits. Pictures will be posted here once it’s all done and printed.

For now, I can’t deny the Stephen King DT’s that are creeping up on me since I finished the second reading of Under the Dome. My withdrawal symptoms include short breaths, fidgeting hands, lack of concentration, lack of interest in anything else, fantasies about my next fix, all these things that amount up to a pounding headache due to unbelievable boredom, which eventually leads to a fucking useless blog post like the one you’re reading.

Since the Under the Dome TV series credit Stephen King as nothing more than a formality, I decided to start a second reading of Bag of Bones to treat these symptoms, at least to some degree, until I get a fresh stash of books. It’s like the difference between scraping cloned indica off a leftover roach, and scoring 2.5 gs of sticky White Widow in Amsterdam. It can hold me for a limited time, but soon enough, I’ll have to get some fresh King books that I never read before. I need this detachment from reality.

So until I do, I’ll keep on fantasizing about my next dose and compile a list of my coveted drug:

Different Seasons
– Dolores Clairborne
– Gerald’s Game
– Hearts in Atlantis
– Pet Sematary
– The Tommyknockers
– Needful Things
– The Girl who Loved Tom Gordon
– Everything’s Eventual
– Joyland
– Doctor Sleep
– Wind Through the Keyhole

Peace. love and in the sun I feel as one, in the zone I feel alone.


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