Our flight to Italy is confirmed. We decided to change our route right before booking the dates so that we would be in Milan at the same time that my boyfriend’s friend will be there.

So we’re leaving Israel on September 22, at around 3:00 p.m. We’ll have about an hour layover in Munich, and then continue on to Venice. After spending a couple of days in Venice, we’ll take a train to Milan, probably spend no more than one night there, then hop on another train to Florence, and a couple of days later to Rome, where we will probably spend the most of our trip. From Rome, we’re flying back to Israel on October 3.

We have yet to book the trains and hotels, but we didn’t want to do that until we got confirmation of the flight. And we already have an arrangement for Diamond, provided my dad won’t mind having a black furry couch potato for about 10 days or so.

Wacken 2014On my end, I ordered tickets for the Wacken festival in the summer of 2014. I saw Arch Enemy, King Diamond, Amon Amarth and Apocalyptica among the first confirmed artists, I thought “Shit, I gotta score me tickets!” There’s still more bands to be added to the bill, but there’s a whole year for that. For now, I just hope there will be no overlaps, and I won’t be put in a situation where I will have to choose between King Diamond and Amon Amarth,  again, like I did at Hellfest.

So this year is Italy. Next year is Germany. If I ever make it to Japan, I can safely say I covered all my Axis powers. I also wanna travel to Sweden and China, but that’s for much later.

All in all, my boyfriend and I are banging away Shekels by the thousands and, I can’t speak for my boyfriend, but I’m having a blast doing it! Traveling is exactly what I’ve been saving all my money up for.

Peace, love and I ought to start a travel log


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