IZM – Day 31: Write on We Make Zines

Yesterday, I wrote a short review of International Zine Month on We Make Zines. Here it is if you’re interested, but it ends with me redirecting you back to this blog, mainly because I wrote everything on here anyway.

I’m left with a couple of projects:

1) Washi tapes: Making them is proving to be a longass process, but I’m having a lot of fun with it. At some point I’ll get around to actually using them for decorating zines and notebooks. That should be swell.

2) Split zine: I’m collecting backgrounds from different magazines to be used for my part of this split zine, which will be PMS issue 7. I have a little more to write and I’ll probably also make some collages and stuff. Then, I’ll have to think about how to go about meeting up with Or, the co-zinester of this split zine, to work on the layout. Two zinesters from two different cities – it could get a little tricky…

Besides that, I’m a little zombish today because this week sucked my energy dry. I had to wake up early every day this week for whatever stuff I had to do. I also stayed up a little later than usual to complete my IZM activities and other projects. I started thinking it was Thursday ever since Tuesday. Plus last night I was at a friend’s wedding. So now that Thursday is finally here, I can’t wait to leave work and go home to sleep. But nope, it won’t happen. There’s Gay Pride today in Jerusalem, so I have to go there first, march all the way to the Knesset, then scramble back home, and I still won’t sleep, because there’s an Alice in Chains tribute gig I want to go to with my boyfriend.

Tonight I’m planning on sleeping in until the late Friday afternoon.

Peace, love and abandon all hope ye who disturbs my sleep.


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