IZM – Day 27: Contribute to a Comp Zine

I was planning to contribute a piece about tattoos to Pandora Press (SFN) zine’s next issue about “body”. But then I read that they only accept submissions from the South Wales area. Obviously, it’s not for nothing that it’s called the Swansea Feminist Network. So yeah, bummer.

But I have another idea for a submission. Something with relation to Stephen King to the Stephen King Fanzine by Kat. I traded with her first issue and really liked it, so I might send her one of the (many) blogs I wrote about Stephen King. I find myself more and more incapable of passing a single day without mentioning him at least once, whether in writing or speaking. So yeah, it really shouldn’t be hard for me to contribute something to an SK Fanzine, seriously.

Besides that, I started working on my part of a split zine I am planning with Or, an Israeli girl from Tel Aviv. We agreed to work on our own part during this week and be in touch by next weekend to see where we’re at and hopefully set a date and time to meet and work on the layout. I hope it works out.

Peace, love and refrigerator cookies


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