IZM – Day 25: Teach a Friend About Zines

The truth is that on that day, I didn’t do what I planned. The 1-page zine I made on Day 23 was a mini-greeting-zine. A sort of a greeting card I made for my friend’s pre-wedding party, a Moroccan traditional party known as Henna. I planned to tell the people attending the Henna about zines and about International Zine Month and read them the greeting zine I made for my friend. But then, I changed my mind when I saw the size of the crowd at the party. There were too many people, and besides, the focus of the party was on my friend and her groom, of course. So I dropped the idea, and just gave my friend her greeting zine.

Instead, my boyfriend and I played guitar and sang a couple of songs at the party. And I also told another friend of mine who was at the party a little about International Zine Month.

As promised, here are a couple of pictures of the 1-page zine I made.

DSC02465 DSC02466Peace, love and Hennas are totally swell


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