IZM – Day 24: Organize Zine Collection

I just found out that a 1-page zine is in fact a mini-zine. So my activity yesterday was spot on. And it came out pretty sweet. I’ll post the results tomorrow.

DSC02458Last night, I organized my zine collection, which is a good thing because I messed it up quite a bit after rummaging through it and adding on other random zines I’ve acquired throughout the month. This box is about to explode, as you can see in the picture here. I think I should find a better arrangement for it soon…

While I was organizing it, I was skimming through the zines to see if I can find a good recipe to try out this weekend. I found something that seems pretty yummy and simple. I’ll write more about it later on. I just needed to find that recipe so that I can make a grocery list for my boyfriend who will go to the grocery store on Friday, most likely by himself, while I’ll be at Hataklit, getting ready for the second-hand party with my table full of zines, CDs, patches, a couple of t-shirts and some art stuff from Crafts for a Cause. A few of my friends said they’ll be there, so I’m very happy about that.

But before I organized my collection, I took another trip to the post office. Here is the stuff I sent out:

1) A package of my zines to the Barnard Zine Library (which was meant for Day 22)
2) A letter to a zinester (which was meant for Day 9)
3) Two zines in trade (which was meant for Day 13)

I also sent a package to this woman who ordered from my Etsy shop.

Here is another picture of me with my zine collection, this time with the box open.


Peace, love and need to stock up on envelopes and glue.


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