IZM – Day 22: Find a Split-Zinester

Today on IZM, I had to send a zine to a zine library. But since I already planned that activity for yesterday, I decided that today I will look for someone to make a split zine with.

Hopefully, the potential split-zinester will be human this time around. The first (and so far only) split zine I ever made was with my dog (see PMS issue 5). It was really great, but I think I’d like to try this human thing now.

So any zinesters reading this and are interested in collaborating with me on this project are welcome to contact me. You may leave a comment below.

Peace, love and banana split.


3 thoughts on “IZM – Day 22: Find a Split-Zinester

  1. If you’re still looking for someone to do a split zine with, drop me a line. It would be awesome long distant zine fun! Tasha xo

    • Hi Tasha! That’s great! I would love to make a split zine with you. I found someone else in Israel who will most likely write the second half in Hebrew, which will also be awesome. But I can make two split zines, no problem. Long distance zine! yay! Should we continue this conversation by email? fallopian.falafel@gmail.com

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