IZM – Day 18: Post Office Day

The IZM activity for July 18 (last Thursday) was originally to order from a zine distro that I’ve never ordered from before, but I already did that on Zine Distros Appreciation Day on July 3.

While planning out my month, I decided Day 18 would be a day to look for a zinester blog to follow… but I’m still bored from the internet, so fuck that. Besides, I had a few activities to catch up on. So I decided to do the following:

1) Sending a care package to a friend (which I should have done on July 10)
2) Sending a letter to my zine crush (which I should have done on July 14)
3) Sending a zine to a distro for consideration (which I should have done on July 16)
4) Leaving a zine in a public place (which I should have done on July 15)

I’ll also sent out my 24-Hour Zine Thing issue on that day. So Day 18 was primarily a post office day considering all the stuff I sent. I loved spending a pretty penny in shipping costs. Hurray!

After the post office, I went to Nocturno hoping to meet a friend. Meanwhile I had chocolate souffle as I felt period cramps coming on. After about an hour and a half, I was in so much pain I couldn’t even see straight. So I left the place, texting my friend telling her I won’t be able to meet her. Plus, I totally forgot to leave a zine at Nocturno. I simply zombie-walked my way home and curled up in my bed, praying the pain would just stop.

I might consider leaving a copy of my zine at Uganda Bar one day… not sure about that yet.

This week, I may have another post office day to send a letter to a zinester friend (which I should have done on July 9) and hopefully settle some trades and send them out by then (something I should have done on July 13).

See previous posts for as to why I didn’t complete these activities on their respective dates.

Peace, love and anybody up for a split zine?


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