IZM – Day 11, 12 and 13: 24-Hour Zine Thing

Day 11 was supposed to be to make some mail art, but since I already did that on July 7 (see here) I set that day to start my 24-Hour Zine Thing which ended on the evening of Day 12. And also, since that activity always requires an extra day to catch up on food, shower and sleep, I used Day 13 for that purpose. So instead of the original activity of July 12, which was to send out my zine to be reviewed, I worked on my 24-Hour Zine. And instead of trading zines on July 13, I slept myself to blissful oblivion. I think I’ll do all the sending zines to be reviewed and the trades and letters to be sent sometime later on this week on the day I go to the post to send a bunch of shit.

SO! My 24-Hour Zine Thing experience this year was really good. I must admit though, it wasn’t as good as last year (except for the cockroach incident on the 2012 project). The main reason was that I’m usually used to working on my zines on my bed. That’s my workspace. I set my typewriter on my lap, as heavy as it may be, set a block of papers on my right, all the other materials on my left, some scraps of food in case I get hungry on my far right, and slip right into the Zone.

This time, since I live with my boyfriend, I couldn’t hog the bed for a full 24 hours, so I settled for the dining room table. By the end of the 24 hours, my back was in knots, and I had to take short food breaks on the living room couch with a loud sigh of relief.

I started the project at 21:00 on Thursday and finished half an hour short of 24 hours on the following day. It went by ok, except for Thursday night. I was more tired than I expected but I knew it was just because I’m used to being asleep in these hours. Once I heard the birds outside announcing the crack of dawn, I had just finished the writing part of the zine, and my energy came back little by little. I started the layout, which doesn’t require as much concentration as writing, so at around 6:00 a.m. I started listening to my player. With the earphones of course because my boyfriend was still asleep and would not wake up for another three hours. The first song that came on was HorrorPops’ Baby Lou Tattoo, which fit so perfectly because I had just written a story about tattoos. My energy levels shot right back up and I didn’t feel the least bit tired!

It was great. I enjoyed spontaneously making up stuff as I went along. With no prior planning, I honestly thing that this is the best way to make a zine. The stuff you come up with on the spur of the moment is stuff you would never have thought of otherwise. At least, that was my experience the previous two times I did it.

The zine is 40 pages long, including the cover. I was aiming for 48, but I felt that I was running out of time. Most of the stories are typed on typewriter (my fingers went numb and felt all bruised up by the end). The cover page is designed in black, white and blue (construction paper), so the cover will be printed in color, and the rest will be in black and white.

I didn’t really intend to include any creepy stuff, so the articles in the zine are rather fluffy and cute. But there are creep-worthy elements. I included a skeleton sticker on the back (although he is also kinda cute). I rechristened the Table of Contents as “List of Innards” and included half a Satan face on the edge of the paper. And of course, I couldn’t exactly help the list of music played during the production process, and it included names like Decapitated, Death, Deicide, God Dethroned, and Cattle Decapitation… So yeah. Blasphemous creepster indeed.

My boyfriend will be printing a sample copy of the issue today, and once I give the green light, a few more copies will be printed, photos will be posted on this blog, and the issues will be up for trade with you lovely zinesters! Meanwhile, you’re welcome to check out the rest of the PMS zines here.

Peace, love and happy ValenZine’s Day!


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