IZM – Day 10: Send a Care Package to a Zinester

I didn’t write here since Thursday because I was still neck deep in Under the Dome (damn you, Stephen King! Why are you so awesome?!). But I did do my International Zine Month activities still.

On Wednesday, I made a care package that I intend to send to a zinester. I didn’t have any of the addresses for the letter I wrote the previous day nor for the care package, so although they’re ready to be sent, they weren’t yet. I think that I’ll set a trip to the post later on this week when I have to send out my 24-Hour Zine. More on that soon.

Anyway, the care package has a ton of stuff. Four back issues of Fallopian Falafel, two back issues of PMS (and once I get a copy of the new 24-Hour PMS, I’ll include it in it too), a cat skull patch, a copy of Mistress Distress’s EP, a copy of the small photo booklet I made about my trip to Barcelona, another photo booklet about Diamond, a copy of the End of Words issue 2, and three flyers.

Peace, love and that’s one big fat package!


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