IZM – Day 8: Make a Zine Flyer

Last night was AWESOME! Making a flyer to advertise my zine felt just like laying out a page of a zine.

Before I actually got started, I was gobbling down chapter after chapter of Under the Dome. Stephen King tends to have that effect on me. But I forced myself to tear myself away from the book which seemed to have fused with my hands, and get the IZM activity done. And once I got started, I realized just how much I missed that feeling: the sticky fingers, the layers of paper and construction paper, the accidental ink smudges on my fingers, the twisting and turning of the scissors along the outlines of the letters, and the final coming together of all the elements creating something that is totally DIY requiring absolutely no use of computer whatsoever.

I seriously can’t wait for the 24-Hour Zine Thing coming up this Thursday!! I’ll be avoiding computer use and making something that looks just like this, except that it’ll be at least 24 pages longer and it will be for 24 consecutive hours! How exciting!



As an aside, I decided to make Twigz a regular part of Purple Myrtle Squeegy. It’s a comics segment I created. She was featured first in last year’s 24-Hour issue of the zine as an introductory thing. I used Twigz again in the Af magazing I made. So I think I should add another segment in the next issue of PMS Perzine.

Peace, love and happy snail mail week.


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