IZM – Day 7: Mail Art

Last night, the IZM activity was to make envelopes and postcards for this snail mail week.

On July 11, the activity is also to make some mail art. Now since I don’t understand the difference between mail art and making envelopes, postcards and stationaries, I decided to declare July 7 as mail art day and July 11 as the day where I will start the 24-Hour Zine Thing (more on that coming up this week).

I finally ended up just making some envelopes which is good enough for me, mainly because I already made a shitload of stationaries during the DIY month in December, and also because I don’t really like postcards that much. There’s never enough space to write on them. I also made some envelopes during the DIY Month but already sent all of them. So last night, I made five more using colorful construction paper and stickers.

It felt really good to finally be doing something that does not involve use of a computer, and  makes a whole lot of mess after the activity is done.

On that note, I am also really excited for tonight. I’ll be making a zine flyer to send out with my mail!



Peace, love and I’ve already got a few penpals, but always looking for more. Interested folks may drop me a line.


One thought on “IZM – Day 7: Mail Art

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