IZM – Day 5: Learn a New Skill

Today, I taught myself how to make a mini zine. Once I actually looked it up online and tried to follow the instructions on how to fold the paper and everything and realized it’s much more complicated than I thought, so I dropped it.

But today, I took a copy of a mini zine I had in my collection, unfolded it and folded it back several times to try and figure it out. Then I took out a blank sheet of paper and tried to recreate the folds, and it worked.

The mini-zine I made is actually a mini-zine about how to make a mini-zine. I’m not very good at explanations, which is why I never became a technical writer, so whatever is written there are instructions that may be not too clear to anybody but myself.

I’m pretty happy with it though. Here it is anyway.








Peace, love and oh my goddess, I am loving this month!


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