Zine Fests Anyone?

Following my endless laments about Jerusalem’s deplorable lack of a zine community, I decided to try some last-ditch attempts in exploring the underground (in Jerusalem, this involves grabbing a shovel and actually digging) for any signs of local zine-fests.

I contacted Af Magazine, being the only indie local Jerusalem zine I know of. I contacted Jerusalem Village who organized a Young Writers’ evening at Tmol Shilshom a couple of weeks ago to see if they would be interested in organizing something zine-related. I contacted Hataklit bar and Uganda bar, who had both hosted such zine events in the past to see if they’re planning on another one in the future. I contacted the Jerusalem Open House suggesting a zine-fest as a future event for their members and the Jerusalem GLBT community. I also reached out to some Jerusalemite friends for help and support. I’m also considering reaching out to the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center for a zine event as a fundraiser, but not sure how to go about this yet.

I so want to take part in something like that. Even if I don’t sell anything, I don’t care. I just want to experience a zine event similar to those I always hear about that take place overseas. And I want it in Jerusalem. I don’t want it in Tel Aviv or Haifa or anywhere out of town. I want to meet other Jerusalemite zinesters. I’m sure I’m not the only one. And even if I feel like I’m the only right-wing person there, so be it. Maybe I won’t be, who knows?

So I’m really trying here. But I can’t do this alone. I know that if I’m the only organizer, no one will show up. The event will fail miserably because that’s what always happens when I organize anything. I can’t even throw myself a birthday party because my friends always find excuses to not be able to make it.

But if I get people to help me out – people or organizations who have some kind of influence on the community, who know how and where to organize events, and who can easily draw a crowd – it may actually work. The only thing I need to do is get them interested (which is yet another feat I struggle with), and show up with a table full of zines, t-shirts, stickers, pins, CDs, maybe also a personally designed stationary.

So I did my part. I contacted the undergrounders who may or may not take this up as a potential idea for a future event. I hope for a positive response (though I keep my expectations low as to not be too disappointed if the result is negative on all fronts).

If any Jerusalemites are reading this and want to help me out or have any ideas, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peace, love and undergrounders, come out of your hole.


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