Zines Ahoy!

July is going to be one hell of a loaded month. I’m planning on taking part in all the International Zine Month activities recently posted online. This is the first time I ever do that.

Source: Stolensharpierevolution.org

Source: Stolensharpierevolution.org

Back in December, I created my own DIY Month, which was unfortunately cut short due to my elbow injury. But it was originally inspired by the IZM list.

As I said in previous posts, some of the things they list do not really apply to me, mainly due to my current location. Jerusalem doesn’t have much of a zine community to talk about, so stuff like zine libraries and zine events do not exist.

I also want to do the 24-Hour Zine Thing, but since this will require more than 24 hours (counting the hours I will sleep before and after such an activity), I had to clear some other IZM activities or move them on to other dates.

Below is my final list for the month of July 2013.

1 – Sign into We Make Zines and write about IZM:
I already have an account there, but I haven’t written anything there in a while. It will be interesting to update my profile and post something.

2 – Make a list of 10 reasons why I love zines:
One of the new activities the IZM people added to the list. Genius!

3 – Zine Distro appreciation day. Order from a zine distro:
I don’t usually order zines since I mostly get them from trades, but I know distros that have some really awesome zines.

4 – Re-read my favorite zines:
I’ve been planning on doing that for a longass time!

5 – Learn a new skill:
This will have to be making a mini-zine. You make it by folding a single page somehow. I’ll have to find out how.

6 – Add PMS to Zinewiki.com:
I know I included Fallopian Falafel on that site already. I doubt my PMS perzine is there. This will have to be remedied.

7 – Make envelopes, postcards and stationaries:
Although I have a crapload of them already, I can always use a crapload more.

8 – Make a zine flyer:
What a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that before?

9 – Write a letter to a zinester:
This is originally writing a letter to a zinester I don’t know. But I’m too shy for that. So any zinester will do.

10 – Trade zine:
And this is where I started to move things around to make space for the 24 Hour Zine Thing.

11 – Create a care-package to send to a friend/ Start 24-Hour Zine Thing:
This day was originally for making some mail art (which I will have already done on July 7). And the care package thing was set for the previous day and it was specifically for a zinester I know. I think a care package to a friend is good enough. Then I’ll sleep for a couple of hours, then set sail on the 24 hour challenge.

12 – 24-Hour Zine Thing:
Not doing anything else besides that.

13 – Sleep, then send out 24 Hour Zine to be reviewed:
Not entirely sure how that will play out since the 13th is a Saturday and post offices are closed. I’ll keep myself flexible.

14 – ValenZine’s Day – write my zine crush:
I have two zine crushes. So maybe I’ll write both. Still unsure about that. Also there’s this website zinecrush.com that I wanna check out.

15 – Leave a zine in a public place for someone to find:
Hehe! I’ve never done that, but this ought to be interesting. I think I’ll leave one at Uganda or Nocturno.

16 – Send zine to a distro for consideration:
I think I sent some of my zines to Marching Stars Distro in the past. I’ll try some other ones now.

17 – Review a zine in blog/zine:
I have a few zines in mind for that day. That ought to be cool.

18 – Find a zinester blog to follow:
This was originally ordering from a zine distro that I don’t usually order from. That doesn’t apply to me because I don’t usually order from ANY distro, and I’ll already cover that on July 3. So I replaced that activity with finding more zinester bloggers.

19 – Zine shop appreciation Day – Visit Uganda:
Uganda is not really a zine shop although it does sell zines. But it’s also a bar and a small gig spot. Also, I don’t dig that place too much because it’s got this heavy left-wing atmosphere and many of the zines they sell fit with that theme.  So unless I come up with a better idea, visiting Uganda is what I’ll have to do. .

20 – Free zine day. Give zine to someone:
Now all I need to do is find someone who will actually take it.

21 – International Zine Library Day:
Since Jerusalem doesn’t have a zine library for me to visit, I’ll just send my zine to the Barnard Zine Library on Broadway (an activity that was originally marked for the next day) and be done with it.

22 – Find someone to make a split zine with:
I have someone in mind. I hope they’ll be up for it.

23 – Try a different type of writing:
Here I had to try writing a 1-page zine. I don’t know what that is and I’m not a big fan of limited spaces, so I’ll just try something else.

24 – Organize my zine collection:
Another much overdue activity. I also want to take a picture with my zine collection on that day.

25 – Read a zine to my dog:
On this day, the activity was to teach a friend or a family member about zines. All my friends and family members know I’m a zinester, they know what zines are, and none of them are particularly interested in finding out more. So I’m not gonna bore them, and instead read some zines for Diamond.

26 – Submit something to a compilation zine:
I have a comp zine in mind, and I also have a submission idea in mind. More on that once the day comes.

27 – Check out a different type of zine than I usually do:
This day was reserved for organizing a zine event. Not gonna happen. Even if I organize a small one, the only person who will be there is me. And maybe my dog. So instead, I’ll browse We Make Zines for some interesting, out-of-the-ordinary zine.

28 – Try out a recipe from a zine:
Yet another great idea! I’m sure I got some of those in my zine collection.

29 – Take a photo of me with my zine and post online:
I see a new FB profile pic!

30 – Post my new available zines on Etsy:
This was originally a “read zines all day” day. But since I’ll be re-reading my favorite zines on July 4, and reading and reviewing a zine on July 17, potentially reading a zine from Uganda on July 19, undoubtedly reading some of my zines from my zine collection when I organize it on July 24, reading a couple of zines to my dog on July 25, perhaps reading a different type of zine on July 27, and finally reading other zines in order to find a decent recipe on July 28, I honestly don’t see how I can possibly have any more zines left to read. And so, I’ll just post some of my zines on Etsy that day. Maybe my newly produced mini-zine, and definitely my 24-hour zine.

31 – Write letter to a penpal, not necessarily a zinester:
On this day, the activity was to write about IZM on my blog or We Make Zines. Writing about IZM on We Make Zines is what I’ll be doing on July 1, and writing about it on my blog is what I hope to be able to do on every day of that month (as I did in December for the DIY Month). So instead, I’ll write a letter to a penpal who does not necessarily produce zines.

Now, all I need is make sure I got enough material for all this shit, keep my schedule as clear as possible (except for the important stuff like my doctor’s appointment on July 3 and my friend’s wedding on July 31), and make a list of food to buy for the 24 Hour Zine Thing.

Yes, very excited indeed!

Peace, love and let’s hope my inspiration holds up.


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