Walking the Mile

Yesterday was Yom Yerushalayim, and like any other non-religious national holiday, the entire world and its mother-in-law were out in the streets, along with their flags. King George street was the most crowded. You couldn’t pass through the crowd without inhaling first before plunging in. And of course, due to the amount of people, the busses stopped running from 16:00 to 20:00, that is rush hour.

I finished work at 17:30 as usual and knew I would have to walk a few good blocks before getting to a place where the busses do work. I started walking on King George, then detoured the crowd by walking around the block to a parallel street. After about 20 minutes, I made it to Keren Hayesod, then to King David, and still saw no busses. All the busses that passed by were going the other way.

I kept on walking to David Remez, then to Derech Hevron and climbed it all the way up to Rosemarine. That’s right. I walked all the way from the center of town to Gilo, no less than a two-hour walk, before I found a bus. I hopped on for no more than three stations because that’s all I had left to go until I got home.

And if that wasn’t enough, I found out my boyfriend had not yet made it home, which meant my dog was dying to go for a walk. So that’s another 20 minutes I spent on foot.

That’s nice. I had my own little quest.

My boyfriend then gave me the best foot massage ever!

On an unrelated note, this weekend I’ll be making a zine. Much overdue activity. Af Magazine, the Jerusalem urban ragmag, released an issue they called the “freedom” issue. That is, all the pages of this issue are empty, and it’s up to the readers to make one of their own. I’m totally excited about it, and grabbed two copies of it. So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend.


Peace, love and no guidelines


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